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The TOP 10 most popular private jet journeys in the world

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The private jet is the ideal means of transport for travelling as a businessman. Thanks to a business jet, it is possible to fly over the continents in order to travel quickly. There are many strategic points in the world for business travel. They are commonly called international hubs.

There are recurrent routes to connect these cities. In this article, we will present you the TOP 10 private jet journeys in the world.

TOP 10 private jet journeys in the world

The most popular private jet trips in the USA

1. Los Angeles – Las Vegas

Flights between Los Angeles and Las Vegas are the most popular in the world. They are two important cities for both tourism and business. Many travellers use these connections for flights related to their professions.

It takes about 45 minutes to fly between these two important cities. It is therefore a relatively short flight that can be made by light private jet.

Los Angeles Las Vegas in Phenom 100 (4 seats): from 5,000€

2. New York – Washington

New York, the economic centre and Washington, the capital of the United States. This is why many travellers connect these two cities by private jet. These two key cities in the United States attract many business people. This is because politics and the economy are significantly connected. It is therefore essential to be able to be quickly present between these two cities.

New YorkWashington in Falcon 10 / 100 (5 passengers): from €6,600

3. New York – Miami

Many businessmen travel to Miami because of all the conventions held there throughout the year. Among them is the famous Miami International Boat Show. This convention attracts the world’s greatest boat enthusiasts. New York’s wealthy people fly there in private jets.

New-YorkMiami in Praetor 500 (9 seats) : from 10 850 €


4. Toronto – New York

Toronto is a Canadian city with many corporate headquarters working between the United States and Canada. For this reason, many businessmen travel between New York and Toronto. These extraordinary travellers prefer the private jet for the efficiency gains it offers.

TorontoNew-York in Phenom 300 (6 passengers): from €5,350


5. Las Vegas – Santa Ana

Santa Ana is the seat of Orange County, California. It is home to many companies that attract businessmen from Las Vegas. It is therefore an important hub of California. In order to connect these two cities, it takes about 1 hour to fly in a private jet.

Las Vegas – Santa Ana by Honda jet (5 passengers): from €4,750


The most popular private jet trips in Europe


1. Zurich – London by private jet

The fastest way to reach London and Zurich is by plane. The common point between these two cities is that many businessmen work there. So in order not to waste a minute, the most efficient means of transport is the private jet.



ZurichLondon by Learjet 40 (6 passengers): from €7,800

2. Moscow – Geneva

As the capital of the world’s largest country, Moscow is an important transit point for private jets. Geneva is also a city with many private jets. This is due to the presence of many international companies in Switzerland.

The Russians show great interest in Swiss craftsmen, especially jewellers and watchmakers. But also banks and pharmaceutical laboratories.

MoscowGeneva by Nextant 400 XT (6 passengers): from €15,700


3. Paris – Brussels by private jet

Many European institutions located in Brussels. Many MEPs have to travel there from all over Europe. Paris is a central capital of the old continent. it is a hub of its own. this is why many flights are organised between these two European cities.

Bruxelles Belgique

Paris – Brussels in CJ4 (7 passengers): from €5,200

4. Paris – Berlin

Paris and Berlin are among the two richest capitals in Europe. Many European multinationals work between these two cities. Representatives of these companies therefore travel regularly. The most suitable means for these frequent trips is the private jet.

ParisBerlin in Citation longitude (12 passengers): from €9,850

5. Athens – Mykonos

Athens and Mykonos are the two busiest cities in Greece. Many luxury tourists travel to Athens by airliner. They then use a private jet hire service to fly to Mykonos. This is a route that is mainly used for tourist reasons.

AthensMykonos by Citation Mustang (4 seats) from €5,500


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