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Description of GLOBAL 6000

Choosing to fly in a Bombardier Global 6000 for your next business trip ensures optimal comfort. From business meetings to afternoon siestas, this model is perfect for all your needs. The cabin is can be customised to your requirements and the many windows make for a very warm and bright cabin.

Bombardier Global 6000 – where comfort meets speed

The Bombardier Global 6000 is the ideal aircraft for all your business trips as it combines speed, range and comfort. In fact, it has set speed records on several flights (Aspen-London City and London City-New York). Featuring remarkable technological advances, this jet is the latest version in the Global Express range.

Streamline your business travel: fly to your destination in a private Global 6000

When your charter a private jet for your business trip, you save time and avoid all unnecessary stress. With a private jet charter, you are spared of all the waiting involved in commercial flight, optimising your time and creating a more enjoyable flight experience. You can also enjoy complete privacy and comfort, allowing you to focus and relax before your conference, meeting or corporate event.

We are also aware that for those at the top of their game, work never stops. Managers and employees who travel rarely stop working during their journeys. However, on a commercial flight, it can be hard to concentrate: noise, lack of privacy and unsuitable space can make it difficult to be productive. A private jet such as the Global 6000, on the other hand, is perfectly optimised for working on the go. Everything is done so you can continue to work and communicate remotely.

Commercial features of GLOBAL 6000

Global 6000 destinations

This aircraft has many strings to its bow. Luxurious and comfortable, it is perfect for business trips. Its cabin is adapted for all possible tasks, whether you are working, sleeping or eating. You are always connected to the Internet thanks to Ka-band technology meaning that you can make video calls, play games or watch videos for the whole flight. Be as productive in a Global 6000 as you are in your office.

When you choose the Bombardier Global 6000, you also get a particularly large baggage compartment which is obviously convenient for long trips! The added bonus is that you can retrieve your checked baggage at any time during the flight.



Prices per route

The prices below are provided as an indication. To estimate the price of your trip, please contact us to get a quote that will meet your exact requirements.


Key Benefits of GLOBAL 6000

  • spacious cabin
  • luxurious setting
  • adjustable facilities
  • fast Internet connection
  • luggage compartment accessible during the entire flight

Technical specifications of GLOBAL 6000

General informations

  • Manufacturer BOMBARDIER
  • Model GLOBAL 6000
  • Classification Long Range Jets
  • Crew 2 pilots + flight attendant
  • Seats 14
  • Luggage compartment volume 552 m³
  • Toilet yes
  • Hourly rates 6200 €/hour
  • Purchase Price 45000000 €


  • Interior Height 191 m
  • Interior Width 249 m


  • Cruising speed 950 km/h
  • Range 11390 km

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Global 6000 vue intérieure

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