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Private Jet Rental and Helicopter Rental

22 years of experience, 4000 operated flights, and more than 500 loyal customers.

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Rent a HondaJet HA-420

The Hondajet is the first private jet of the Honda brand known for the efficiency and performance of its cars.


The Hondajet, very light jet is the first born of the HONDA brand that will come to revolutionize business aviation and to democratize it. This official certification took place in December 2015. The HondaJet HA-420 is available for rental in Europe and the United States.

Key points :

• High Tech Jet

• Large cabin with toilet for an ultra light jet

• Each seat has its own equipment

• Economical thanks to its low kerosene consumption

• Ecological, thanks in particular to very low noise levels and consumption announced as being 5% lower than those of these current competitors.

Size and comfort on board

This state-of-the-art device is distinguished by its engine over the wings which allows it to make the cabin very spacious and very quiet. This cabin is equipped with very comfortable seats for passengers.

The HondaJet is the innovation of a dozen years of work by the engineers of the company Honda Aircraft Company. It is a ultra light private jet and innovative thanks to its low consumption of kerosene, having a very comfortable interior with toilets (unlike Jet Mustang, in the same category). It's also faster than ultra-light private jets in its class.

In line with the Honda spirit, HondaJet is at the forefront of technology with many advantages:

- The arrangement of engines, above the wings of the aircraft, contributes to improve the performance of this private jet and especially its environmental impact by reducing aerodynamic drag. This innovation on a business jet makes it possible to improve the sound insulation both at cabin level for passengers and at ground level for residents of the area overflown

- This arrangement of engines can save space in the fuselage for the cabin as for the luggage compartment. The HondaJet is equipped with two high performance GE Honda HF120 dual flow reactors.

- An innovation has taken place at the level of the wings with natural laminar flow (anti-turbulence), making it possible to reduce the coefficient of drag of the private jet and to increase the coefficient of aerodynamic lift,

- These innovations allow the HondaJet to be 30 to 35% more economical than the other business jet in its class.

- This ultra light HondaJet private jet made entirely of composite materials to reduce the weight and production costs making its purchase price attractive.

In terms of its technical performance, the HondaJet reached the speed of 770 km / h or Mach 0.73 to 10 00 meters above the ground.



The interior of the HondaJet offers passengers a spacious cabin for an ultra light jet and a large cargo volume.

From the outside, its dimensions are similar to other very light business jets like the Citation Jet Mustang or the Phenom 100, it can receive in its cabin up to 5 passengers with toilets and a mini bar for a refreshment in flight .

The innovative cockpit, has a Garmin 3000 GPS, has a separable design. All the data the captain needs is displayed on large HD screens, everything is about security and the cockpit is functional.

The HondaJet is very successful. In a few figures, 300 orders for $ 10 million. In Europe, there is no doubt that the HondaJet will upset the standards of Jet Mustang which dominates the business aviation.

Book a Hondajet  with AEROAFFAIRES :  +33 (0)1 44 09 91 82  - mail : info@aeroaffaires.com 




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Private Jet Rental and Helicopter Rental

22 years of experience, 4000 operated flights, and more than 500 loyal customers.

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Receive a personalized
quote within 2 hours

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