Charter a helicopter

Charter a helicopter: an exceptional tailor-made experience

Business trip, transport of packages, sightseeing, viewing of a summer sunset over a city… The opportunities to charter a helicopter are numerous. However, if you are interested in renting a helicopter, it is best to work with a reliable company. AEROAFFAIRES works in partnership with a network of over 400 airlines worldwide. Our partners have been carefully selected: they offer quality services in the latest helicopters. Would you like to make the move? In less than two hours you can embark on an adventure to any destination, within the limits of the aircraft’s capacity. You will find below more information about helicopter rental.

List of missions suitable for helicopter rental :

  • VIP helicopter transfer (Cannes Film Festival)
  • Heli-taxi – Air taxi (Transfer between Nice and Monaco, helicopter cab New-York, Dubai, Lyon)
  • On board transfers from and to an airport (Transfer from Paris center to CDG or Le Bourget)
  • Business and corporate trips (customer seminars, team building for employees)
  • Helicopter flights over cities
  • Sports events (Monaco Grand Prix or 6 Nations Tournament)
  • Aerial work: panoramic aerial photography, cartography, photogrammetry, thermography, spectrometry
  • Transfers to and from mountain ski resorts such as Courchevel, St Moritz or Gstaad
  • Heli-skiing or mountain flying (tour of Mont Blanc)
  • Weddings
  • Medical flights
  • Transfers to an island
  • Agricultural and phytosanitary treatments
  • Lifting of heavy materials
  • Fire fighting
  • Radio or television relays
  • Calibration of radio-navigation means
  • Helicoptering, transporting and dropping loads, refuelling
  • Aerial surveillance (roads, railroads, maritime pollution, power lines, gas and oil pipelines etc.)
  • Services for the benefit of the military (electronic surveillance, target towing)
  • Tourist flights for personal and professional purposes (client lunches, incentives, birthdays, wedding proposals): tours around the Loire castles, Deauville, the D-Day landing beaches, etc.
  • Gastronomic and oenological escapades
  • First flight in a helicopter

How to charter a helicopter ?

Helicopter charter with AEROAFFAIRES is very simple. We have a fleet of helicopters and professional pilots.

There are several ways to book a helicopter taxi flight:

Get an online quote


Call us directly via our booking hotline at
+33 (0)1 44 09 91 82

If you wish to get an estimate of the price for a helicopter trip, please visit our website. You will find a form to fill in. Once you have entered all your criteria, we will find the helicopter that meets your needs. Thanks to our computer software, we can provide you with an estimate of the price of your flight in real time from among the aircraft closest to the desired take-off point. No unnecessary costs!

The assets of helicopter hire

Helicopter : specific characteristics

Renting a helicopter: for what occasions?

Helicopters are used for a variety of trips from a heliport or private land with an unobstructed view of the sky.

Among the most common trips, we can mention :

Helicopter rental rates

Prices for a helicopter flight vary depending on the region, the helicopter model and the operating costs.
Price for a first flight in a helicopter
  • 20 minutes flight : 270 €-350 € in R44 depending on the region where the flight takes place.
  • 20 minutes flight from Grimaud to the Bay of Saint Tropez: 650 € for 5 people in AS 350 or 130 €/person.
Prices for helicopter transfers

Rates for a helicopter flight between Cannes, Nice and Monaco:

  • Private helicopter flight from 910 € or 180 € per passenger with an AS350
  • Shared flight with other passengers from 160 € per passenger with an AS350

Flight time Nice-Monaco : 7 minutes

Flight time Cannes-Monaco : 10 minutes

VIP and gourmet helicopter flight

We offer flights from Paris, Lyon, Nice, Cannes… VIP helicopter rides to the Loire Valley castles, Paris and Versailles castle, Mont Saint Michel, Deauville, Champagne, Bordeaux region, Saint Tropez, etc. We also offer transfers to the best gastronomic restaurants in Europe.

Rates for 5 passengers: from 450 €/person. Prices may change depending on the type of service and destination.

Rates per hour for rental by helicopter model

These prices are indicative and may change according to your request:

Buy or rent a helicopter

Why buy a helicopter?

