Long Range Jets (10 - 16 seats)

Praetor 600 blanc en vol

Long Range Jets
(10 - 16 seats)

Long range jets offer passengers a unique and luxurious flight experience due to the comfort and performance on-board. Large jets are more powerful than smaller jets meaning they are able to fly faster and have a longer range. Their average speeds can be as high as 900 km/h, over a distance of 7,000 km on average, flying for up to 11 hours without a stopover. Long range jets are equipped with a large, spacious and very comfortable cabin, configured with VIP seats that can be converted into berths depending on the model. These jets benefit from on-board VIP catering and video entertainment services, Wi-Fi and a satellite phone. Jets of this size are perfect for those who need to travel long distances while either working or relaxing on-board, safe in the knowledge that they will arrive at their final destination fresh and prepared.