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Gulfstream Aerospace is an American aircraft manufacturer. Currently, the CEO of the company is Mark Bruns. The company’s main plant and headquarters are located in Savannah, Georgia. Since their creation in 1957, the company has been manufacturing private jets for business aviation. Today, the aircraft manufacturer is a pioneer in the aircraft industry, alongside manufacturers such as Bombardier, Cessna and Dassault. Gulfstream’s aircraft are used by many intercontinental airlines. Let’s take a look at the history, the fleet and the initiatives of this company.

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Gulfstream’s first private jets

  • 1957: The name and the company Gulfstream appeared after their first aircraft was manufactured: the Gulfstream I.
  • 1958: This year marked the first flight of the Gulfstream I private jet. It began service in civil aviation the following year.
  • 1966: A new business jet, the Gulfstream GII, is launched. That year, it made a direct transatlantic flight from the United States to Europe. The GII was the first private aircraft to achieve this feat.
  • 1967: The company moved to Savannah, Georgia. This became their permanent base.
  • 1973: NASA acquired two GII aircraft to train their aerospace team in the landing phases of a space shuttle. Some technical characteristics of the private jet were modified for this occasion, particularly in the cockpit.
  • 1979: After the GI and the GII, came the arrival and the first flight of the Gulfstream GIII.
  • 1985: The expansion of the company continued with the arrival of the Gulfstream GIV. With each new model, the aircraft manufacturer increased the performance of these private planes. This aircraft had a greater range than previous models, with a range of 7778 km. Also, it was the first aircraft equipped with computers and digital tools in the cockpit, further enhancing the aircraft’s flight safety.
  • 1995: With a range of 12,000 km and advanced technologies, the Gulfstream GV completed the first range of the company’s aircraft. It restarted its operations two years later.
  • 1999: General Dynamics Group bought the Gulfstream aircraft manufacturer for $5.3 billion. It then became one of its main shareholders. This company manufactured aviation devices for the Air Force.

A new era of aircraft production for Gulfstream

  • 2001: the company acquired a company in the aviation sector: Galaxy Aerospace. It manufactured aircraft named “Galaxy”, which Gulfstream renamed Gulfstream G100 and Gulfstream G200.
  • 2002 – 2009: the company successively introduced the arrival of new business jets with increased performance. The Gulfstream G550 made its first flight in 2002, the Gulfstream G450 in 2003, the Gulfstream G150 in 2005, the Gulfstream G650 in 2009 and the Gulfstream G280 in the same year.
  • 2011: The company is noticed because its G450 aircraft is the first private aircraft other than an airliner to make a transatlantic flight using biofuels.
  • 2011: the manufacturer started its Gulfstream FAST (Field and Airborne Support Teams) maintenance program, which consisted of support teams on both the ground and in flight.
  • 2012: After the arrival on the market of the G650, it was described as the fastest private aircraft. It was at that time the world record holder for the fastest circumnavigation of the globe, completed in 41h07 with 3 stopovers.
  • 2014: the G650ER arrived on the market. The G650ER surpassed the G650 by flying around the world with only one stopover. Qatar Executive, the business aircraft subsidiary of Qatar Airways, is the world’s largest owner-operator of the G650ER.

Gulfstream’s business jets became increasingly more efficient and technologically advanced. The company never stopped making improvements and offering devices that evolve over time. This is what we see through the company’s latest generation of aircraft.

Gulfstream's fleet of private jets
Photo Credit: Gulfstream Aerospace

Gulfstream and its new generation of private jets

  • 2014: The company introduced its next 2 private jets; the Gulfstream G500 and the Gulfstream G600. They combined technology and improvements in cabin comfort with aircraft performance. It was also an opportunity for the manufacturer to make improvements to the cockpit. In particular with touch screens and side controls.
  • 2015-2016: the first flights of the G500 and the G600 respectively. They entered the market in 2018 and 2019.
  • 2020: One year after its unveiling in 2019, the new Gulfstream G700 made its first flight. This business jet had the most spacious cabin in the industry, with a modular cabin composed of several living spaces within the same aircraft.
  • 2021: That year the American manufacturer unveiled its 2 future business jets: the Gulfstream G800 which will appear on the market in 2023, and the Gulfstream G400 which will arrive in 2025.

These two aircraft are the evolution of the previous models. They are their most successful models to date.

Gulfstream’s fleet of private jets

As we have seen in the history of the aircraft manufacturer, Gulfstream has produced many private jets throughout the years. Let’s take a look at the fleet of business jets that the aircraft manufacturer currently produces.

This business jet has a range of 6,667 km, making it ideal for medium and long-haul routes. It can carry up to 10 passengers. However, the cabin can be designed to create different spaces. It is also possible to travel with 5 people with a bunk bed design. You can also stay connected during the flight using the on-board WIFI.