The acquisition of a helicopter allows you to have full use of your aircraft. You can then move where you want and at the date and time you want. To choose your model and the category of your helicopter, it is recommended that you first ask yourself some questions about your needs:

  • Where do you usually go and how often?
  • Do you travel alone or accompanied?
  • What kind of terrain do you land on (mountainous or not for example)?
  • What kind of luggage do you bring?

Depending on your answers, you will be able to refine your search and find the model that best suits your way of traveling.

Purchase price of new helicopters according to model

  • Ecureuil AS 350 : 5 000 K € (French)
  • Ecureuil AS 355 : 5 000 K € (French)
  • EC 120 Colibri : 1 000 K €
  • EC 135 Colibri : 8 000 K €
  • Agusta 109: 5 000 K €
  • Bell ranger 206: 15 000 K €
  • Dauphin AS 365 : 8 000 K €

Why should I rent a helicopter instead of buying one?

Except for regular weekly trips, it is more interesting to rent a helicopter than to buy one. Indeed, you only pay for the rental service whereas buying a helicopter involves maintenance and upkeep costs. Moreover, renting allows you to charter a helicopter from your location anywhere in the world, to choose the capacity according to the people you wish to travel with or not, with or without luggage. Your rental requests are adapted to your needs, so it is not preferable to invest in the purchase of a helicopter when these elements vary with each trip.

Business flights

One-day return trip, on-site visit, work meeting with a customer or supplier

External flights

Factory visit, inauguration, events

Emergency flights

Support, absolute necessity, repatriation

Leisure flights

Sightseeing tours, gourmet getaways, relaxing weekends (golf, hunting…)

Helicopter models

Usually, depending on the type of helicopter, the aircraft can carry between 1 and 8 people. Here are the two main categories of helicopters:

Mono-turbine helicopter

This category is recognizable by the single turbine, or rotor, located above the aircraft. Therefore, a single turbine helicopter is perfectly suited for short daytime flights, sightseeing or short trips. It is the most economical model.

Double turbine helicopter

The aircraft is designed with two rotors arranged one in front of the other or next to each other. With these two turbines, the flight safety is even more important. Indeed, if one of the two turbines does not turn anymore, it is always possible to fly. This is why two turbine helicopters are preferred by companies, especially for night flights. Bigger and faster, the twin turbine helicopter is very popular around the world.

With AEROAFFAIRES, it is possible to rent mono and double turbine helicopters. Whatever your needs, we have a fleet of numerous helicopter models for rent.

Here are some examples:

Squirrel AS 350


5 seats

Squirrel AS 355

double turbine

5 seats

EC 120 Colibri


4 seats

EC 135 VIP

bi turbine

5/6 sièges

Agusta 109

double turbine

5/6 seats

Bell Ranger 206


4 seats

Dauphin AS 365

double turbine

5/8 seats


Are you planning to take the leap and rent a helicopter for your next flight? AEROAFFAIRES offers additional services to help you make the most of your future helicopter trip. For instance, we can book a hotel room or a restaurant, taking into account your flight plan. For your ground transportation, we carefully select a car (limousine or sedan) with driver for a smooth trip.

To start flying with AEROAFFAIRES, all you need is a simple quote. Fill in your personal information online and we will find the company best suited to your needs. Finally, we will send you a contract to be signed and returned. We’re waiting for you!

Choosing AEROAFFAIRES is the guarantee that you will find the right aircraft for your needs, saving you time and money. Make sure to get acquainted with our private jet card service.

Our on-demand flight service is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, contact us at +33 1 44 09 91 82.

  • How to rent a helicopter?

    The helicopter is a fast and flexible mode of transportation. The advantage of this aircraft is that it can land almost anywhere, unlike planes. With a private helicopter, the boarding and landing can be done wherever you want, on a helipad, elsewhere than on an airfield.

    Helicopter transport is ideal for urgent missions. Thanks to its small size and great adaptability, the helicopter can reach particular places very quickly. It is also a privileged way to reach an isolated place: an island, a ski resort or any other place that does not have an airfield or an airport. Indeed, no need for a landing strip to disembark from a helicopter.

