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Embraer is a Brazilian aircraft manufacturer with headquarters in Sao José dos Campos, Sao Paulo. The name of the company is a combination of “Empresa Brasileira de Aeronáutica”, which stands for Brazilian aeronautical company. The company was founded in 1969 with the development of its first aircraft, the Bandeirante. The founder was engineer Ozires Silva. Let’s take a look at this renowned aircraft manufacturer in the field of business aviation and air transport.

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Photo credit: Embraer

How it all began for the company Embraer

  • 1969: Ozires Silva, an aeronautical engineer, founded the Embraer company in San José, in order to mass produce his Bandeirante aircraft. This aircraft, which made its first flight the year before, had a huge impact on the country and opened up a great opportunity to optimize the country’s air transport. Production then began.
  • 1970-1971: In parallel with the manufacturing of the Bandeirante aircraft (EMB 110 range), Embraer manufactured and operated the first flights of the Ipanema agricultural aircraft and the Xavante military aircraft. (Today, the Ipanema 203 is the only agricultural aircraft to be fueled by ethanol).
  • 1972: This year marked the first flight of the EMB 110 (Bandeirante) series of aircraft designed for commercial flights. The first sales took place that year and deliveries began in 1973.
  • 1975: Embraer made its first exports abroad, to Uruguay, for Bandeirante aircraft.
  • 1979: Embraer Aircraft Corporation (EAC) was established in the United States as part of its international development. Embraer established itself in Florida, in the city of Dania Beach to be exact, and became more and more important in the American market.
  • 1980s: Embraer produced various commercial and military aircraft. In addition, their EMB 120 Brasilia commercial aircraft was said to be the most widely used regional aircraft in the world. In those years, no less than 26 airlines were using this model in 14 countries.
  • 1983 : Embraer Aviation International (EAI) was established in Paris. The establishment of the Brazilian company in Europe opened up many new opportunities. The company gained customers in Europe, but also in Africa and the Middle East.

The arrival of regional jets and Embraer’s expansion

  • 1995: The arrival and the first flight of the EMB 145 (which is now the ERJ 145). The company introduced a revolution in regional air transport. This 50 passenger jet also had a low operating cost, reducing the cost of air travel, which immediately appealed to the aviation industry.
  • 1998: the ERJ 135 made its first flight.
  • 1999: Embraer partnered with Liebherr Aerospace, a Swiss aerospace company and Europe’s leading regional airline, part of the SAirGroup
  • 2000: The Brazilian company set up offices in Beijing and Singapore.
  • 2000-2001: Embraer unveiled new aircraft with the arrival of the ERJ 140, Legacy 600, ERJ 145XR and Embraer 170.
  • 2002-2004: the arrival of the E-JETS range. Following this, the aircraft manufacturer made the first flights of the E170, the E175, the E190 and the E195, the largest aircraft manufactured by the company at that time.
  • 2004: Embraer bought OGMA, a Portuguese aeronautical company. The Brazilian company became more and more established in Europe.

Embraer establishes itself in the business aviation market and opens up new prospects

  • 2007 and 2008: the arrival of two efficient and comfortable business jets; the Phenom 100 and Phenom 300. The latter became the best-selling light private jet in the world for a period of 7 years.
  • 2009-2013: The Legacy range of private jets appeared. The Legacy 650 in 2009, the Legacy 500 in 2012 and the Legacy 450 in 2013.
  • 2011 and 2013: In those years, Embraer opened two new sites in Florida (USA). The first in Melbourne, the second in Jacksonville. These sites are dedicated to the assembly of Embraer aircraft.
  • 2014: Embraer opened a new site dedicated to business jets. The site is located in Brazil, in Sorocaba, at the Bertram Luiz Leupolz airport.
  • 2016: Embraer introduced a new range of aircraft. This range of E-JETS E2 is the second generation of E-JETS. The company made it a priority to manufacture much quieter aircraft. The E190-E2 and the E195-E2 were introduced in 2017.
  • 2017: An innovation center, EmbraerX, opened in Silicon Valley and Boston. The purpose of these centers was to carry out further research on potential E-VTOLs. As in the future, it was thought that they could be a revolution in urban air transport.

Today, the reality of Embraer is even greater

than anyone had originally dreamed.