Example of price per route: London to New York is from €68,650

This aircraft model is one of the two most recent jets announced by the manufacturer. It will enter the market in 2025. It offers many features, while guaranteeing a safe and comfortable journey. This private jet will be able to travel a distance of 7,778 km with a classic design or with bunk beds. It will carry up to 11 people on board (or 4 people with the bunk bed design).

Gulfstream G400
Photo Credit: Gulfstream

This model is the evolution of the Gulfstream GV, and has 3 modular spaces.

It is an ideal business jet for long haul travel, as it has a range of 9,816 km. It can carry up to 19 passengers, or 8 with its bed design. And of course, all this in the comfort that is guaranteed on all aircraft.

Example of price per route: Los Angeles to Tokyo is from €131,200

Up to 4 spaces can be provided in this private jet. Up to 19 passengers can make use of this luxurious cabin, or take advantage of the interior design to keep them productive throughout the flight. The range of this private jet is an impressive 12 223 km, which allows it to reach many destinations without making stopovers.

Example of price per route: Nice to Los Angeles is from €115,000

Like the G600, the cabin design of this jet can be divided into 4 separate spaces. With a range of almost 14,000 km, this makes it one of the longest range business jets. Speed, efficiency and comfort are the main features of this business jet. It can carry up to 10 passengers if using the sleeping design, or 19 passengers in the classic set-up, this combination of design and technology is ideal for a long-haul trip.

Example of price per route: Hong Kong to Milan is from €123,200

The G700 has a very large cabin space. It can be divided into 5 separate living spaces. The cabin is fitted with seats and beds designed for your comfort. This business jet can carry 13 passengers in a bed design, or 19 passengers in a classic design over a distance of almost 14,000 km.

Example of price per route: Paris to Los Angeles is from €106,800

Announced at the same time as the G400, this model will enter the market in 2023. This private jet is an ultra-long-range aircraft with a range of almost 15,000 km. On board, all the latest technologies and designs are combined. This state-of-the-art model can carry up to 19 passengers. Or 10 passengers with a sleeping set-up.

Gulfstream G800
Photo credit: Gulfstream

Discover other Gulfstream private jes: G150, G200, G300, G450, G550, GI, GII, GIII, GIV, GV.

Initiatives carried out by Gulfstream

Gulfstream produces a variety of business jets, but it also does a lot more than that. The company promotes a sustainable approach in its day-to-day business and performs other missions in the private aviation sector.

Gulfstream’s environmental approach

Since its creation, the aircraft manufacturer has continually looked to produce more and more efficient aircraft, at the cutting edge of technology and implementing various innovations. However, these improvements must be in line with the ever-changing times and meet the many demands of the sector. The company’s priority is to respect the environment by adopting a sustainable approach to produce more sustainable aircraft. The goal is to limit its impact on pollution as much as possible and to halve emissions by 2050.

One way it is trying to do this is by limiting the number of journeys and transport of spare parts for its aircraft. For example, the wings of the aircraft are manufactured on the same site as the general production of the aircraft. Similarly, thanks to many studies on the aerodynamics of its private planes, they now consume less fuel in flight and emit less CO2. They are using more and more SAF biofuels (Sustainable Aviation Fuel), which can reduce CO2 by 60%. Finally, pollution can also mean noise pollution and Gulfstream’s business jet engines are designed to be among the quietest in the industry.

Other initiatives carried out by Gulfstream

The company does not produce private aircraft exclusively for business aviation. It is also involved in special missions, particularly with the Air Force. More than 40 countries have made use of these aircraft, and approximately 200 aircraft have been supplied for these missions alone. Gulfstream has also delivered ambulance aircraft for medical evacuations. These aircraft are fully adjustable within their cabins and allow for the installation of complete, state-of-the-art medical equipment, as well as stretchers and facilities for the staff.

Gulfstream has also worked for the space sector, with the sale of four Gulfstream III models to NASA for space shuttle landing training for astronauts.

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  • What are the newest Gulfstream private jets ?

    Gulfstream’s two newest private jets are:

    • the Gulfstream G800, which will make its first flights in 2023
    • the Gulfstream G400, which will enter service in 2025.
  • What is so special about the G800 private jet?

    This long-haul private jet will have one of the best autonomies on the market. It will be able to travel 15,000 km and carry 19 passengers.

  • How is Gulfstream trying to reduce its environmental impact?

    By 2050, Gulfstream wants to have cut its CO2 emissions by half. To achieve this, Gulfstream is launching various actions, such as studying the aerodynamics of its aircraft or limiting the transport of spare parts.