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Light Jets
(5 - 7 seats)

Light private jets are economical, able to land or take off from many airports. Light private jets can carry up to 5/7 passengers over short and medium distances ranging from 1,500 to 3,200 km at an average speed of 600/700 km / h. Light private jets have the advantage of being able to land on small airports inaccessible to commercial aircraft. An efficient and economical option for short to medium distance flights, light jets offer greater versatility, speed and range than non-jet aircraft. With average cruising speeds of around 700 km / h and a non-stop range of around 3,200km, light jets will get you to your destination quickly and efficiently. For more comfort, performance and safety, most light jet aircraft have pressurized passenger cabins and often have private or semi-private toilets. Baggage capacity and baggage storage space may be limited and light jets often can not accommodate skis or large golf bags.