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Our Mission to our customers and passengers


With experience since 1991 in the on-demand rental of private jets and helicopters all over the world, AEROAFFAIRES offers its passengers a unique know-how in air brokerage and business aviation. Our mission: a trip by private jet or helicopter should be as simple as booking a taxi.

At AEROAFFAIRES, you will discover a new dimension of service. Thanks to our team of air charter experts, we offer our clients indispensable advice on the choice of aircraft and airports when planning your private flight.

We are committed to meeting all your air travel needs, in the best conditions of price and safety.

AEROAFFAIRES has based its global offer around the following services (link to our brochure AEROAFFAIRES_Brochure_ENG):

Business & leisure aviation (rental of private jets and helicopters)
Commercial aviation & group flights (seminars, travel agencies…)
Medical transport (Air Ambulance & EVASAN)
Air freight & Cargo
Additional services around your private flight (catering on board, car transfer, private concierge service)
More than thirty years of existence, 24/7 availability, 100,000 passengers, 30,000 flights on-demand assured, and 8,500 aircraft available.

AEROAFFAIRES combines human, highly qualified and passionate expertise with innovative and personalised technological expertise. Our team of air charter experts is able to transport you wherever you are, worldwide, thanks to more than 800 international airlines.

Our group has developed aeronautical software that enables us to locate in real time more than 20,000 Turboprop, Private Jets, Helicopters or commercial aircraft accredited by Public Transport Passengers, which allows us to respond in less than 20 minutes to all your flight requests, even the most unusual ones. We negotiate the most competitive rates with airlines to guarantee you the best value for money on the market.

When you submit your flight request, your unique and privileged contact person will provide you with advice on your trip with a selection of rigorously chosen aircraft adapted to your trip.

So travelling with AEROAFFAIRES means ensuring a successful flight in all simplicity.


Our vision: Promote service excellence for a long term relationship


François-Xavier Clerc, CEO of AEROAFFAIRES, is driven by this desire to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. A warm and dynamic man, this entrepreneur at the helm of AEROAFFAIRES since 1991 has combined his many years of aeronautical passions and his culture of customer satisfaction with his vision of the business aviation market. François-Xavier Clerc and his team are well versed in the particularities of private aviation charters, and are committed to working alongside their clients: precise matching of the aircraft to the missions required, knowledge of the terrain and weather conditions according to the destination, flexibility in booking and modifying a flight. The notions of “savoir-être” and “know-how”, the company’s trademarks, ensure all our customers an irreproachable quality of service.

“To travel with AEROAFFAIRES is above all to call upon a human-sized company founded in 1991. We cultivate this spirit year after year thanks to a workforce that is voluntarily controlled, allowing us to be as close as possible to our customers and their needs.

In our sector, offering a personalised approach is essential from the moment you book until you arrive at your destination. This enables us to provide you with an experience that is as close as possible to excellence while respecting your expectations. We do not limit ourselves to our contractual obligations and will always seek solutions to respond to the technical, mechanical, meteorological and operational hazards of a flight. It is during these moments that we stand out for our responsiveness and the excellence of our team. Our team of experts is at the heart of a constantly evolving pedagogy that relies on the 20,000 flights already made to provide our passengers with an irreproachable quality of service around your private flight.

Our real pride is not official approvals, prestigious cooperation agreements or our expertise in business aviation, but the testimony of our loyal customers. Contributing to the success of our clients’ missions gives meaning to the commitment we make to their air travel. »


The advantages of tailor-made aviation


AEROAFFAIRES, is committed to offering the following benefits to its passengers:

REACTIVITY: Sending by email of a price offer for your private flight. In an emergency situation, take-off in less than 2 hours.

AVAILABILITY: Operational and commercial flight monitoring 24/7.

ACCESSIBILITY: Access to +8000 airports and +7500 aircraft available worldwide.

PROXIMITY: A dedicated aviation expert accompanies you every step of the way, from your request for a quote to your arrival at your destination.

SAFETY: AEROAFFAIRES only offers TPP (public passenger transport) flights on private jets or helicopters operated by companies with an AOC (Air Carrier Certificate).

COMPETITIVENESS: Thanks to the experience of our team and our technology, we will instantly find you the most suitable aircraft for your flight request. By optimising the positioning of the aircraft and the crews’ schedules, AEROAFFAIRES manages to obtain the fairest prices.

RELIABILITY: The guarantee of financial solidity with the commitment to publish our accounts each year in complete transparency.

CONFIDENTIALITY: All our charters are carried out from VIP terminals, from where you can take off with complete discretion.

SUSTAINABILITY: AEROAFFAIRES is the first player to offer you an ecological and responsible approach with the Sky CO2® initiative by offsetting the carbon emissions of your flights.

Private flights with a carbon offset program: sustainable value for AEROAFFAIRES


In 2019, François-Xavier CLERC, CEO at AEROAFFAIRES, decided to make his company the first business aviation company to offer its customers an ecological and responsible approach with Sky CO2 ®.

“Ecology is neither a constraint nor a commercial argument, it is a responsibility, a daily commitment for AEROAFFAIRES”.

Sky CO2 ® allows to offset the carbon emissions of flights ² ® by supporting “Martin Sagrado”, a major project of primary forest preservation in Peru. Committed by the social enterprise PUR Project in the region of San Martin, a UNESCO World Heritage Biosphere Reserve, this initiative is part of a regional ecosystem rehabilitation programme. It plans to capture 194,000 tonnes of CO² by preserving 7,400 hectares of forest per year.

To achieve this, PUR Projet provides us with a tool to calculate the carbon footprint of the flights to be offset. A number of equivalent credits are issued on the basis of these emissions, thus ensuring the carbon neutrality of the flight.

AEROAFFAIRES then proves that business aviation can also reduce its impact on the environment. An ambitious but necessary objective.


Trusted with a customer satisfaction rate of 4.9/5 based on 600 reviews.


Our clients include many French and international players from the economic, political, sports, medical and artistic worlds. European governments and embassies, international (Fortune 100) and French (CAC 40) companies, sports teams and federations, family offices, law firms and investment funds, ETIs and European SMEs, pharmaceutical laboratories and hospitals, IATA-certified travel agencies and concierge services for major hotels and palaces.

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Our flight on demand service is available 7 / 7-24H / 24, contact us at   US +1 845-622-4885 / UK +44 20 4586 0762