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Whether you are travelling to London on business or for a family weekend, hire a private jet is the easiest and fastest way to get to the British capital. AEROAFFAIRES offers you a private jet rental to go to London at the best price.

Leaving with AEROAFFAIRES means trusting a company that has already satisfied more than 95,000 passengers, on nearly 20,000 private flights.

Our experts are at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to find the jet that suits you best. Air taxi, helicopter, long-haul private jet or commercial plane for VIPs, AEROAFFAIRES will charter your aircraft in less than 2 hours.

AEROAFFAIRES is also committed to the environment through its SkyCO2 program. 100% of the CO2 emissions produced by each business flight are indeed offset by supporting the preservation of forests in South America.

Book your private jet by contacting us 7/7 and 24H/24 on +33 (0) 1 44 09 91 91 82.


Which airport should you choose to land by private jet in London?

The major airports in terms of business aviation are London City, Luton, Biggin Hill, Northolt and Farnborough. Heathrow and Gatwick airports are the busiest but offer very little access to private jets and are therefore not recommended. Other alternatives also exist, such as Stansted, Southend or Oxford airports.

Most airports are accessible by helicopter from London Heliport. Formerly known as Battersea, it is now called NetJets London Heliport and is located on the right bank of the Thames River, offering flights from 7:30am to 7:30pm from Monday to Friday, and from 8am to 6pm on weekends and public holidays. Renting a helicopter can be advantageous over short distances if the airport is outlying, if cities are congested or if you need flexibility and speed.


London City, the best choice

London City Airport, located in the heart of the Docklands, offers the most direct access possible to London’s main business district. At 10 kilometres from the City and 5 kilometres from Canary Wharf, it only takes about ten minutes to get there by car, or less than five minutes by helicopter. With low traffic, boarding and arrival are then fast and passengers benefit from a high-quality service. However, it is the most expensive airport in London in terms of taxes, a flight costing on average £2,000 more than at Luton or Biggin Hill airports. With a single 1500-metre runway, it can accommodate turboprops and regional aircrafts as well as light private jets, but it is not accessible to long-haul private jets and commercial planes, in order to limit noise pollution. Flights are therefore only possible from 6:30am to 10:30pm from Monday to Friday, from 6:30am to 1pm on Saturdays and from 9am to 10:30pm on Sundays and public holidays.


London Luton, the most popular

The UK’s busiest business aviation airport has three terminals dedicated to private aviation and is the only airport open 24 hours a day to all types of private jets. London Luton Airport can accommodate turboprops, commercial and regional aircrafts, as well as light, medium and long-haul private jets. Located in the county of Bedfordshire, 45 kilometres north of London, it is accessible in 50 minutes by car or 20 minutes by helicopter (fixed price of £3700 + VAT). It has a runway length of 2160 metres and is also considered an economical and discreet airport.


London Biggin Hill, the most economical

Located in the Bromley area, 30 kilometres south of London, London Biggin Hill Airport offers the lowest fares, thanks to its unbeatable taxes. It is accessible in 50 minutes by car or 15 minutes by helicopter (fixed price of £2300 + VAT). Open on weekdays from 6:30am to 11pm and on weekends from 9am to 9pm, there are however no flights between 9pm and 6:30am on weekdays, and between 8pm and 9am on weekends, due to noise pollution. Formerly a Royal Air Force base, the airport has two runways measuring 1802 and 792 metres in length, which can accommodate turboprops and regional aircrafts, as well as light, medium and long-haul jets.


RAF Northolt, the former military base

Located 23 kilometres north of London, Northolt Airport is the oldest of the Royal Air Force bases. It is accessible in 30 minutes by car or 10 minutes by helicopter. Its primary purpose is to provide transport for the military and the royal family, but it also hosts private flights, during the day only. Opening hours are therefore more restricted (from 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday) but the costs remain advantageous. It has a 1690-metre runway, which can accommodate turboprops and regional aircrafts, as well as light and medium-size private jets. For now, no single-engine aircrafts can land at Northolt. Also keep in mind that passengers are not allowed to travel with pets.


Farnborough, the most elegant

Farnborough Airport is exclusively for business aviation and stands out both for its modern architecture and for the presence of one of the largest international aeronautical exhibitions, held a few kilometres from the airport every two years. Located in the county of Hampshire, 60 kilometres from London, it takes over an hour’s drive or 18 minutes by helicopter to get there (fixed price of £2995 + VAT Monday to Friday and £3795 + VAT on weekends and public holidays). Recognized as the most efficient business airport in Europe, its costs are, however, relatively high. It is open from 7am to 10pm Monday to Friday and from 8am to 8pm on weekends, thus night flights are not possible. It has a 2608-metre runway, which can be used for all types of aircrafts: turboprop, light, medium and long-haul private jets, as well as regional and commercial airplanes.