    How to rent a helicopter? The best way is to use an air broker. The air broker is an expert who mobilizes all his resources and his network to find the best aircraft and the most serious airline for your flight. To do this, you must request a quote. You then fill in a form with the aim of identifying your needs and expectations:

    • Place of embarkation and destination
    • Number of passengers you want to carry
    • Weight of luggage
    • Budget to be allocated to the transport by helicopter
    • Type of aircraft desired

    When you want to book a helicopter rental, the price is an important criterion. Filling out your quote request questionnaire carefully will help you determine a price that is as close to your budget as possible. The price of the flight can vary greatly. A helicopter flight for 2 people can be more expensive than if you rent one for a small group, for example.

  • Helicopter charter: for what occasions?

    Are you being offered a helicopter flight? This is an opportunity to take incredible tours that you will never forget.

    You can choose to take a helicopter tour for a multitude of different occasions:

    • A night flight for a marriage proposal for example
    • A helicopter ride to celebrate a birthday
    • A helicopter flight to celebrate a birthday
    • A helicopter flight to celebrate a tour
    • A helicopter flight initiation: take the controls for extraordinary sensations to live once in a lifetime!
      A helicopter ride for a breathtaking panorama seen from the sky
    • A helicopter flight over the Mont Blanc
    • Satisfy the need for a fast and flexible business aviation solution for your professional trip.

    How much does a helicopter rental cost? Depending on the occasion you choose, the helicopter rental has a different price. The length of the flight, the distance and the number of passengers to be transported are some of the criteria that make the price of the rental vary.

  • What is the maximum speed of a helicopter?

    There are about 80 different types of civil helicopters. Helicopters are classified by the competent bodies of the European Civil Aviation Authority, which sets the regulations. The categories take into account the maximum weight of the aircraft at the time of take-off. The weight of the number of passengers on board is therefore important. A helicopter flight for 2 people will probably be lighter than a group flight.

    But in addition to the number of passengers and the weight carried, the type of aircraft used must also be taken into account. The capacities of a small helicopter are not necessarily the same as those of a larger, more robust one. Similarly, the weight of a French helicopter, the Eurocopter Ecureuil for example, is not the same as that of a Russian aircraft, such as the Mil Mi-8 heavyweight.

    The three categories of helicopters are
    The light ones
    The heavy ones

    The rental of a helicopter has a price that can vary depending on its capabilities and power. The maximum speed of a helicopter is 300 km/h. But not all helicopters can reach this speed. Their cruising speed depends on the size of the aircraft and its technology.

    The helicopter flies over greater or lesser distances depending on its power.
    The challenge for the aviation industry today is to maximize the power of the aircraft while taking into account their physical constraints. To do this, some manufacturers such as the American Lockheed Martin, the world’s leading defense and security company, are designing hybrid helicopters. This is for example the case of their S-97 Raider model, which reaches a record maximum speed of 463 km/h. This type of aircraft is built with two counter-rotating rotors that are associated with a propeller.

  • Where to take a helicopter flight?

    There are various possibilities for helicopter flights. Between first flights, day trips or simple connections between cities, here are some examples. If you are from or passing through the Paris area, it is possible to take a helicopter tour over the capital. From the heliport of Issy les Moulineaux, embark for about one hour of flight to discover Paris and its suburbs. You will fly over the district of La Défense, as well as the racecourses of Longchamp, while passing to see the monuments impossible to circumvent of the capital such as the Eiffel Tower or the Champs Elysées.

    It is also possible to make real day trips. From Paris, embark on a trip to Normandy and the D-Day landing beaches. With your family or friends, discover Utah Beach, Deauville or Honfleur and Omaha Beach. A round trip by helicopter to discover the coasts of Calvados in Normandy for a day.

    It is also possible to visit the Loire Valley Castles from the sky, in a helicopter. Listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO, fly over these castles that are an integral part of French history.

    Finally, you can make a helicopter flight simply to reach a city more quickly. You can cross the French Riviera to link Cannes and Monaco for example.
    It is possible to ask the specialists of business aviation to request a helicopter trip.

  • How much does a helicopter flight cost?

