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How to choose the most appropriate private jet?

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Each person has his or her own reasons for travelling by private jet. For some, comfort is the main criterion, while others prefer the practicality provided by a private flight.


Some private jets are to be preferred to meet specific needs such as short runways. Furthermore, the distance of the trip as well as the number of suitcases to be transported will play a key role in your choice of private jet.

Each of them has different advantages. Therefore, each private jet model will be adapted to your needs.


Whether you are a regular user, or a new traveller, there is a private jet model for every type of trip! Our aviation experts will try to enlighten you on how to choose the right private jet. This choice will allow you to travel in the ideal business jet that best suits your needs and desires.

What questions to ask yourself when choosing your private jet

What are your first questions when you are about to rent a private jet?

How far is your journey? Is it short or long haul? What is the number of passengers on board?  Do you have luggage? Is it bulky (ski or golf club)? Is it the price or the comfort that you would like to favour? Would you like a hostess on board?



Turboprop aircraft are aircraft with a propeller engine. They allow you to travel within a range of 1000 km to 2500 km. They are slower than conventional private jets but are more economical. In addition, these aircraft are also noisier. These propeller planes are more agile than others. Thanks to this manoeuvrability, they can land on runways with different surfaces. Finally, they can also land on short runways, as is the case in Courchevel.  This means they can also land at a greater number of airports than other types of aircraft.

These planes can generally accommodate a larger quantity of luggage than classic private jets. Finally, turboprops are the ideal solution for short, economical journeys.

Piaggio Aerospace avanti evo P180 avec des montagnes
Piaggio Aerospace avanti evo P180
  • How much does a private turboprop flight cost?

As an example, here are a few examples of turboprop engines and their hourly rate:

private jet

Passengers Range of action Speed Price per hour of flight
Piaggio Avanti P180


2 220 km


730 km/H

2 000 €


Pilatus PC-12


2 500 km

500 km/H

2 500 €


Beech king Air 350



2 770 km


575 km/H


1 680 €


Example of prices for a flight from Paris to Saint Tropez in Pilatus PC12 :

With 6 passengers, a flight duration of 1h15 from 7500 EUROS



Light private jets

Light jets are faster and have more autonomy than turboprops. They are also more comfortable and less noisy. In addition, they also allow access to many airports with short runways. With a light private jet, you can count on a range of between 1500 and 3200 kilometres from the departure airport. They are also faster than an airliner.

They are therefore ideal aircraft if you want to make a European business trip. They will take you comfortably to your final destination. They are also faster than an airliner.

Phenom 100
  • What is the fare for a private flight in a light private jet?


Here are some of the light private jets we offer :



Private jets Passengers Range of action Speed Price per hour of flight
Citation mustang



2 100 km


630 km/H

1 500 €

Phenom 100


2 180 km

722 km/H


2 300 €


Phenom 300



3 600 km

720 km/H


2 600 €

Price example for a flight Paris – Geneva in Phenom 100 :

With 4 passengers, a flight duration of 1 hour from 3500 EUROS



Medium-haul private jets

The greatest asset of these mid-size private jets is compromise. They will take you farther, faster and with more people than light private jets. You can fly up to 4000 km from your starting point with these unique aircraft. In addition, the comfort on board is increased due to the longer flight times. Finally, these mid-size private jets have larger cargo holds. This makes them perfect for weekend trips with equipment (golf hunting, skiing, etc.).

Citation XLS
  • What is the fare for a medium-haul private jet flight?


Here are some of the medium-haul private jets we offer :

Private jets Passengers Range of action speed Price per hour of flight
Citation XLS



3 600 km


805 km/H


3 000 €


Citation Sovereign  



4 600 km

830 km/H


4 000 €





3 700 km


840 km/H


2 700 €


Example of price for a flight London Luton – Marrakech in Citation XLS :

With 7 passengers, a flight time of 3h45 from 15500 EUROS


Long haul private jets

The long-haul private jets are extremely well equipped for long-distance flights, especially non-stop flights. Their cabins are fully customisable. In these aircraft, it is possible to fit beds for long transatlantic flights. Some of them have bathrooms and kitchens. The private jets in this range can fly continuously for 11 hours at 900km per hour. Despite this speed, these VIP aircraft are soundproofed and have luxurious comfort. In particular, it is possible to stand upright in the cabin. On board these prestigious aircraft, you don’t just travel. You are living an experience.

Le jet privé Dassault Falcon 7x qui vole au-dessus de la mer
Falcon 7X


  • What is the fare for a private long-haul jet flight?

Here are some of the long haul private jets we offer:



Private jets Passengers Range of action Speed Price per hour of flight
Falcon 7X



11 000 km

910 km/H


6 200 €


Gulfstream G550  



10 850 km

885 km/H


6 400 €


Global 6000



14 631km


982 km/H


6 000 €



Example of price for a flight London Luton – New York Teterboro in Falcon 7X :

With 10 passengers, a flight time of 6h45 from 80 000 EUROS.


Cargo planes

Apart from travelling, it is possible to charter a plane for other services. It is possible, among other things, to charter a cargo plane that will be available to transport goods. Air freight transport is certainly more expensive than sea freight. But on the other hand, the aeroplane offers proximity and speed. All goods are assignable. From a private collection for an art gallery to large quantities of masks during the COVID crisis19.

Location avion cargo Antonov An-124 chargement
Antonov AN 124
  • How much does a private cargo flight cost?
Planes Range of action Speed Price per hour of flight
Aviator TP 600

1740 km


400 km/H

1 600 €


Beechcraft 1900D

1 600 km

500 km/H

3 490 €


Antonov AN-124  

16 000 km


850 km/H

Le tarif varie selon la marchandise



Example of a price for air freight Vatry – Dakar in Antonov AN-124 :

With 20 tons of goods, a flight time of 6 hours from 80 000 EUROS.


Medical evacuation or EVASAN

Private aircraft are also among the most efficient and suitable aircraft for these live evacuations. They are less well known for this specificity. However, many aircraft can be adapted for medical transport. In order to carry out these special flights, the aircraft must be stable. The jet must also be able to accommodate a doctor, oxygen and stretcher on board.

Location Pilatus PC24 Atterrissage Piste en Sable
Pilatus PC24


Private jets Range of action Speed Price per hour of flight
Falcon 100  

3 000 km


850 km/H


4 100 €


Pilatus PC-24

3 769 km

815 km/H


4 700 €


Challenger 850  

5 000 km


850 km/H


4 900 €



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