Commercial Airliners (37 - 600 seats)

Airbus A320 vol de groupe au décollage

Commercial Airliners
(37 - 600 seats)

Airliners are the wide-body aircraft used in the aeronautics industry, notably manufactured by constructors like Airbus and Boeing, and capable of commercial, business and cargo flights. In the first part of the 20th century, they were designed for military aviation and cargo flights. Airliners are divided into 3 categories: short-haul, medium-haul and long-haul.


Technical characteristics of commercial airliners


Airliners are designed to carry up to six hundred people per trip, depending on the model, and are capable of traveling up to nine hours non-stop and land at over 300 airports. Short- to medium-range airliners (37 – 147 seats) generally offer only one-class configurations to maximize passenger capacity, and are ideal for event-driven group travel: seminars, transporting teams and supporters.

Long-range airliners are suitable for larger groups. They have been put into service to fly 150 to 600 passengers to remote destinations around the world. These aircraft have a cruising speed of around 850 km/h and can fly non-stop for up to 9 hours. These airliners generally offer on-board hot and cold catering services, as well as entertainment options, depending on the aircraft.


Commercial airliners’ place in the aeronautics industry


The advent of the airliner has dramatically altered the history of aeronautics and the world of aviation, propelling commercial flight to levels never reached before 2019 and the Covid crisis. Connecting international airports, these aircraft are specially designed to board and transport large numbers of passengers. International and regional airports are thus able to accommodate these types of aircraft. In addition to commercial aviation, business aviation and cargo flights use these aircraft for a variety of missions.

Numerous aircraft manufacturers are vying for market share and production of airliners to meet the demands of traditional commercial airlines such as Air France KLM and British Airways, as well as low-cost carriers like Ryanair. Aircraft manufacturers must also adapt this range of aircraft to business aviation. Find out which airliners are right for you below. Boeing, Embraer, Airbus…there’s a plane to suit your needs.

  • Is it possible de privatize an airliner?

    Yes, it is possible to privatize and fully customize an airliner. When you make your reservation, you can ask for the aircraft to be customized with your corporate colors, personalized headrests for passenger seats, welcome mat at the aircraft entrance, etc.

  • Why rent an airliner?

    When it comes to moving large numbers of people, it’s often more cost-effective to charter an airliner. This allows you to benefit from the advantages of private aviation: flexibility in the choice of take-off and landing times, on-board services, departure and arrival as close as possible to the final destination, etc.

  • Who privatizes airliners?

    Airliners are generally privatized and rented out to teams of supporters and athletes for international competitions such as the 2024 Olympics, or the Rugby and Football World Cups. Companies also hire airliners for international trade fairs, to transport equipment and teams, and for corporate seminars.