Frequently asked questions FAQ

  • What are the safety standards on board our aircraft and helicopters?

    Because your safety is our priority, the 1,200 operators with whom we work all hold an Air Transport Certificate (ATC), issued by civil aviation, guaranteeing compliance with safety requirements. We favour the best air operators whose financial soundness, the validity of air navigation certificates, aircraft maintenance, insurance contracts (minimum set between 10 and 500 million USD depending on the type of aircraft) and crew qualifications are also checked. AEROAFFAIRES thus enables its customers to take off from more than 8,000 sites worldwide in full compliance with the safety instructions issued by the largest civil aviation organisations and departments (ICAO, EASA, FAA). All this to guarantee you the same level of safety as the major international airlines (Air France, American Airlines, Lufthansa).

  • If i'm travelling by private plane or helicopter, what are the necessary travel documents?

    A national or international identity document will be required depending on the destination of departure and arrival. We are subject to the entry regulations for the territory of your destination.

  • Are private jets and helicopters safe?

    Safety is paramount and is a major concern for the AEROAFFAIRES team. All the operators we work with are certified and audited to ensure optimal safety on board and on the ground. Each operator is audited and certified in its country and can provide proof of an accreditation certificate and an insurance certificate. All the aircraft we charter are certified “Public Transportion” and are rigorously maintained.

  • How can I ensure my child's safety and comfort on board a private jet?

    We also make sure that the little ones travel safely. Baby carriers can be placed on board if you are traveling with infants. Older children can use seat belts on each passenger seat. For a flight with children under 3 years old, choosing a pressurized cabin can help to prevent earaches.

  • How early do I need to arrive at the airport before takeoff?

    Passengers usually board any time after 2:00am (commerical aircraft) and should be present 10 minutes before departue time (private jet/helicopter) according to the information stipulated on the flight plan. Any delay caused by the passengers will incur the responsibility of the customer vis-à-vis the carrier. If the subcontracting carrier had to pay additional airport taxes or cause a delay for the next flight, additional charges could be charged to the customer.

  • Can I travel with my pet on a private jet?

    AEROAFFAIRES is “pet friendly”. Your pet can board with you so that you can enjoy the flight together. Please inform your expert while booking, so that the crew and the company can process the adjustments if needed. For animals over 9kg, your personal advisor will offer you a different private jet. Some destinations such as England have specific requirements regarding customs. Vaccination records should be up to date to complete the formalities.

  • Can I make a phone call on board the device?

    Yes, you can make a phone call on board your plane or helicopter. If not, the crew will inform you. Many aircraft are equipped with a satellite phone.

  • Can I call and use the WIFI on board a private jet?

    You can ask your broker for Wi-Fi access on board while booking your flight. Your expert will choose the right aircraft for you with a wireless connection. You can call on board your plane or helicopter. Otherwise, the crew will let you know beforehand. A satellite phone is usually available on most jets.

  • What kind of catering is available on a private jet?

    Concerned about your satisfaction and given that it is a made-to-measure trip, you will have the opportunity to choose your own catering on board. We work with renowned caterers who will be happy to take into account your habits and food preferences.

  • Do you provide a shuttle service to get to the airport form home?

    AEROAFFAIRES’s job is to make your life easier. We will take care of everything that can help us to be of service to you. We work with quality partners who will ensure your transfers from and to your arrival. These transfers can be made by taxi, limousine service, speedboat or helicopter shuttle.

  • How long is an offer valid for?

    When AEROAFFAIRES sends you its price offer, the prices are valid for one month, subject to the availability of the equipment at the time of your confirmation. In the event that the device you select is no longer available, the AEROAFFAIRES team will immediately send you an alternative offer.

  • Do I have to pay a deposit when I book a private jet?

    At the time of flight confirmation, a 50% deposit will be required to book the selected aircraft and 100% 3 weeks before the flight.

  • What is the payment method for a private jet flight?

    You are free to choose the payment method that suits you best. Credit card payment automatically adds a 4% fee to the total amount of the bill. If the flight is on the same day, payment will be by check or bank transfer before boarding. A deposit of 50% will be requested upon confirmation to book the jet with the air operator.

  • How to get to your final destination from or to the airport by taxi or helicopter?

    AEROAFFAIRES is your facilitator. Whatever can help you, we will take care of it. We work with trustful partners who will ensure your transfers on departure and upon your arrival. These transfers can be done by taxi, limousine, or helicopter shuttle.

  • How is boarding and waiting at the airport before takeoff at the airport?

    At most airports, AEROAFFAIRES customers have access to special VIP lounges where they can refresh themselves before their flight. We will send you detailed information before your departure.

  • Are the aircrafts accessible for wheelchair users?

    Adapting to your travel needs and offering you a tailor-made service is our priority. Let your broker know about everything you need upon your request, so that we can offer you the most suitable equipment.

  • Is there a toilet on board the private jets?

    Most aircraft are equipped with on-board toilets except for aircraft with less than 4 seats and some turboprops with 6 to 19 seats. If the aircraft does not have a toilet, the crew will ask you to make arrangements before boarding.

  • Can I sleep on a private jet?

    Some devices offer a sleeping area with a bed specially designed to allow you to rest during the flight. Most devices offer comfortable and extendable seats, allowing you to rest and sleep.

  • Can I smoke on a private jet?

    Out of respect for the passengers who will succeed you and for the smells difficult to make disappear, smoking on board is forbidden. The aircraft chartered by AEROAFFAIRES are non-smokers. Adapting to your travel requirements and offering a tailor-made service is our priority. Inform us, when you request your charter, so that we can offer you the most suitable aircraft.

  • How does security work?

    The passage of the security check depends on the conditions at the airport of departure and arrival. At any airport, when security checks are carried out, you can be assured that they are carried out discreetly in a suitable VIP setting.

  • What are the security formalities at the airport before boarding my private jet?

    The passage of the security check depends on the terms of the airport of departure and arrival. Whatever the airport, when the security checks are done, you are assured that they take place, with discretion, in a suitable VIP setting. A national ID or passport will be required depending on the destination of departure and arrival. We are subject to the provisions of entry into the territory of your destination.

  • Can I modify my booking?

    Thanks to private and tailor-made aviation, you can modify your reservation at any time. Reactive and concerned about your satisfaction, the AEROAFFAIRES team will do everything possible to support you in these itinerary changes.

  • My trip is cancelled. How can I cancel the private jet charter?

    As soon as the flight is confirmed, AEROAFFAIRES makes a commitment to the airlines. Cancellation, following written confirmation of booking by email or confirmed by phone, will result in a minimum cancellation of 30% if it occurs at least 60 days before the departure date. Between 60 and 40 days, the cancellation fee is 40% of the total amount of the flight. From 30 to 7 days before departure, the fee is 50% of the amount. From 7 days to 48 hours, the fees will represent 80% of the amount of the flight invoice. A cancellation that occurs within 48 hours before the flight, would result in the full payment of the flight invoice amount.

  • Does the weather impact my private jet flight?

    In case of bad weather preventing the plane takeoff or landing, the flight will be cancelled and refunded. AEROAFFAIRES, as a responsible company, does not take any risks.

  • How can I add an additional destination?

    If you wish to add a route, contact your dedicated contact person directly. They will be responsible for organising the additional liason. You can reach our team at 01 44 09 91 82 or by email at

  • How do I know if my flight is confirmed?

    When you make a request for an aircraft or helicopter charter after AEROAFFAIRES, a dedicated contact person is at your disposal. They will accompany at each step and will contact you from your resquest until your arrival at your final destination. When confirming your flight, they will send you a confirmation email, guaranteeing you the reservation of the aircraft.