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Turboprop Aircrafts
(1 - 19 seats)

Propeller or turboprop aircraft are the most economical options for short- and medium-distance travel with 1 to 8 passengers on board, depending on the model, with the advantage of being able to land on many smaller airports that are inaccessible to jets and airliners. Propeller or turboprop aircraft are capable of flying at a cruising speed between 300 and 500 km / h over an average distance of 1,000 to 2,500 km. The turboprop airplanes are a solution for those who wish to travel or land on short courses like Couchevel or Mole St-Tropez while benefiting from affordable rates.

Very Light Jets
( 1 - 4 seats)

An ultra-light private jet is the smallest private jets jet powered by jet engines for a short commute from 1 to 4 people in a private jet. This category of taxi plane offers the possibility to go as fast as a private long-haul jet to small airports at an average speed of about 400 knots, or 750km / h. These devices can travel a distance of 2500 km. An excellent choice for your short distances to the four corners of Europe offering the best value for money competing with the rates of commercial aviation in business class but with the flexibility and more.

Light Jets
(5 - 7 seats)

Light private jets are economical, able to land or take off from many airports. Light private jets can carry up to 5/7 passengers over short and medium distances ranging from 1,500 to 3,200 km at an average speed of 600/700 km / h. Light private jets have the advantage of being able to land on small airports inaccessible to commercial aircraft. An efficient and economical option for short to medium distance flights, light jets offer greater versatility, speed and range than non-jet aircraft. With average cruising speeds of around 700 km / h and a non-stop range of around 3,200km, light jets will get you to your destination quickly and efficiently. For more comfort, performance and safety, most light jet aircraft have pressurized passenger cabins and often have private or semi-private toilets. Baggage capacity and baggage storage space may be limited and light jets often can not accommodate skis or large golf bags.

Midsize Jets
(8 - 10 seats)

Midsize jets offer the best compromise between efficiency, comfort and performance. Capable of flying farther and faster than smaller jets, medium-sized jets can carry up to 10 passengers over distances of 3,000 to 4,000 km. Midsize jets are perfect for passengers who need to travel and work comfortably on board with a speed equivalent to commercial aircraft. Fast, quiet and efficient, medium-sized jets are perfect for those looking for the comfort of a large jet and the versatility of a private jet.

Long Range Jets
(10 - 16 seats)

Long Range Jets are planes that offer a unique and luxurious experience to each passenger by their comforts and their performances. Large jets are able to fly faster and longer than smaller jets, with average speeds as high as 900 km / h, averaging 7,000 km, and up to 11 hours without call. Equipped with a large, spacious and very comfortable cabin, the large jets are configured with VIP seats that can be converted into berths depending on the model. These jets benefit on board VIP catering and video entertainment services, wifi and satellite phone. Long Range Jets jets are perfect for those who want to travel far, working and sitting aboard, to arrive fresh and efficient at their final destination.

Regional Airliners
(20 - 70 seats)

For group travel, most often over distances of less than 1,500 kilometers, regional aircraft are mostly used by works councils for their incentives, seminars for relatively short journeys of 20 to 70 passengers. A jet or turboprop, regional transport aircraft are widely used in the world, especially by companies who want to ensure their domestic flights at the best price.

Commercial Airliners
(37 - 600 seats)

Airliners are designed to carry up to six hundred people per trip, depending on the model, and capable of traveling up to seven hours non-stop. 37 to 147-seat mid-range short-range aircraft generally offer only single-class configurations to maximize passenger capacity and are ideal for group event travel. Long-range airliners are suitable for larger groups of 150 to 600 passengers wishing to travel to distant destinations around the world. These planes have a cruising speed of about 850 km/h and can fly up to 9 hours non-stop. These airliners generally offer hot and cold food services as well as entertainment options depending on the aircraft.

VIP Airliners
(19 - 50 seats)

VVIP Commercial Jets such as Boeing Business Jet, Airbus VIP and other Very VIP jetliners are real apartments or offices in the sky. The VVIP Commercial Jets can carry between 19 and 50 passengers with a large cabin comfort space for passengers and their luggage. The VVIP Commercial Jets are the ideal solution for those who want to travel long distances in comfort without worrying about the price.

(1 - 8 seats)

Helicopters are particularly popular for transporting between 1 and 8 passengers on short and medium distance flights for roadshows, tourist tours or gourmet getaways, weddings ... With one or two turbines, depending on the model, these helicopters have classic or VIP cabins. The helicopters according to the models can travel between 250 to 1000 Kms of distance for the most powerful in the greatest comfort and in complete safety.