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History of the Cessna Citation Excel

The Cessna Citation Excel is one of the most popular private jets among our customers. The Excel series was launched in April 1998 with over 200 orders placed. The manufacturer Cessna has subsequently improved the original Excel model and released the improved XLS and XLS+ versions. All three versions are highly reliable, in keeping with Cessna’s reputation. Today, a new XLS costs about 11 million euros. It is the best selling business light jet in the world. One of its advantages is the size of its baggage compartment: the largest in its class.

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This plane is a remarkable business jet offering exceptional comfort and flight performance for up to 8 passengers. Many value-conscious travellers hire a Cessna Citation Excel, particularly those seeking a reduction in cost while not compromising on excellence of service for short and medium-haul trips.

The business jet has one of the best price/performance ratios and spacious cabins on the market, although the Phenom 300 is beginning to overtake the Citation XL as the most popular private jet.

When you hire a Cessna Citation Excel/XLS, you have an available range of about 4 hours. This aircraft is capable of flying non-stop from Paris to Mykonos, and can be rented to fly all over Europe. Its unique performance allows it to land at airports with short runways such as Cannes, Lugano and Bern, and has no problem tackling complex approaches such as London City.

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Commercial features of CESSNA CITATION EXCEL

The cabin of the Citation XL allows up to eight passengers to be comfortably accommodated in a highly soundproofed space.

The Citation Excel has an attractive cabin with plenty of storage space, ideal for those travelling with golf clubs or bulky luggage. The cargo compartment is accessible from the outside and offers a load capacity of 2.25 m3.

The club seats on the Excel, XLS and XLS+ recline 180 degrees, offering the comfort of a real bed. The cabin is pressurised and the air conditioning will be appreciated by passengers. The aircraft also has a minibar, interactive map and entertainment systems.

Some examples of fares per route

The prices below are given as an indication. To estimate the price of your trip, please contact us in order to establish a quote that will meet your exact requirements.

From Paris – to Marrakesh: from 17,000 EUROS

From Paris – to Ajaccio: from 14,000 EUROS

From London – to Milan: from 18,000 EUROS


  • Perfect range for travelling within Europe
  • Large luggage compartment
  • Best cabin size / price ratio
  • Able to handle short runways

Quelques exemples de tarifs par liaisons

From To Duration Plane Price Seats Price per passenger
Paris London 0:50 CESSNA CITATION EXCEL Light Jets 9 300€ 5 1 860€
Milan Linate Paris 1:15 CESSNA CITATION EXCEL Light Jets 12 000€ 6 2 000€
Geneva Cointrin London 1:25 CESSNA CITATION EXCEL Light Jets 17 000€ 8 2 100€

Technical specifications of CESSNA CITATION EXCEL

General informations

  • Manufacturer CESSNA
  • Classification Light Jets
  • Crew 2 pilots
  • Seats 6-8
  • Luggage compartment volume 25 m³
  • Toilet yes
  • Hourly rates 2900 €/hour
  • Purchase Price 13000000 €
  • Start of production 1996
  • Length 16 m
  • Height 5,23 m
  • Span 16,98 m


  • Interior Height 165 m
  • Interior Width 17 m
  • Interior length 567 m


  • Motorization 2 moteurs Pratt & Whitney Canada PW545B
  • Cruising speed 795 km/h
  • Maximum speed 802 km/h
  • Range 3200 km
  • Takeoff distance 108 km
  • Landing distance 0969 km
  • Maximum flight altitude 13716 km

Cabin of the Citation Excel

  • Height 1,68
  • Lenght 1,73
  • Width 5,70
  • Seats 6/8

Performances du Citation Excel

  • Maximum speed 802 km/h
  • Range 3 852 km
  • Cruising speed 795 km/h
  • Ceiling 13 716 m

Dimensions of Citation Excel

  • Lenght 16 m
  • Width 17 m
  • Height 5, 23 m


  • Engines 2 moteurs Pratt & Whitney Canada PW545A

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Jet privé Citation Excel - AEROAFFAIRES

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Jet privé Citation Excel - AEROAFFAIRES

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  • How much does Citation Excel cost?

    The jet costs almost €11 million to buy. Hire prices for a basic trip such as Paris-Ajaccio start from €14.

  • Why rent a Citation Excel?

    This aircraft has a range of 3,200 km, ideal for travelling in Europe. What’s more, it offers excellent value for money, carrying up to 8 passengers and featuring a large baggage compartment.

  • What are the advantages of Citation Excel?

    The size of its baggage compartment and its comfort are the main advantages of the private jet.

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