Vulcanair: aircraft manufacturer

Jet privé Vulcanair TP 600

For many years now, Vulcanair has established itself as one of the best aircraft manufacturers in the global aviation industry.

But how did Vulcanair gain its reputation in the business aviation sector?

Let’s take a look at the history of Vulcanair

The aircraft manufacturer, Vulcanair was founded in 1996 in Italy and its first strategy was to buy all the assets, designs, brands and rights of Partenavia. Partenavia was founded in Naples in 1949. At the time, Partenavia was considered one of the pioneers of aviation. In fact, this Italian aircraft manufacturer has built planes that still leave their mark on the history of the aviation sector. Despite the excellence of its work and its knowledge of the aviation sector, the company disappeared around 1998. But Vulcanair did not stop there. The company continued to purchase the rights, tools and the famous SF600 range from Italian manufacturer Siai Marchetti. Siai Marchetti was a well-known Italian manufacturer during the 1920s and 1940s. Founded in Milan, this company had been very successful with its civil seaplanes. After these glory days, the company joined the Italian public aviation group Aermacchi. Vulcanair’s first strategy was to build up a solid base of knowledge and tools working with manufacturers already recognised worldwide. Partenavia and Siai Marchetti’s legacy is one of innovative and efficient tools, a highly functional organization and an excellent engineering team. This enabled Vulcanair to quickly provide a constant supply of aircraft, as well as continuous improvements. But above all, this enabled the company to establish itself as a major aircraft manufacturer at the cutting edge of technology, recognised worldwide.

Vulcanair’s fields of activity

Today, the aircraft manufacturer Vulcanair is built around four activities.

These four main activities are:

– Aircraft design

– Aircraft manufacturing

– Aircraft maintenance

– Training

Vulcanair has also earned many internationally recognised certificates over the past few years:

The main ones include:

– Design Authority EASA Part 21 DOA

– Production Authority EASA Part 21 POA

– Approved maintenance company EASA Part 145

– Approved training company, EASA Part 147


Vulcanair is also one of the main governmental and industrial operators with its famous P68, which we will find out about later.

Vulcanair works with:

– The Italian State Police

– United Kingdom Police (UKNPAS)

– German police (Hessen)

– Firefighting companies throughout Europe and the United States

– Fauna and flora conservation groups

– U.S. Department of the Interior

– Oil companies to monitor pipelines

– Air surveillance companies for advanced digital mapping.

Vulcanair’s fleet of aircraft

  • V1 (single piston):

This aircraft was designed to replicate the capabilities of a bird: light, high wing, elegant. The V1 is one of the most comfortable aircraft on the market and continues to improve every year thanks to the skills of Vulcanair engineers. This aircraft can operate on natural gas and alternative fuels. To give the customer the choice, Vulcanair offers the aircraft with a constant pitch propeller or with a fixed pitch propeller according to the customer’s wishes. As well as being a high-performance aircraft, it is also very comfortable. It has a large cabin with four seats.

This aircraft is an alternative to twin-engine and single-engine light aircraft. It is one of the easiest aircraft to operate. It provides a high-quality flight experience thanks to its spacious cabin, robust brakes and excellent stability.

  • P.68C VR (twin-piston-retractable)

Similar to the previously mentioned aircraft, the P.68 VR can be seen as an alternative to twin-engine aircraft. It is a fast and light aircraft, intended for private and training flights. It also has a spacious and modern cabin that appeals to a wide range of customers.

  • P.69 OBSERVER 2 (twin-piston)

This aircraft is known for its unique design. Whether for pilots or passengers, its design allows everyone to enjoy an unobstructed view throughout the flight. The interior of the aircraft is also modern and spacious, ensuring a peaceful flight. If you are searching for a business jet for your first flight, this is a highly recommended aircraft.

  • P.68C TC (twin-piston-turbo-prop)

This is a recent aircraft model. It was designed to fly in demanding and dangerous altitudes. It is also very powerful and manoeuvrable which allows pilots to land and fly in challenging areas.


Just like the previously mentioned aircraft, this is a very efficient plane for flying at high altitude. Its engine allows it to be the most powerful in its range in terms of speed, duration and endurance.

He A-VIATOR is the answer to all financial issues of twin-engine aircraft. This aircraft is a twin-engine turboprop that can do a lot of things. It can be used for private flights and various missions (surveillance, military…). It has a modern design that can carry up to 9 passengers and 2 pilots.

Vulcanair has a varied and high-quality fleet, which allows it to maintain its reputation in the aeronautical sector. These 7 aircraft all have different characteristics that make them unique and efficient.

Vulcanair’s specialized missions

The P68 OBSERVER’s mission

With its P68 OBSERVER, Vulcanair gives users the possibility to make private flights, air cab, or observation. The design of this aircraft allows pilots and passengers to have a clear view of all the surroundings. This feature allows it to be used for patrol and observation. This plane is similar in some ways to a helicopter, especially with its excellent visibility. However, the costs associated with helicopters are higher.

This aircraft is simply a reference. The first advantage is that it requires little maintenance and therefore requires low maintenance-related costs. It is also very durable due to its corrosion-resistant aluminium construction. It is an easy to handle, fast and very comfortable aircraft. Its design guarantees excellent flight times for passengers.

With this aircraft Vulcanair can perform several types of missions: control, patrol, observation, responding to emergencies, passenger transport, cargo transport.

A-VIATOR’s missions

With this aircraft, the Vulcanair A-VIATOR is ideal for customers looking for excellence and low operating costs.

It is based on the P68 model. It is a fast aircraft thanks to its retractable landing gear, which allows it to increase its range. It has a spacious cabin that can carry up to 9 passengers. It is an aircraft that requires low maintenance costs, can land on short runways, emits low noise levels and has exceptional versatility.

These two aircraft allow Vulcanair to carry out several missions and to increase customer loyalty.

Vulcanair: quality customer service

Vulcanair also differentiates itself through its customer service. If you have any concerns, Vulcanair will provide a team of professionals to help you solve the problem.

They have recently opened a website entirely dedicated to technical support. The system is easy to use, when entering the site there is the option to access either the public or private area.

The two areas of the new website:

– The public area gathers all the data related to feedback, service instructions, indexes… This public area is free and accessible to all.

– The private area. This is only accessible to subscribed users. Subscribers can benefit from real-time updates on flight and maintenance manuals. They can also access the components catalogues. To become a subscriber, all you have to do is register on this new site.

Subscription costs:

– Free for the first year for new aircraft owners

– 150 euros per month for maintenance groups

– 150 euros per month for aircraft owners

– Free for civil aviation authorities

Vulcanair offers a service that will answer your questions, and enable you to maintain your aircraft.

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