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Private jet rental: Medium turboprop


The Vulcanair AVIATOR TP 600 is the top of the range Vulcanair manufacturer. With these 2 Rolls Royce turbines, it is one of the most powerful aircraft in its class. Its short landing and takeoff performance make the AVIATOR TP 600 a very passenger-friendly aircraft for Saint Tropez La Mole, Alpine ski resorts or Corsica. The spacious and comfortable cabin can accommodate 8 passengers and all their luggage. Skis are welcome aboard for weekends in Courchevel or Gstaad Saanen. Thanks to avionics and latest-generation systems, the AVIATOR performs all types of missions in difficult weather conditions. A mini bar is available to passengers.Cabin heating is directly controlled by passengers. You can at any time, reduce or increase the temperature. The air conditioning works on the ground, from the start of the engines. USB outlets allow you to charge tablets and smartphones.