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Sky CO2 programme with Pur Projet

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”  When you r e use a flight at AEROAFFAIRES , 100% ed missions CO2 g e n e r e es by theft are compensated ed es via a certified reforestation project ed.  “


AEROAFFAIRES has set the goal of meeting this d e fi in 2019  and made racing t ê you in the area of aviation business  : juggling reduced carbon footprint and constant increase in traffic.

Authorities, airlines, aircraft manufacturers and engine manufacturers have been working for years to solve this difficult equation while this sector has not very good reputation in environmental matters.

François-Xavier Clerc, CEO at AEROAFFAIRES , decided to make his company  the first actor of aviation business to  offer to  its customers a d e march  é ecological and responsible when chartering  commercial aircraft to a private jet or helicopter.

This initiative, Sky CO2, won the support of customers of this family-owned business aviation brokerage firm.  Whether they are traveling in a private or professional capacity, whether it is for CAC 40 companies or SMEs, AEROAFFAIRES customers are very enthusiastic about this approach! Indeed, in addition to the ecological aspect that attracts individuals, companies see in this initiative,  a useful lever to achieve CSR objectives  ever more demanding.

AEROAFFAIRES offers via Sky CO2, offset ed carbons mission flights by supporting a major project pr e preservation of forum ê Does the primary P é rou . This “Martin Sagrado” project, operated by the social enterprise PUR Project in the San Martin region, is registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Biosphere Reserve . It is part of a regional ecosystem rehabilitation program and plans to capture 194,000 tonnes of CO2 by preserving 7,400 hectares of forest per year. Martin Sagrado is certified VCS (Voluntary Carbon Standard) and thus allows to deliver carbon credits corresponding to the carbon sequestration potential of the project.

AEROAFFAIRES proves that business aviation can also reduce its impact on the environment.  If the goal is ambitious, the means to achieve this are simple: PUR Project provides AEROAFFFAIRES a tool to calculate the carbon footprint (in tonnes CO2 equivalent) of flights that customers have chosen to compensate. On the basis of these emissions, a number of equivalent credits are issued by PUR Projet thus ensuring the carbon neutrality of the flight.

AEROAFFAIRES , since 1991, has become  a major player in business aviation in the world,  as a  specialized aviation broker in business aviation. AEROAFFAIRES is now working to shine through its sustainable and clean actions.

Photo Credits: Christian Lamontagne