Charter a small plane

Charter a small plane

An ultra-light private jet is the smallest aircraft powered by jet engines, perfect for a short commute for 1 to 4 people. This type of taxi plane allows you to travel as fast as by a private long-haul jet to small airports at an average speed of about 400 knots, or 750km / h. These aircraft can travel a distance of 2500 km. Very light jets are an excellent choice for your short journeys around Europe, offering the best value for money compared to the cost of travelling business class with commercial airlines.

Hire a small plane and reach remote or smaller airports

Our range of small planes also offer the advantage of accessibility. Due to their size, they allow you to access smaller or more remote airports that cannot be reached by larger airliners. This is ideal when trying to save time, as it avoids unnecessary air transfers. It is also a great bonus if you are travelling for tourism or with children, minimising the amount of time spent travelling. Whether you’re catching the sun in St Tropez or hitting the slopes at Lech, you’ll be at your hotel as quickly as possible!

Enjoy ultimate comfort and total flexibility

When you hire a small plane, you will have the luxuries of business class but with more flexibility, comfort and privacy. We customise your flight to your exact needs: just tell us your preferred dates and times and leave the rest to us!