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Private Jet Rental and Helicopter Rental

22 years of experience, 4000 operated flights, and more than 500 loyal customers.

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How much does it cost to rent a private jet?

AEROAFFAIRES offers you the customized rental of your private jet at the best price, without additional or hidden costs. We offer several rates and devices, depending on the availability of private jets, the journey and the date requested.

The rental rate of a private jet will vary according to different flight factors:

• The number of passengers

• If the day of departure takes place in the week or in the weekend, summer or winter

• The length of stay (round trip day or if stay of a week)

• The requested flight schedules

• The final destination

• Private rented jet category

• The airport of departure of the private jet

• Flight time

• The desired level of comfort

• Airport fees: they include the airport operating costs at the aircraft (landing fee), the cost of parking if the private jet is to stay overnight at the airport, but also the airport fee, the transfer of passengers and all the services offered by the airport, as in the case of an extension of class schedules.

• Taxes to pay for private jet passengers (Italian taxes, VAT ...)

• Crew: crew salary, and all costs related to the stay during their working hours, or even outside the flight (hotel if they must spend a night on the spot, return flight)

• Variations in the cost of fuel


• The most important factor affecting the rate of a flight is the size of the private jet: the parameters that affect the size of a private jet are the number of people on board / the volume of luggage (some aircraft have a cabin spacious but the cargo hold may be restricted) / flight time. Logically, the more passengers there are, over a long distance, and the longer the flight time will be, the more expensive will be the rental of a private jet. The hourly rate can vary from 1,500 euros to 18,000 euros.

• Another factor on the price of a flight is the time of the stay on the spot and the amount of hours of flight that the private jet will have to accomplish. The more time spent on the spot is short (eg a round trip day), the more the rate of private jet hire will be economical. Why ? Because the air operators will be able to immobilize the apparatus on the spot the time of your displacement if the duration is short. For a longer period of stay, the plane will have to leave empty on its base, affecting the final price.

• Other technical elements will be able to impact the price of a flight like obtaining a night shed. Some airports are very limited in terms of space, this is the case of small airports very busy in summer such as Figari, Saint Tropez, Ibiza or Mykonos. These airports have very strict operating processes that we take into account as an airline broker to prevent misunderstanding of the fare for our customers. If the private plane can not stay on the spot at night, the rental rate will increase because the private jet will have to do one or two additional flights to be able to park until another airport less congested with an available hangar.


Sample rates: private jet hire

Paris - Ibiza

4 passengers

Starting from: 8.000 €  

Paris - Courchevel

5 passengers

Starting from: 4.900 €

Paris - La Mole - St Tropez

4 passengers

Starting from: 5.300 €

Paris - Ile d'Yeu

5 passengers

Starting from: 4.900 €

Paris - Figari

4 passengers

Starting from: 7.600 €

Paris - Olbia

4 passengers

Starting from: 8.600 €

Paris - Geneva

4 passengers

Starting from: 4.000 €

London - Nice

4 passengers

Starting from: 5.000 €


Examples of the price of rent a private jet for Paris le Bourget / Ibiza with 3 categories of private jets, Jet Private Taxi, Private Jet Business and Top of the Range Private Jet.


Private jet taxi

Cessna Citation Mustang

4 passengers

Price: 5000 / 6000 €

Business Aircraft

Cessna Citation CJ2 +

6 passengers

Price: 6000 / 7000 €

Private high-end jet

Hawker H.S 800XP

8 passengers

Price: 9. 000/ 11000 €


It is difficult to give a correct pricing as the factors can be different according to each flight, and according to the model of private plane.

To give you a price range, the rental price of a small private jet (Turboprop, Very Light Jet and Light Jet) is in the following range of 1500 to 3000 € / hour.

For private jet of average size, we will exceed 3000 € / hour, even 4000 € / hour for Super Midsize Jets.

Above 5000 € / hour, we are on long-haul jets, very spacious like the Bombardier Global 6000, Challenger 605, Falcon 7X or Falcon 900, and over 15000 € / hour, on private jet of the size of commercial aircraft such as the EMBRAER 135 or the EMBRAER 145.



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Private Jet Rental and Helicopter Rental

22 years of experience, 4000 operated flights, and more than 500 loyal customers.

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Receive a personalized
quote within 2 hours

We shall be glad to answer to any flight projects you may have, feel free to call us anytime ! Our hotline: +33 1 44 09 91 82

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