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10 good reasons to turn to business aviation

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More than 17,000 private jets are now in service around the world. The business jet is often seen as an outward sign of wealth or power reserved for an elite. But business aviation is much more affordable than people think. And it is also and above all a tool for development and growth at the service of businesses. Approximately 70% of private jet flights are professional.

“Too expensive”, “reserved for very important people”, “not very accessible”, “bling bling”… private aviation has a bad press. And yet, the reality is far from the cliché that is often presented when talking about business aviation. That is why we are presenting you today 10 good reasons to turn to private aviation.

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Here are 10 good reasons to turn to business aviation: 


1) Flexibility

Business aviation offers great flexibility for passengers, who have total freedom in the choice of their itineraries. They can choose to plan their flight at any time, thus freeing themselves from the sometimes restrictive schedules of flights on commercial or regular routes. The list of passengers and their number can also be changed until the last minute, something that is impossible with conventional airlines.

2) Time saving

Business aviation saves passengers invaluable time. Private jets can land at small airfields as close as possible to the passenger’s final destination. In addition, business terminals avoid the usual two hours required to check in and go through security checks that would have been required in a commercial terminal. For example, the average time between the arrival at a business terminal and the take-off of a jet is only 15 minutes. Furthermore, the private jet flies directly to its destination; there is no mandatory stopover.
The business media Capital estimates that a CEO who makes about 30 trips a year can earn the equivalent of a month’s work by favouring private jet rentals.

3) Accessibility 

In addition to saving time, business aviation provides access to many more destinations than commercial aviation. In fact, an airliner only serves 300 airports in Europe when nearly 4,000 airports are available to private jets, particularly thanks to taxi planes. This advantage makes it possible to get as close as possible to one’s final destination.

4) Safety, security and discretion

Business aviation provides absolute discretion to travellers who use it. Professionals are protected from any threat of eavesdropping, industrial espionage or even physical threat.
One of our clients, the head of a large CAC40 company with high public notoriety, would be too exposed on regular commercial routes. Travelling with a business aviation company allows him to travel with complete discretion and peace of mind.

5) Optimized work environment 

Managers and employees who travel rarely stop working during their journeys. But sometimes it’s hard to think on a commercial plane. Noise, lack of privacy and unsuitable space make it difficult to be productive. The private jet, on the other hand, is perfectly optimized for this. Dedicated spaces are often set up: office tables, video-conference screens or even wifi connection. Everything is done so you can continue to work and communicate remotely. In addition, the captain and the hostesses are there to ensure the quality services specific to business jets.
This ability to work and communicate in a jet is essential for companies in a world where the economic, commercial and financial environment is very changing.
Moreover, studies have proven that the productivity of managers can be multiplied by 5 to 7 and that of employees by 4 when flights are made in business aviation. An undeniable advantage!

6) Absolute serenity and tranquility

We take care of chartering your jet and getting you to the business airport. Transfers in prestige vehicles or helicopters, airport schedules and constraints, customs procedures, visa regulations, insurance, etc. With business aviation, you stay focused on your mission and don’t have to worry about the logistics of your trip.

7) Staying in shape

Business travel also allows passengers to remain vigorous and dynamic. Travelling in the modern and comfortable cabin of a private jet tires less an employee than a short and medium-haul commercial aircraft seat. Moreover, the private jet flies directly to its destination; there is no need to make a stopover. As mentioned above, waiting times in private terminals (at Le Bourget, for example) are much shorter than those in commercial airports such as Paris or Geneva.

8) Waiver of costs

Travelling by private jet exempts companies from certain costs. Indeed, flying in a private jet is the assurance of completing your business trip quickly. Thus, the costs of hotels, taxis or even catering for employees are reduced. These costs can be significant if there are many travellers or senior executives.
The appearance of more economical taxi planes also makes business aviation more and more accessible to everyone.

9) Increasing visibility

The business aviation market makes it easy for executives to increase their visibility in corporate facilities away from head office. It is particularly essential for big groups that have facilities scattered over very large areas. Similarly, private aviation makes it very easy to meet a company’s stakeholders.
Despite all the technological means of communication, physical travel is sometimes essential to forge ties and sign contracts.

