Are you looking for a comfortable, practical and affordable private jet travel solution?

AEROAFFAIRES offers the rental of air taxis, small private jets that reduce the cost of your private flight. The idea is to achieve unparalleled efficiency and speed. AEROAFFAIRES explains this on-demand transportation method and gives you all the information you need to know. What is an air taxi? How to book an air taxi? Or why rent an air taxi for your travels?

What are air taxis?

TP600 sur la piste

Air taxi companies came about in the early 1960s to fill a gap between regular commercial aviation, VIP charter flights and aeroclub offers in tourist aircraft services. These companies wanted to democratise business aviation by offering private jet hire based on a low-cost model. The profitability of air taxis is due to the large number of flight hours, between 400 and 600 hours, per month.

As one of the smaller jets, an air taxi is the most cost-effective option for getting around quickly and cheaply over short distances. They are economical and fast, making them perfectly suited for business trips. They are quite far from the idea you may get of luxury private jets. Taxi aeroplanes are usually either 4-seat private light jets (Very Light Jet) or propeller planes (turboprop) that can land and take off on short runways. This means increased flexibility as private jet flights can connect to more than 3,000 airports in Europe compared to 300 for airliners. You and your group will therefore fly direct to the closest airport to your final destination.


Why charter an air taxi with AEROAFFAIRES?

A quick one-day round trip

A quick one-day round trip to a city not served by commercial airlines and scheduled one-way flights.

For a one-day circular flight

For a one-day circular flight visiting several branches all over Europe.

Flights to an airfield with a short runway

Flights to an airfield with a short runway such as Saint TropezCourchevel or Gstaad.

An urgent direct flight

An urgent direct flight (factory visit, crisis management, etc.).

Staff transfers

Staff transfers for one-off industrial projects or for sports matches.

How much does an air taxi cost?

nos partenaires

There are two types of taxi jets available to hire: turboprops such as the Pilatus PC-12 (propeller), which is ideal for short distances, and faster private jets such as the Citation Jet Mustang or Phenom 100 for medium distance flights.

Air taxi prices

Hiring an air taxi costs between 1,900 and 2,400 euros per hour excluding tax for a flight with four to six passengers (VAT is 10% for domestic flights, flights abroad are exempt).

Prices are calculated based on a minimum flight time of two hours (a round trip) and private airlines will incorporate start-up costs and airport handling charges. If you are located in a remote or isolated area away from a private aircraft base, you will be charged for an empty leg flight from its base to your departure destination.

In an air taxi, the price is a flat rate no matter the number of passengers and you have the luxury of choosing your take-off times. In the event that you need to change your plans because of delays or traffic, you have the possibility of postponing your departure time at no additional cost, however, the return flight must be made on the same day. On your arrival at the airport, the boarding procedure is much less restrictive than commercial flights, you just need to arrive ten minutes before take-off time.

Air taxi prices France

Lille grande place
Air taxi Lille

From 3 900 euros from Paris or London in Citation Jet Mustang

Air taxi Lyon

From 4 000 euros from Paris or London in Phenom 100

Air taxi prices Morocco


From Paris or Genève


From 7 000 euros from Paris or Geneva in Phenom 300

Comparison of air taxi fares with train and Air France (with 4 passengers)

  1. SNCF 2nd class prices, for 4 passengers
  2. SNCF 1st class prices, for 4 passengers
  3. Air France regular line fares, for 4 passengers
  4. AEROAFFAIRES private aviation rates for four to six people aboard a taxi plane.

Paris Le Bourget > Toulouse

Rates (€ exc. tax)Time
Train 2nd class 4 passengers280 – 5256-7 h
Train 1st class 4 passengers360 – 8106-7 h
Commercial airline 4 passengers1 8003 h
Business Jet 4 passengers4 8002 h

Paris > Saint-Etienne

Rates (€ exc. tax)Time
Train 2nd class 4 passengers280 – 6806 h
Train 1st class 4 passengers470 – 9206 h
Commercial airline 4 passengersNo direct connection
Business Jet 4 passengers4 4003 h

Tours > Perpignan

Rates (€ exc. tax)Time
Train 2nd class 4 passengersNo direct connection
Train 1st class 4 passengersNo direct connection
Commercial airline 4 passengersNo direct connection
Business Jet 4 passengers6 9003 h

Paris > Brême (Allemagne)

Rates (€ exc. tax)Time
Train 2nd class 4 passengersNo direct connection
Train 1st class 4 passengersNo direct connection
Commercial airline 4 passengers2 5003 h
Business Jet 4 passengers5 5003 h

When you choose AEROAFFAIRES  you are guaranteed that we will find the right taxi airplane for you, saving you time and money. Our on-demand flight service is available for a quote 24/7, please contact us at + 33 (0) 1 44 09 91 82. You can also get acquainted with our private jet card service.

