Regional Airliners (20 - 70 seats)

Embraer erj 145 en vol

Regional Airliners
(20 - 70 seats)


Regional aircraft, also known as regional airliners, are aircraft designed for short- to medium-haul flights, generally serving regional or domestic routes. They are adapted to carry a relatively small number of passengers, usually between 20 and 70, and are used to connect cities at a shorter distance than international flights.


Regional airliners features


These aircraft are specially designed to meet the needs of regional air transport, offering transport capacity tailored to local demand and capable of taking off and landing on shorter runways than those required for long-haul airliners. They play a crucial role in providing connectivity to remote or less densely populated regions, where larger aircraft may not be economically viable.

Whether jets or turboprops, regional jets are widely used around the world, particularly by airlines wishing to operate domestic flights at the best possible rates.

Regional aircraft are operated by regional airlines or subsidiaries of larger airlines. They can include models such as Embraer‘s E-Jet, Bombardier‘s CRJ, ATR and others. These aircraft help ensure air accessibility to communities that might not be served efficiently by larger aircraft.


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  • What are the advantages of regional airliners?

    Regional airliners offer operational flexibility by being able to take off and land on shorter runways. They are also well suited to air transport needs in less densely populated areas.

  • How do regional airliners contribute to the accessibility of remote regions?

    Because of their adapted capacity and ability to operate at regional airports, regional airliners are essential for ensuring air connectivity to remote or less populated communities.

  • What are the main criteria for choosing a regional jet for a trip?

    The distance to be covered, the number of passengers, the characteristics of the departure and arrival airports, and the customer’s individual preferences are all key factors in choosing a regional airliner for a given trip.