10) Renting is more economical than owing a jet

Renting a private jet is often more economical than owning one. The cost of purchasing an aircraft as well as all the costs related to its operation (maintenance, personnel costs, fuel and port taxes) are indeed very important. It is estimated that 410 flight hours are needed to amortise the purchase and operating costs of a private jet.

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Who are the business aviation travellers?


– Business leaders, executives and employees

Transporting a company’s employees is the main use of a private jet. It can serve many purposes: negotiating contracts, doing business in Europe and around the world, exploring opportunities, maintaining relationships with stakeholders or visiting company subdivisions.
In particular, the flexibility of the business jet provides significant added value for a business leader with a busy agenda. Martin S., a customer of AEROAFFAIRES and head of an ETI based in Lorient, has several production centers in Europe. When he has to meet each of his teams to follow his activity, he can only do so in a private jet. Flying on a commercial airline, taking the train or even taking the car would force him to lose more than three days for his visits. With our tailor-made charter offer, Mr S. can complete his four visits to Europe in a single day and return home the same evening. He can even continue to work in the comfort of the cabins.

– Customers

Chartering a private aircraft for a customer is a common practice in some industries. It allows the customer to visit facilities, discover new products or services or negotiate a contract.

– Suppliers

A private jet allows companies to accelerate or improve the integration of their supply chain by transporting suppliers. The latter can discover a production site, be invited to meetings that concern them or simply conclude contracts.

– Wealthy people

Wealthy families and successful entrepreneurs are also business travellers who regularly charter private jets. Business aviation provides them with unparalleled comfort and total flexibility in their travels.

– Freight transportation

A private aircraft can also be used to transport goods. This practice makes it possible to deliver a package to a customer very quickly, to ensure the safe transport of a fragile or very high-value good, or to maintain critical production by bringing in repair parts or missing raw materials.

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Guide to our business jets


We offer the rental of different types of business jets:

We are here to adapt to the needs of all our travellers.


How to rent a plane with business aviation?


You are looking for a private flight? Renting a business jet with AEROAFFAIRES is very simple and fast.

Fill in your travel details via our online quote form or contact our team by phone 24/7.
Our air charter specialists will contact you by phone to define your needs and constraints.
We will then send you a quote by email with the best options available, different aircraft models and their rates.

You will have the choice between different aircraft ranges (Dassault Aviation, Cessna Citation, Gulfstream Aerospace, Embraer, Pilatus …).
Choose your favorite private jet and confirm your quote by email or by phone.

Our specialists will send you a contract to confirm the flight while waiting for your passenger list, details of your schedule and part of the payment to definitively block your aircraft.

24 hours before take-off, you will receive your flight plan with the business terminal, the contact details of the crew (two pilots) and the hostess, with details of the services around your private flight, such as catering or taxi if you wish.

The entire AEROAFFAIRES team is at your disposal to facilitate your trip before, during and after take-off. The logistics of the flight on the ground and in the air is our mission. We are here to organize your entire private flight and make sure that your trip goes smoothly.

Since 1991, AEROAFFAIRES has had the human and technological resources to coordinate a quality VIP service and optimize private flight rates.
Our mission is to make your flight experience the best possible with the required comfort, while avoiding fare surprises.
Find our indicative private jet flight rates on our website.

Guarantees for the safety of business aviation flights


Business aviation is just as safe as commercial aviation. All private jet airlines have an Air Transport Certificate (ATC). This approval, issued by the air transport supervisory agencies (the DGAC in France) on the basis of very strict criteria, authorises the paid transport of passengers on public transport.
“We know the requirements of companies in terms of security and only select the best companies with the highest guarantees for our customers” says François-Xavier Clerc, President of AEROAFFAIRES, concerned about the safety of its customers.
Nevertheless, the emergence of new models of business trips sometimes undermines this requirement. Some structures try to offer business flights at very low prices, circumventing the law and to the detriment of security. Make sure of the quality of the service that is offered to you, do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email to get advice on the safety of your business flights.