    The cost of a helicopter flight will vary depending on the distance and the model of helicopter you will have.

    A helicopter tour over Paris and its surroundings will cost you from 2200€ for a 5 seats helicopter. That is to say per person from 440 €.

    For a one day escapade to visit the Normandy coast and the D-Day landing beaches, the price is as follows: from 7200 € for 5 passengers, or from 1440 € per person.
    What you should also know is that these flights are tailor-made and the rates depend on the options you choose.

    To visit the Chateaux of the Loire Valley from Paris, count from 9000 € for 5 people, or from 1800 € per person for the day of discovery.

    Finally, for short trips such as a helicopter ride between Cannes and Monaco, count from 198 € per person.

  • How much does an hour's helicopter flight cost?

    In Europe, the cost of a helicopter hour can also vary according to the same factors as those mentioned above. In general, hourly rates are often expressed in euros. For smaller helicopters used for leisure or training flights, hourly rates can start at around 200 to 500 euros. For larger, more powerful helicopters used for professional flights, hourly rates can exceed several thousand euros, depending on various factors such as helicopter size, mission complexity and associated maintenance costs. For accurate estimates of costs in euros, we recommend contacting helicopter service providers in your area directly.

  • What is the minimum price for a helicopter?

    The minimum price of a helicopter can vary considerably depending on a number of factors, including model, age, condition and whether it’s new or used. For light and entry-level helicopters, prices can start at around a few hundred thousand euros or dollars for the simplest and oldest models on the second-hand market. However, new or more advanced helicopters can cost several million euros or dollars.

    It’s also important to consider the costs of maintenance, insurance, fuel and pilot training, which can add considerably to the total cost of owning a helicopter. Before purchasing a helicopter, it is advisable to do thorough research, consult industry experts and take into account all the costs associated with owning and operating the aircraft.

  • Where can a helicopter land?

    Helicopters can land on helipads, which are facilities specially designed for helicopter take-off and landing. These helipads can be located on building rooftops, flat terrain or specially landscaped areas.

    In the absence of a heliport, a helicopter can also land on flat terrain, such as fields, parks or open areas, provided they offer sufficient space and are safe for landing.

    In some cases, airports have designated helicopter zones, allowing helicopters to take off and land from these areas, which are often equipped with specific equipment to meet helicopter requirements.

    In addition, helicopters can sometimes land on sports fields, such as soccer pitches or golf courses, or on vacant or undeveloped areas, depending on safety and local regulations.

    Finally, in specific situations, helicopters may land on ships at sea or offshore platforms, using landing zones specially designed for maritime operations.

  • How far can you fly with a helicopter?

    The distance a helicopter can cover depends on a number of factors, including helicopter type, fuel capacity, payload, weather conditions and cruising speed. In general, helicopters are better suited to relatively short distances than airplanes.

    Light helicopters used for leisure flights or short hauls can have a flight autonomy of around 2 to 4 hours and a maximum range of around 200 to 500 kilometers without refueling. Larger, more powerful helicopters used for professional or military missions may have greater autonomy and range, but are generally inferior to aircraft.

  • How is the rental cost of a helicopter determined?

    The cost of renting a helicopter is determined by several factors:

    • Helicopter type: The model and size of the helicopter greatly influence the rental cost. Larger, more sophisticated helicopters generally have higher rental rates, due to their higher acquisition, operating and maintenance costs.
    • Duration of rental: Rental costs can be calculated by the hour, day, week or month. Hourly rates may vary according to rental duration and helicopter availability.
    • Distance and itinerary: Some operators may charge according to the distance flown or the itinerary planned, in addition to the flight time. Additional charges may apply for long-haul flights or complex itineraries.
    • Flight hours: Rental costs are often based on the number of flight hours flown. Hourly rates may vary according to helicopter type, pilot availability and flight conditions.
    • Additional charges: Additional charges may apply for optional services such as pilot services, insurance, landing fees, fuel costs, maintenance costs and cleaning costs.
    • Geographical region: Rental rates may vary according to geographical region and local aviation regulations. Rates may be higher in densely populated urban areas or popular tourist destinations.