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Description of GULFSTREAM G800

In early October 2021, Gulfstream announced the arrival of two new aircraft in its fleet. The G400 and the G800, the latter revolutionizing range performance in its category. With an average speed of 0.85 Mach (1050 km/h), this business jet can travel up to 14816 km. Its maximum speed can reach 0.925 Mach, or 1142 km/h.

This aircraft is equipped with new Rolls-Royce engines with high thrust and a new aerodynamic wing design. The G800 is therefore able to combine speed and performance while minimizing fuel consumption.

Finally, from a safety point of view, in addition to ticking a number of boxes, the G800 is equipped with a landing prediction system, which alerts and assists the pilot in the event of a possible runway excursion.

Its arrival on the business aviation market is scheduled for 2023.

Key Benefits of GULFSTREAM G800

  • Speed
  • Long range of action
  • Adaptable and silent cabin
  • New generation avionics
  • Fresh and clean air

Commercial features of GULFSTREAM G800

This long-haul private jet accommodates 17 people (and up to 19 depending on the layout). It is divided into 4 different areas, one of which can be used by the flight crew. The advantage of the cabin is that the seats are modular. This allows you to have both a resting space and a space to work and hold meetings. In addition, the comfort and design of the cabin has been thought for your comfort but also for your productivity.

With a soundproofing system, large oval windows and modern and well arranged furniture, this G800 cabin is a real advantage during a flight that you want to be quiet.

Then on a safety and avionics aspect, at the cockpit level improvements have been added. You’ll find several improved systems of aids, flight vision, and surveillance within the cockpit. All of this is enhanced with the latest devices such as side controls and touch screens that emit signals. These facilitate communication between pilots.

Finally, in the cabin, you will find an air renewal system, guaranteeing clean air free of bacteria, viruses and odor nuisances. Thanks to the plasma ionization system, which renews the cabin every two minutes with purified air.

Technical specifications of GULFSTREAM G800

  • Manufacturer GULFSTREAM
  • Model G800
  • Classification Long Range Jets
  • Seats 17
  • Speed 1142 km/h
  • Range 14816 km
  • Interior Height 1,91 m
  • Interior Width 2,49 m
  • Luggage compartment volume 5,52 m³
  • Crew 2 pilots
  • Toilet yes

GULFSTREAM G800 In pictures

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