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GULFSTREAM G400: introduction


The introduction of the Gulfstream G400 marked a significant milestone in the evolution of high-end business jets. The Gulfstream G400, produced by American aircraft manufacturer Gulfstream, offers an exceptional combination of performance, comfort and advanced technology.


Gulfstream G400: a little history


The Gulfstream G400 is launched in 2021, the same year as the G800. Also referred to as the G-IV, Gulfstream GIV, or GIV, the G400 emerged as an evolution of the popular Gulfstream III. The wings were carefully redesigned to improve aerodynamics, while the fuselage was extended, enabling the aircraft to cover greater distances. The Gulfstream 400 has a range of up to 7,040 km, with a cruising speed of 0.8 Mach. Its efficiency can be seen on both domestic and transatlantic routes, demonstrating its versatility in meeting a wide range of travel needs.


Gulfstream G400 interior


With 10 windows – the largest in business aviation – you’ll travel in a bright, spacious cabin with a breathtaking view of the outside world.

Thanks to a plasma ionization system, the cabin air is renewed in just two minutes, guaranteeing freshness and purity. Travel light and say goodbye to airborne viruses and bacteria.


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Commercial features of GULFSTREAM G400

The G400 is equipped with Pratt & Whitney engines that limit fuel consumption but also reduce noise emissions. Good point for the environment because in addition to that, the aerodynamics of the wings has been redesigned and favors an overall energy saving.

This model of private jet offers a renewal of innovations compared to other large cabin aircraft.

Key Benefits of GULFSTREAM G400

  • Cabin comfort
  • New technologies in the cockpit
  • Soundproof cabin
  • Latest generation ventilation system
  • Flexible spaces
  • Environmental benefits
  • Large cabin

Technical specifications of GULFSTREAM G400

General informations

  • Manufacturer GULFSTREAM
  • Model G400
  • Classification Long Range Jets
  • Crew 2 pilots
  • Seats 11
  • Luggage compartment volume 496 m³
  • Toilet Oui
  • Hourly rates 5500 €/hour


  • Interior Height 1,88m m
  • Interior Width 2,31m m


  • Cruising speed 1050 km/h
  • Range 7778 km

Gulfstream G400 cabin

  • Height 1,8 m
  • Width 2,2 m
  • Length 13,7 m
  • Seats 11

Gulfstream G400 performance

  • Maximum speed 1142 km/h
  • Autonomy 7778 km
  • Cruising speed 1050 km/h
  • Ceiling 13 700 m

Gulfstream G400 dimensions

  • Height 7,6 m

Gulfstream G400 motorization

  • Engines Two Rolls-Royce Tay Mk 611-8 engines

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Gulfstream G400 en vol

Isabelle CLERC


Gulfstream G400 en vol

François-Xavier CLERC


Our airline experts remain at your disposal to help you at every stage of your reservation.

  • Why rent a Gulfstream G400?

    We recommend this private jet for its comfortable, soundproof cabin, and its ventilation system, enabling you to travel in the best possible conditions. What’s more, its 10 windows – the largest in business aviation – will let you travel in a bright, spacious cabin with a panoramic view throughout your flight.

  • How to rent a Gulfstream G400?

    It is possible to rent a Gulfstream G400 by contacting an airline broker who will propose the best option for your needs.

  • What is the maximum speed of a Gulfstream G400?

    The maximum speed of a Gulfstream G400 is 1142 km/h.

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