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If you are looking for excellence and perfection, the Cessna Citation Longitude, the latest addition from Textron, comes extremely close.

The Citation Longitude has been designed to restrict fuel consumption while maintaining its impressive flight performance.

Equipped with state-of-the-art avionics and a cabin control system, modernity and high tech provide passengers on-board this super-midsize jet with an unforgettable experience.

With room for up to 12 passengers, the cabin in this private jet can be customised according to your needs. Exclusive soundproofing techniques and ample legroom mean comfort is paramount on this jet, whether you are working or resting.

Streamline your business travel: fly to your destination in a private Citation Longitude

When your charter a private jet for your business trip, you save time and avoid all unnecessary stress. With a private jet charter, you are spared of all the waiting involved in commercial flight, optimising your time and creating a more enjoyable flight experience. You can also enjoy complete privacy and comfort, allowing you to focus and relax before your conference, meeting or corporate event.

We are also aware that for those at the top of their game, work never stops. Managers and employees who travel rarely stop working during their journeys. However, on a commercial flight, it can be hard to concentrate: noise, lack of privacy and unsuitable space can make it difficult to be productive. A private jet such as the Citation Longitude, on the other hand, is perfectly optimised for working on the go. Everything is done so you can continue to work and communicate remotely.

Looking to charter a Cessna Citation Longitude for your next trip? Get in touch with us to request a free, no-commitment quote or contact our air experts 24/7 at +33 (0) 1 44 09 91 82.



  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
  • Tablets available
  • On-demand entertainment system
  • In-flight beverage service
  • In-flight luggage compartment
  • Cabin temperature control
  • Real-time maps and flight tracking with arrival times
  • Spacious and bright cabin
  • EASA certified

Commercial features of CITATION LONGITUDE

Safety is key in the Citation Longitude.

Considered the largest jet in the Cessna Citation family, the Citation Longitude is certified by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

The Citation Longitude also offers its passengers the ability to oversee an entertainment system, as well as a cabin control system, from their devices.

Hygiene is highly important on-board this private jet, and is equipped with a HEPA air filter that captures 99.9% of airborne impurities.

Destinations for the Citation Longitude

The prices below are provided as a guideline. To estimate the price of your trip, please contact us for a quote that will meet your exact requirements.

From Paris to New York: starting from 70000 EUROS

From Geneva to Moscow: starting from 21000 EUROS

From Saint Tropez to Madrid:starting from 15000 EUROS

Technical specifications of CITATION LONGITUDE

  • Manufacturer CESSNA
  • Classification Long Range Jets
  • Seats 12
  • Speed 910 km/h
  • Hourly rates 3500 €/hour
  • Range 7400 km
  • Interior Height 1.83 m
  • Interior Width 1.95 m
  • Luggage compartment volume 18.1 m³
  • Crew 2 pilots + flight attendant
  • Toilet yes
  • Purchase Price 25,000,000 €


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