Very light jets (1 to 5 seats)

honda jet en vol dans les nuages

Very light jets
(1 to 5 seats)

An ultra-light private jet is the smallest aircraft powered by jet engines, perfect for a short commute for 1 to 4 people. This type of taxi plane allows you to travel as fast as by a private long-haul jet to small airports at an average speed of about 400 knots, or 750km / h. These aircraft can travel a distance of 2500 km. Very light jets are an excellent choice for your short journeys around Europe, offering the best value for money compared to the cost of travelling business class with commercial airlines.

Hire a very light jet and reach remote or smaller airports

Our range of small planes also offer the advantage of accessibility. Due to their size, they allow you to access smaller or more remote airports that cannot be reached by larger airliners. This is ideal when trying to save time, as it avoids unnecessary air transfers. It is also a great bonus if you are travelling for tourism or with children, minimising the amount of time spent travelling. Whether you’re catching the sun in St Tropez or hitting the slopes at Lech, you’ll be at your hotel as quickly as possible!

Enjoy ultimate comfort and total flexibility with a very light jet

The wide variety of VLJs available encompasses various performance features and payloads. Although most VLJs are designed for small groups of people, some larger VLJs can accommodate more baggage than others and/or could include semi-private lavatories (HONDAJET or PHENOM 100). All VLJs are equipped with jet engines (normally two) and pressurized passenger cabins for greater comfort, safety and performance. However, compared with turboprop aircraft, VLJs offer considerable time savings by using jet engines, while offering the same savings through reduced operating costs.

When you hire a small plane, you will have the luxuries of business class but with more flexibility, comfort and privacy. We customise your flight to your exact needs: just tell us your preferred dates and times and leave the rest to us!

  • What are very-light jets ?

    Very-light jets (VLJs) are a category of small, compact, and relatively inexpensive business jets designed to accommodate a limited number of passengers, typically up to 4 to 8 passengers. These aircraft are characterized by their lightweight construction, efficient fuel consumption, and relatively low operating costs compared to larger business jets.

    Here are some key features and characteristics of very-light jets:

    1. Size: VLJs are smaller in size compared to traditional business jets. They are often designed with a single-pilot configuration.

    2. Performance: They usually have a lower maximum takeoff weight and shorter range than larger business jets. VLJs are ideal for shorter flights and regional travel.

    3. Cost: One of the main advantages of VLJs is their affordability compared to larger private jets. They are more accessible to individual business travelers and smaller companies.

    4. Cabin: The cabin space in very-light jets is generally compact but designed to maximize comfort and convenience for passengers. Although it may not be as spacious as larger jets, VLJs often offer modern amenities such as entertainment systems, Wi-Fi, and comfortable seating.

    5. Avionics: Despite their smaller size, VLJs are equipped with advanced avionics systems, including glass cockpits and modern navigation aids.

    6. Single Pilot Operation: Many VLJs are designed to be flown by a single pilot, which helps reduce operating costs.

    7. Popular Models: Examples of very-light jets include the HondaJet, Cirrus Vision Jet, Eclipse 550, and Embraer Phenom 100.

    Due to their size and operational efficiency, very-light jets are favored for short trips, particularly by individual business travelers or small groups needing to fly to regional destinations without the need for a larger, more expensive aircraft.

  • Very-light jets : for what purpose ?

    Very-light jets (VLJs) serve a variety of purposes and are commonly used for different types of flights and missions due to their specific features and capabilities. Here are some of the primary purposes for which very-light jets are utilized:

    1. Business Travel: VLJs are often used by business executives and professionals for regional and short-haul business trips. They provide a more cost-effective and time-efficient alternative to commercial flights, allowing executives to reach smaller airports closer to their destinations.

    2. Personal Travel: Individuals and families also use very-light jets for personal travel, especially for quick getaways or vacations to nearby destinations.

    3. Fractional Ownership: In the fractional ownership model, several individuals or companies collectively own a VLJ, sharing the costs and access to the aircraft based on their respective ownership percentages. This ownership structure allows for more affordable private jet access.

    4. Charter Flights: VLJs are frequently chartered for private air travel. Chartering a VLJ provides passengers with privacy, flexibility in scheduling, and the convenience of using smaller airports closer to their desired destinations.

    5. Medevac and Air Ambulance: Due to their ability to access smaller runways, some very-light jets are configured for medical evacuations and air ambulance services, allowing for quick transportation of patients in urgent situations.

    6. Special Missions: Certain VLJs are equipped for special missions such as aerial surveillance, reconnaissance, environmental monitoring, and scientific research. Their compact size and efficiency make them suitable for specific tasks.

    7. Pilot Training: Some very-light jets are used for pilot training and type rating certification. Their advanced avionics and single-pilot operation make them valuable for training pilots transitioning to larger aircraft.

    8. Air Taxi and On-Demand Services: VLJs are used in air taxi and on-demand charter services, providing efficient transportation for individuals and small groups on short-haul routes.

    9. Corporate Shuttle: Some companies use VLJs as corporate shuttles to transport their employees between various company locations, saving time and increasing productivity.

    Overall, very-light jets offer versatility and flexibility in private aviation, catering to various needs and preferences, especially for those who require efficient and convenient transportation over shorter distances.

  • Why consider hiring very-light jets ?

    Hiring very-light jets (VLJs) offers several advantages and benefits, making them a compelling choice for certain individuals and businesses. Here are some reasons why you might consider hiring a VLJ:

    1. Time Efficiency: VLJs are designed for short-haul flights, allowing you to reach your destination quickly and directly. By utilizing smaller regional airports, you can avoid the congestion and time-consuming processes associated with major airports, such as long security lines and layovers.

    2. Flexibility: When you hire a VLJ, you have greater flexibility in choosing departure and arrival times that suit your schedule. This flexibility can be crucial for busy business travelers who need to maximize their time and adapt to changing plans.

    3. Privacy and Productivity: Chartering a VLJ provides a private and comfortable environment for you and your fellow passengers. You can conduct confidential business discussions or focus on work without interruptions, enhancing productivity during the flight.

    4. Access to Remote Locations: VLJs can access smaller and more remote airports that larger commercial aircraft cannot reach. This feature is particularly beneficial if your destination is not well-served by major airlines or is situated far from major cities.

    5. Cost-Effectiveness for Short Trips: For short-distance travel, hiring a VLJ can be more cost-effective than using a larger business jet or commercial airline, especially when traveling with a small group of passengers.

    6. Customization: When you charter a VLJ, you have more control over the flight experience. You can choose the departure and arrival locations, catering options, and other amenities to tailor the journey to your specific needs and preferences.

    7. Direct Point-to-Point Flights: VLJs allow for direct flights to your destination without the need for layovers or connecting flights. This saves you time and minimizes the hassle of traveling through multiple airports.

    8. Avoiding Commercial Air Travel Hassles: Hiring a VLJ eliminates the typical inconveniences of commercial air travel, such as long security lines, baggage checks, and potential flight delays.

    9. Medical Emergencies: In cases of medical emergencies, VLJs equipped for medical evacuations can provide rapid transportation to medical facilities, ensuring timely access to critical care.

    10. Special Occasions and Leisure Travel: For special occasions or luxury leisure travel, chartering a VLJ can add an extra level of exclusivity and comfort to your journey, making it a memorable experience.

    While very-light jets offer numerous advantages, it’s essential to assess your specific travel needs, the number of passengers, distance, and budget before deciding to hire a VLJ. Consulting with a reputable charter company can help you determine if a VLJ is the right choice for your travel requirements.