Air Taxi

Are you looking for a private travel solution that is comfortable, convenient and affordable? AEROAFFAIRES offers the rental of taxis, small private jets that reduce the cost of private flights.

Air Taxi : what is it?

Air taxi companies were born in the early 1960s to fill a gap between “regular commercial aviation, VIP charter flights and aeroclub offers in tourist aircraft”. These companies wanted to democratise business aviation by offering private jet hire based on a low-cost model. Air taxi becomes profitable thanks to a large number of flight hours per month, between 400 and 600 hours.

Small in size, the air taxi is the most cost-effective alternative to get around quickly and cheaply over short distances. Economical and fast, the jet taxi will save time, a significant advantage for business trips. Taxi airplanes are 4-seat private light jets (Very Light Jet) or propeller planes (turboprop) that can land and take off on short runways. This type of business aviation offers connections to more than 3,000 airports in Europe compared to 300 for airliners. You will thus arrive as close as possible to your final destination non-stop with the desired number of passengers.

Why charter a taxi aircraft with AEROAFFAIRES?

In which cases to use a taxi plane :

  • A quick round trip on the same day to a city not served by commercial aviation and scheduled flights,
  • For a circular flight, visit several subsidiaries all over Europe in one day,
  • A trip to an airfield with a short runway such as Saint Tropez, Andernos les Bains or Gstaad,
  • An urgent non-stop direct flight (factory visit, crisis management, etc.),
  • Staff transfers for isolated industrial projects or during matches for sports teams.

How much does an air taxi cost: examples of prices

Two types of taxi jet are available for hire: Turboprops such as the Pilatus PC 12 (propeller) ideal for short distances and faster private jets such as the Citation Jet Mustang or Phenom 100 for medium distance flights.

The cost of renting a jet taxi is between 1,900 and 2,400 euros per hour excluding tax for four to six passengers (VAT is 10 % for domestic flights, flights abroad are exempt.

The fare for a flight in a private aircraft is always based on a minimum of two hours (round trip). The airline incorporates start-up costs and airport handling charges. If you are located in a remote or isolated area away from the aircraft base, you will be charged for an empty flight from its base to your departure destination.

In a taxi plane, the price is the same whether you are travelling alone or in a group and you choose your take-off times. If your visit is delayed or if there is traffic on the road, you have the possibility of postponing your departure time at no additional cost, however the return flight must be made on the same day. On your arrival at the airport, boarding formalities are not very restrictive, you just need to arrive ten minutes before take-off time.

Comparison of air taxi fares with train and Air France (with 4 passengers)


Rates (in euros HT) Time
Train 2nd class 4 passengers 280-525 6-7 h
Train 1st class 4 passengers 360-810 6-7 h
Commercial airline 4 passengers 1 800 3 h
Business Jets 4 passengers 4 800 2 h


Rates (in euros HT)  Time
Train 2nd class 4 passengers 280-680 6 h
Train 1st class 4 passengers 470-920 6 h
Commercial airline 4 passengers no direct connection
Business Jets 4 passengers 4 400 3 h


Rates(in euros HT) Time
Train 2nd class 4 passengers no direct connection
Train 1st class 4 passengers no direct connection
Commercial airline 4 passengers. no direct connection
Business Jets 4 passengers 6 900 3 h


Rates (in euros HT) Time
Train 2nd class 4 passengers no direct connection
Train 1st class 4 passengers no direct connection
Avion commercial 4 passagers 2 500 3 h
Business Jets 4 passengers 5 500 3 h
  1. SNCF fares, for 4 people
  2. Air France fares, for 4 people
  3. AEROAFFAIRES rates for four to six people on board a taxi plane

Air Taxi France:

Taxi Plane Lille: from 3 900 euros from Paris or London in Citation Jet Mustang
Lyon taxi plane: from 4,000 euros from Paris or London in Phenom 100

Air Taxi Morocco:

From 7 000 euros from Paris or Geneva in Phenom 300

Get a quick quote in air taxi

Choosing AEROAFFAIRES is the assurance of finding the taxi plane adapted to your needs, which will save you time and money. Our flight on demand service is available for a quote 7/7-24H/24, contact us at + 33 (0) 1 44 09 91 82 .

Customer reviews:

“We regularly charter taxi planes for our product roadshow and allow our managers to tour factories in Italy and Spain from Rennes ” Caroline H. Executive Assistant

“The business jet is a flexible solution that costs the same as business class if we were travelling with 4 passengers because we save on hotel and taxi costs and in the evening we are back home. “Paul de C. Real estate executive

Air Taxi models:


Most popular destinations by taxi plane:

Bordeaux Mérignac
Bruxelles National
Figari-Sud Corse
 Londres Luton
Sion Verbier
Olbia Costa Smeralda
Prague Vaclav Havel
Rome Ciampino
Marseille Provence
Milan Malpensa
Munich Munchen
Nice et Monaco
 Paris Genève