London Stansted, far but suitable

Built after the plans of Norman Foster, also the architect of major landmarks in London (such as the City Hall, the Millennium Bridge or the roof of the British Museum), Stansted Airport is one of the most remote airports, being located 65 kilometres north-east of London. It is accessible in approximately an hour by car or 25 minutes by helicopter (fixed price of £3500 + VAT) and is open 24 hours a day, with some night restrictions, from 11:30pm to 6am. The length of its runway is 3048 metres. Authorized aircrafts include turboprop engines, light, medium and long-haul private jets, as well as regional and commercial airplanes.


London Southend, an airport in continuous development

Located 70 kilometres east of London in Essex County, just over an hour away by car or 25 minutes by helicopter, London Southend Airport is well suited for private flights. Widely used during the Olympic Games, it is now the fourth largest airport in London, just behind Stansted. It is open every day from 4am to midnight and has a runway of 1856 metres long. This airport is restricted to receiving turboprop engines, light private jets and regional aircrafts.


London Oxford, business aviation specialist

Located in the county of Oxfordshire, London Oxford Airport is 15 kilometres from downtown Oxford and 100 kilometres from London, accessible in about 1h30 by car or 30 minutes by helicopter. Specialized in business aviation, it is home to the aviation training centre voted best in Europe in 2017. The airport is open seven days a week but is subject to flight restrictions due to noise pollution, between 10:30pm and 6am. It has runways of 760 and 1552 metres and is restricted to turboprop engines, light private jets and regional aircrafts.


Blackbushe, a good option for short trips

Located in Camberley, 60 kilometres southwest of London and about an hour’s drive or a 15-minute helicopter ride away, Blakbushe Airport is also a former Royal Air Force base. It offers some of the UK’s finest private aviation facilities and low fares for short distances. Its runway length is 1335 metres.


London Heathrow, the largest in the United Kingdom

Located 28 kilometres west of London, London Heathrow Airport is accessible in 40 minutes by car or 12 minutes by helicopter. Its passenger traffic is the highest in Europe and it is open 24 hours a day. However, it is only recommended for private jets if you have a connection with a commercial flight, as airport taxes are high and delays frequent.


London Gatwick, one of the most commercial

Located 43 kilometres south of London, London Gatwick Airport is accessible in about an hour’s drive or 15 minutes by helicopter. It is also known for its large size but, like Heathrow, priority is given to commercial flights and not private flights. It is open from Monday to Sunday from 5am to 11pm, but its costs are higher than the ones in a smaller airport.


Fairoaks, the unknown good plan

Located in the Surrey region of south-west London, Fairoaks Airport is an hour’s drive from the capital or a 14-minute helicopter ride away. Its track length is 812 metres, limiting its access to small aircrafts, but you will particularly appreciate the opportunity to park at the foot of your private jet.


London Cambridge 

It is located 3 kilometres east of Cambridge. Its opening hours are Monday to Friday from 7am to 9pm, Saturday from 8am to 7pm and Sunday from 8am to 9pm. Schedule extensions are possible on reservation and transport taxes are to be added to the flight costs.


London Ashford Lydd 

It is a very small airport based in Kent, ideally located for passengers travelling to the South East of England. It is close to the M20 motorway and has a 1505-metre runway open to commercial and private aviation. It is open from 8:30am to 7pm seven days a week, with possible extensions on request.

Useful information

If you leave Paris, you will prefer take off from Paris Le Bourget Airport, Europe’s leading business aviation airport in terms of traffic, and which has many terminals offering quality VIP services.
If Le Bourget is not available, other alternatives exist:

These airports are easily accessible by car, or, if you wish, by helicopter, from Paris Heliport.


You will arrive in London, the city the most frequented by private jets in Europe in 2017.
On the map, we can see airports open to business aviation within a 100-kilometre radius of London; they are located throughout the city.

From North to South, the most popular airports in London are the following:

  • Cambridge Airport CBG
  • Luton Airport LTN
  • Stansted Airport STN
  • Oxford Airport OXF
  • Northolt NHT
  • Southend SEN
  • London City Airport LCY
  • Heathrow LHR
  • Blackbushe Airport BBS
  • Biggin Hill Airport BQH
  • Farnborough Airport FAB
  • Gatwick LGW
  • Lydd LYX
  • Heathrow LHR
  • Gatwick LGW


 A bit of history 

When London’s first airfield was created in 1911, aviation was only a military affair, as airliners had not yet been invented. Gradually, many airports offering commercial flights emerged and London is now a world metropolis served by more than ten of them, some exclusively dedicated to business aviation.

Price estimate for the rental of a private jet

You want to know more about the price of a Paris – London flight?

The Paris – London and London – Paris routes are among the most popular with business travellers in Europe. The trip being relatively short, you can charter the jet of your choice.

You are wondering how much it costs to fly from Paris to London in a private jet? You have three main options:

  1. Hire a light private jet, also known as air taxi, like the Phenom 100
    • 4 seats
    • Prices from 4300€ for a one-way ticket and from 7000€ for a round-trip ticket
  2. Hire a medium-sized private jet, with the Phenom 300 or the Citation XLS models
    • 6-8 seats
    • Prices from 4500€ for a one-way ticket
  3. Hire a long-haul private jet, such as the Falcon 2000
    • 10-13 seats
    • Prices from from 15500€ for a one-way ticket


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