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After a flight chartered by AEROAFFAIRES, you will arrive at one of the four main airports of Moscow: Vnukovo, Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo, Heliport Moscow.

AEROAFFAIRES offers a point-to-point helicopter transfer service to connect the airport of arrival to the city center: an opportunity to discover the city from the sky and optimize your time.

Choosing AEROAFFAIRES is the insurance to find the right device for your needs, which will save you time and money.


Whether traveling to Moscow for business or pleasure, we suggest you book a room at the Ritz-Carlton Moscow , a magnificent hotel located on the edge of the Red Square, including a beautiful terrace with panoramic views.

During your stay, we invite you to stop at the White Rabbit,a gastronomic restaurant featuring contemporary Russian specialties. The dishes that are offered, combining new culinary trends and local products. Located on the 15th floor of the Smolenski Passaj shopping center, opposite the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, you will enjoy food and enjoy its breathtaking view of the historical center of the city.

Finally, do not miss the emblematic visit of the Kremlin, the heart of the political and religious power of the Russian Federation which is in the form of an urban fortress.


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