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AEROAFFAIRES offers private helicopter flights all over the world. The flexibility to fly directly to your destination is invaluable, and at AEROAFFAIRES we can arrange a helicopter rental within minutes.

Helicopters are the ideal solution for short flights of less than 300 km, especially for flights to destinations without airports, such as islands and ski resorts, hotels, stadiums, etc.

AEROAFFAIRES also offers the rental of a helicopter for aerial work, aerial photography or staff rotations on industrial projects. AEROAFFAIRES collaborates with helicopter companies around the world and gives you access to very competitive rates for your next helicopter charter.

Charter an helicopter

Business travel, parcel transport, sightseeing… all opportunities are good to rent a helicopter. If you want to start renting a helicopter, it is best to work with a company you trust. AEROAFFAIRES works with a network of more than 400 partner companies worldwide. Our partners have been carefully selected in order to offer a quality service in the most recent helicopters. Want to travel by helicopter ? In less than two hours you can embark for the adventure. A bargain! Immediately, more information about helicopter rental.

Here is a list of missions for which the helicopter rental is perfectly adapted:

  • Point-to-point transfer
  • Helitaxi
  • Transfers to and from an airport
  • Business and corporate trips (customer seminars, incentives for employees)
  • Helicopter City Flight
  • Sport events
  • Aerial work: aerial photography cartography, photogrammetry, thermography, spectrometry
  • From and to ski resorts, heliskiing
  • weddings
  • Medical flights
  • Transfer to an island
  • Agricultural and phytosanitary treatments
  • Lifting heavy materials
  • Fight against the fire
  • Radio or television relay
  • Calibration of radio navigation means
  • Helicopter, transport and cargo drops, refueling
  • Aerial surveillance (roads and highways, forest fires, railways, marine pollution, power lines, gas pipelines, oil pipelines …)
  • Benefits for Defense (wiretapping, towing targets)
  • Popular tourist flights in a personal and professional setting (customer lunches, incentives, birthdays, marriage proposals)
  • Gastronomic and oenological getaways
  • First flight

How to hire an helicopter?

Renting a helicopter is very simple. AEROAFFAIRES, for example, has a fleet of helicopters ready to take off 24 hours a day. In order to book a flight, several solutions are available to you:

If you wish to estimate the price of a helicopter flight, please visit our website. Here you will find a small form to fill in. Once you have filled in all your criteria, we will take care of finding the helicopter that suits your needs. Thanks to our computer software, we will give you a quote estimating the price of your flight in real time. As a bonus, our software is tuned to choose among the aircraft closest to your departure city. As a result, you will be exempt from additional positioning costs. No unnecessary costs!

Helicopter: specific characteristics

The helicopter is an airplane that can be used for various types of travel. Some of the most common types of travel are:

  • A round-trip business flight in one day, a site visit, a business meeting at a customer or supplier’s site.
  • Outdoor flight Factory visit, inauguration, events
  • Emergency flight Assistance, force majeure, repatriation
  • Leisure flight Tourist circuit, gourmet getaway, relaxing weekend (golf, hunting …)

Generally, a helicopter can hold between 1 and 8 people, depending on the type of helicopter. Indeed, there are different types of helicopters that can be grouped into two main categories:

  • The single-turbine helicopter. This one is more economical due to the presence of a single turbine above the aircraft. Therefore, the single turbine helicopter is perfectly suited for short daytime flights, for sightseeing or short trips for example.
  • The twin-turbine helicopter. Here the helicopter you rent is equipped with 2 turbines arranged in front of each other or next to each other. With two turbines, the flight is safer. Indeed, if one of the two turbines does not turn, it is still possible to fly. This is why twin-engine helicopters are preferred by companies, especially for night flights. Larger and faster, the twin-turbine helicopter is very popular around the globe.
    Nevertheless, it is possible to rent single- and twin-turbine helicopters with AEROAFFAIRES. Whatever your needs, we have a fleet of many different helicopter models for rent. Here are a few examples:
Models Single or Bi turbine Seats Number
Squirrel AS 350 mono turbine 5 seats
Squirrel AS 355 bi turbine 5 seats
Colibri EC 120 mono turbine 4 seats
Colibri EC 135 bi turbine 5/6 seats
Agusta 109 bi turbine 5/6 seats
Bell Ranger 206 mono turbine 4 seats
Dolphin AS 365 bi turbine 5/8 seats


Helicopter Charter Benefits

First of all, the helicopter is a relatively small aircraft and therefore practicable in areas that are difficult to access. Where a commercial or private aircraft cannot venture, the helicopter has no navigational concerns. Moreover, the take-off and landing of your helicopter is very simple: you do not suffer from take-off slots. Thus, the helicopter is particularly appreciated for refueling and emergency situations.

In addition, the helicopter performs what is often referred to as point-to-point movements. The helicopter makes it possible to land as close as possible to your final destination. For example, you can rent a helicopter to escape catastrophic traffic conditions. Reduce the time spent on ground transportation with point-to-point flight.

It’s a fact, helicopter rental offers unparalleled flexibility. Used for business but also to travel between an airport and a ski resort or private property, the helicopter is very versatile. No matter the desired route, the helicopter can access any area, all you need is a space to land (hotel, heliport, castle…). What more could you ask for?


It’s decided, you intend to rent a helicopter for your next flight. To accompany you as much as possible in your future helicopter trip, AEROAFFAIRES sets up complementary services. For example, we take care of booking a hotel room and a restaurant, while taking into account your flight plan. For your land travel we meticulously choose a car (limousine and sedans) with a high level driver for a carefree trip.

In order to start flying with AEROAFFAIRES, a simple quotation is enough. Fill in your personal information online and we will take care of finding the company that best suits your needs. Afterwards, we will send you a contract to be returned signed. See, it’s simple! So what are you waiting for?

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Choosing AEROAFFAIRES is the insurance to find the right device for your needs that will save you time and money.

Our flight on demand service is available 7 / 7-24H / 24, contact us at  +33 1 44 09 91 82 .