Empty leg

Empty legs are non-passenger return journeys when the aircraft returns to base or moves to another destination.

AEROAFFAIRES very often offers its customers empty flights or “Empty legacies” which allow them to travel at a very competitive price by private plane.

AEROAFFAIRES receives daily, all day long, from its airline partners, offers of empty flight routes from around the world with availability dates of between 1 week and 30 days in advance around the world.

These empty flights “Empty legacies” can rent a private jet plane by achieving up to 50% savings on the price of a so-called “classic” flight one way, under certain conditions.

It is also possible to divert some empty flights “Empty legacy”, if necessary, to bring them closer to your departure city while enjoying preferential conditions.

AEROAFFAIRES allows its customers to benefit from these flights by offering them at ultra-competitive rates, which allows companies to make the return of aircraft profitable. A “win-win” formula for both the company and its customers. These flights may be subject to more schedule requirements, offering less flexibility to travelers.

Our flight on demand service is available 7 / 7-24H / 24, contact us at  +33 1 44 09 91 82.