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Gulfstream G700: introduction

The Gulfstream G700, the flagship of the American manufacturer Gulfstream‘s fleet, embodies excellence in the field of long-haul business jets. This aircraft is designed to redefine the standards of business aviation, offering the perfect combination of performance and comfort. Find out more about this unique aircraft from AEROAFFAIRES.


Gulfstream G700 plan


Gulfstream G700: a little history


The Gulfstream G700, the latest addition to the prestigious Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation range of business jets, traces its history within the aviation industry with an emblematic trajectory. Announced in October 2019, the G700 represents the culmination of a constant evolution aimed at redefining the standards of private aviation. The first official presentation of the G700 took place in Las Vegas during the NBAA-BACE business aviation convention.

The genesis of the G700 is rooted in Gulfstream’s expertise. Building on its heritage of innovation, Gulfstream has continually pushed the boundaries of aircraft design to deliver exceptional performance and unrivaled comfort to its customers. This aircraft follows in the footsteps of the company’s long-haul business jets, inheriting the successes and technological advances of its predecessors, such as the G650.


Gulfstream G700: key dates


  • 2019: Announcement of the launch of the Gulfstream G700
  • 2020: First flight of the Gulfstream G700
  • 2022: Aircraft delivery


The advantages of the Gulfstream G700


  • Customizable: The interior of the G700 is spacious and fully customizable, offering flexible configurations to meet specific passenger needs. Cabins can include relaxation areas, meeting rooms, bedrooms and elegant bathrooms.
  • Performance: The G700 is powered by Rolls-Royce Pearl 700 engines, providing remarkable power and high cruising speed, for faster, more efficient journeys.
  • Fuel efficiency: Despite its imposing size, the G700 stands out for its fuel efficiency, optimizing fuel consumption and contributing to a reduced environmental footprint.

Travel price example with a Gulfstream G700



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Commercial features of Gulfstream G700

The Gulfstream G700 is a very luxurious private long-haul jet. It is an ideal private jet for flights such as ParisLos Angeles. Its speed allows it to travel 9,080 km distance between these two cities in eight and a half hours. It is therefore a very useful aircraft if you need to make an emergency transatlantic flight.

The different living areas available on board the cabin allow you to meet all your needs during a long-haul flight. You also have at your disposal, on request, a kitchen which will be managed by the crew. You can also request one or more bedrooms if you would like to sleep during your flight. If you are flying with your family, there is also an entertainment area equipped with a 4K screen.

In addition, the aircraft’s cabin ensures ultimate relaxation on your long-haul flight. For example, the circadian lighting in the cabin makes it possible to adapt to different time zones.

Rates per route

The prices below are provided as an indication. To estimate the price of your trip, please contact us in order to establish a quote that will meet your exact requirements.

From Paris to Los Angeles: starting at €106,800

From Paris to Moscow: starting from €20000

Key Benefits of Gulfstream G700

  • Up to 19 passengers
  • 5 VIP areas that can be converted on request
  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchen
  • Rooms

Technical specifications of Gulfstream G700

General informations

  • Manufacturer GULFSTREAM
  • Model G700
  • Classification Long Range Jets
  • Crew 2 Pilots + cabin crew
  • Seats 19
  • Luggage compartment volume 5.52 m³
  • Toilet Yes
  • Hourly rates 15 000 €/hour
  • Purchase Price 75 000 000 €


  • Interior Height 1.91 m
  • Interior Width 2.45 m


  • Cruising speed 1050 km/h
  • Range 13 900 km

Cabin of the GULFSTREAM G700

  • Height 1.91 m
  • Length 17.40 m
  • Width 2.49 m
  • Seats 14

Performance of the GULFSTREAM G700

  • Maximum Speed 1142 km/h
  • Range 13 890 km
  • Cruising Speed 925 km/h
  • Maximum altitude 15 544 m

Dimensions of the GULFSTREAM G700

  • Length 33 m
  • Height 7.62 m
  • Wingspan 31 m

Engine of the GULFSTREAM G700

  • Motor Rolls Royce Pearl 700

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G700 vue intérieure

Isabelle CLERC


G700 vue intérieure

François-Xavier CLERC


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  • What is the maximum speed of a GULFSTREAM G700?

    The maximum speed of the GULFSTREAM G700 is 1,142 km/h, although this may vary based on the number of passengers, luggage, or weather conditions. The cruising speed of the GULFSTREAM G700 is 925 km/h

  • Why rent a GULFSTREAM G700?

    The GULFSTREAM G700 is a long-haul jewel of business aviation. Rapid, luxurious, and comfortable, it offers the best traveling conditions for up to 15 passengers.

  • What is the price of a GULFSTREAM G700?

    The price of a GULFSTREAM G700 is 75,000,000€. Renting a GULFSTREAM G700 will cost about 15,000€/hour.

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