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Business aviation is still seen more as a luxurious mode of transport, reserved for a privileged few, than as a real strategic means of travel.

AEROAFFAIRES wants to make it accessible to a wider customer base. Renting a private jet is often more economical than traveling in Business Class for 4 or more people when traveling in Europe. With AEROAFFAIRES, tailor-made private aviation becomes as simple as booking your cab with the comfort, security, flexibility and confidentiality essential to our passengers.

With over 20,000 private jets available worldwide and many private airlines. Renting a private plane as soon as possible with all your needs can be a difficult task.

Thanks to our expertise as an air broker, we offer you simplicity so that travelling by private jet is as easy as booking a cab.

This is why we see ourselves as your pilot not just during your private flight, but also both before and after, by providing you with all the professional advice necessary for the smooth running of your trip.

Here are a few elements that distinguish AEROAFFAIRES in the custom air charter sector.

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1. “Made in France” company, a European presence with worldwide coverage

AEROAFFAIRES is a French company, European leader in business aviation since 1991 with more than 95,000 passengers and more than 20,000 successful flights.

Our position between France and Switzerland is our strength. We deal with and know the particularities of many European airports and airlines by having a physical presence in these countries.

Moreover, our company, with its family values, aims to offer you a personalized air experience above everything else.

The family history we have built brings an additional reliability and assurance in the completeness of the private flights we offer.

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2. A guarantee of security and discretion

Just like large commercial airlines, business aviation is subject to very strict safety regulations. Our top priority is safety.

We therefore only provide you with TTP (Public Transport of Passengers) certified flights, on board companies holding an “Air Carrier Certificate“.

AEROAFFAIRES is an ARGUS-certified broker, ensuring certified control of each flight and each maintenance operation.

As a member of various aviation associations includingEBAA (European Business Aviation) we can ensure that we always have the latest safety standards for business aviation.

The quality of our services is as important to us as your privacy. That’s why we guarantee total discretion regarding your activities with AEROAFFAIRES. For this purpose, our charters are carried out only from VIP terminals.

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3. Excellent service with our air experts available 24/7

For us nothing is insurmountable, anything is possible. We are always pushing our limits.

More than a traditional airline broker who simply takes you on a trip, AEROAFFAIRES combines all its resources in the same way as a jeweler in search of a rare pearl to create a tailor-made experience for each of our passengers.

We take care of your requests from the moment you make your reservation until you land, so that all our travelers can devote themselves fully to their activities while enjoying their flight.

Customised private aviation allows you to save much more time than a traditional commercial flight. In addition, you will benefit from all the advantages that follow such as: access to private VIP lounges, a landing as close as possible to your final destination as well as the modification of your destination and passenger list even after confirmation of the booking.

4. Innovative technology for faster and more efficient service

Thanks to our knowledge of the private jet rental market, we have a platform that allows us to know in real time the position of more than 8,500 private jets 24/7 throughout the world.

This technology allows us to provide you with a quote as soon as possible to reach one of our 8,000 airports around the world.

Over the years, AEROAFFAIRES has built up a wide range of air services , from long-haul airliner charters to individual medical transport, as well as customised air freight and private jet charter flights.

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5. Loyal and satisfied customers for 30 years!

In 30 years of existence, our greatest pride, and what allows us to be so efficient, is that our customers as well as our different partners trust us. This is what allows us to offer you an unparalleled service in a timely manner.

«I needed to book a flight in Europe urgently for the next day, and once again AEROAFFAIRES was there with impeccable service.»

François B.

Sales Manager

«I discovered AEROAFFAIRES through a colleague who told me about it. I was pleasantly surprised by their quick responses and organizational skills.»

Thomas S.

Tour Manager

SKY CO2 jet privé durable

6. Travel responsibly with SKYCO2©, our carbon offset program for your private flight

At AEROAFFAIRES we are aware of the ecological impact of aviation. This is why, since 2019, we were the first European business aviation company to have an ecological approach to our private flights.

To do this we have developed a carbon offset program called SkyCo2©. This initiative consists of moving you in a responsible way because we know the importance of the environmental factors of travelling for our customers and partners.

Would you like to learn more about how our skyCo2© program works?

We invite you to visit its dedicated page by clicking here!

Our on-demand flight service is available 24/7.

Our certifications

AEROAFFAIRES selects its aircraft to the highest standards of the aeronautics industry.

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