Get a quick quote for an air taxi flight with AEROAFFAIRES

Examples of air taxi planes

Citation Mustang en vol
Air taxi Cessna Citation Mustang

This air taxi is one of the most popular aircraft in business aviation and has an excellent price-quality ratio. Ideal for short distances, this private jet can accommodate 4 passengers.

Phenom 100 sur la piste
Air taxi Phenom 100

This very light private jet with a design interior, designed by BMW, is very efficient and is used for short distances. This air taxi carries 4 passengers in its cabin.

Phenom 300 blanc en vol
Air taxi Phenom 300

This air taxi belongs to the category of light private jets. Its comfortable cabin accommodates up to 6 passengers on trips averaging 2 to 3 hours.

Air taxi Piaggio Avanti P 180

Nicknamed the Ferrari of the air, this air taxi carries up to 7 passengers in its comfortable and silent cabin. This business jet consumes on average 15% less fuel than an equivalent private jet.

HondaJet en vol au-dessus de la mer
Air taxi Hondajet HA 420

This air taxi is one of the most fuel-efficient private jets, thanks to its aerodynamic structure. It can accommodate 5 passengers on board and is very popular for short trips.

Air taxi : an eco-friendly solution ?

At a time when ecological issues are very important, the business aviation sector is trying to reduce its environmental impact.

This is currently done through the use of more and more biofuels, known as SAF, but also through the realization of future projects. Like the creation of electric aircraft projects or hydrogen aircraft projects, neutral in CO2 emissions.

Jet privé de demain vert

However, the use of air taxi is currently a more economical solution than other types of aircraft (airliner or business jet of greater size and capacity). Indeed, the common point of the taxi planes seen above (Citation Mustang, Phenom 100, Phenom 300, etc…) is that they all have low operating costs.

Also, they are more fuel efficient and therefore emit less CO2. This is also why they have an excellent quality-price ratio. Therefore, these types of air taxis are very popular and efficient on short distances, in addition to limiting the carbon footprint on these types of short distance flights.

Finally, pilots who want to advocate for more sustainable aviation can also optimize their flight plan and manage their controls in the air to reduce their carbon footprint.

Customers feedbacks

« We charter air taxis regularly for our product roadshow and to allow our managers to tour the factories in Italy and Spain from Rennes. »

Caroline H. Executive Assistant

« Business jet is a solution that offers flexibility and costs the same as business class if we travel with 4 passengers. Indeed, we save the hotel and cab costs because we are back home in the evening. »

Paul de C. Director of a real estate company
  • Air taxi : what is it ?

    An air taxi is a form of transportation service that uses small aircraft to transport passengers to their destinations. Air taxis operate similarly to traditional taxis, but instead of driving on roads, they use air space to travel between locations. Air taxis can be operated by companies like AEROAFFAIRES and they are typically used for short-haul trips. They can offer convenient and efficient transportation options for people traveling between cities or for those who need to reach remote or hard-to-reach locations quickly. In recent years, advances in technology have led to the development of electric air taxis that are expected to become more widely available in the future.

  • Air taxi : how much is it ?

    The cost of an air taxi varies depending on a number of factors, including the type of aircraft used, the distance traveled, the number of passengers, and the duration of the flight. If you would like to get an idea of the cost of an air taxi, you can either read our complete article on the subject or request a quote from the AEROAFFAIRES team.

  • Air taxi : in which countries ?

    Air taxi services are available in many countries around the world, although the level of availability and regulation may vary depending on the location. If you would like to know whether air taxi services are available in your country, you should either read our article on the subject or contact the AEROAFFAIRES team.