Ozires Silva, founder of Embraer

Embraer today

The Brazilian company has been operating in the airline industry for over 50 years. Whether for military, aerospace, commercial, business, medical or cargo aviation. The Brazilian company is one of the largest in the manufacturing of commercial aircraft. Examples of competing manufacturers include Dassault Falcon in France, Boeing in the United States, and Bombardier business jets in Canada.

Finally, Embraer has offices, factories and distribution centers all over the world, including America, Asia, Africa and Europe. Similarly, the aviation company also owns its own FBO, a private terminal, at Sorocaba airport, near Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Photo credit: Embraer

Embraer in a few figures

Here are some figures that make up the Brazilian company:

  • 8000: the total number of aircraft that the company has delivered.
  • 145 million: the number of passengers that travel on Embraer aircraft each year.
  • 3rd: is the company’s ranking among the world’s largest commercial aircraft manufacturers.
  • 18,000: the number of Embraer employees around the world.

Embraer’s fleet of aircraft

The Brazilian aircraft manufacturer has several ranges and types of aircraft. It has a fleet for commercial aviation as well as private jets for business aviation. They operate in civil aviation. However, the aircraft manufacturer also has a fleet of aircraft for military defense and security services.

It should be noted that if a large number of airlines use Embraer’s aircraft, they can also be used for business aviation. These various aircraft operating in this sector make it possible to meet the various demands of chartering in private aviation. Immediate boarding on the various Embraer aircraft.

Embraer’s E-JETS

This range is made up of 4 aircraft. They are the Embraer 170, Embraer 175, Embraer 190 and Embraer 195.

These regional airliners have 70 to 150 seats depending on the model. In business aviation, these aircraft are ideal for group flights. Comfort is increased and guarantees pleasant journeys for all passengers. As proof of its effectiveness, 80 airlines use the E-JETS.

These airliners can be used for medium to long haul journeys, with the maximum range of the E190 being 4445 km. In addition, Embraer’s fleet of E-JETS aircraft consumes about 10% less fuel than other similar aircraft.

Finally, the Brazilian company has recently created a range of aircraft, which is in some ways the evolution of the E-JETS, it is the E-JETS E2 fleet. These jets are notably quieter, more fuel efficient and have a new design. In this advanced range, you will find the E175-E2, E190-E2 and E195-E2.

Embraer 190
Photo credit: Embraer

ERJ (Embraer Regional Jet)

This range of regional aircraft is made up of the ERJ 135, ERJ 140, ERJ 145 and ERJ 145 XR.

These are smaller than the manufacturer’s E-JETS family. They carry up to 50 passengers depending on the model. Used in commercial aviation, they can also be used for group flights in business aviation (like the E-JETS). These aircraft combine performance, adaptability and cabin comfort. All these advantages have attracted many major airlines in 26 countries around the world.

The Embraer 145 XR (for Extra Range) has the longest-range in this fleet, with a range of 3700 km.

Embraer 145 – Photo credit: Embraer

Embraer’s fleet of business jets

To complete its fleet, Embraer is currently producing a range of private jets for the business aviation market. Here are the 4 main aircraft:

  • Phenom 100: As a very light business jet, the Phenom 300 is ideal, fast and competitive on short-haul routes. On board, 4 passengers can sit and enjoy the comfort and design of the cabin.

Since its introduction, several evolutions and new versions have been made of this model, such as the Phenom 100 EV.

Example of price per route: Paris to Saint-Tropez is from €12,000.

  • Phenom 300: This business jet model is based on the Phenom 100, but differs both technically and aesthetically. In this aircraft, 6 passengers can travel a maximum distance of 3600 km. Ideal for short and medium haul connections.

Example of price per route: Geneva to Paris is from €11,000.

Phenom 300
Phenom 300 – Photo credit: Embraer
  • Praetor 500: This model has somewhat replaced the Legacy 450. It entered the market in 2020. This private jet with a unique design can carry 9 passengers for a maximum distance of 3700 km.
  • Praetor: Inspired by the Legacy 500, this aircraft was launched in 2020 as an intermediate private jet. It can carry 12 passengers over a distance of 4500 km. On board, comfort and design ensure that the passengers are at ease during the flight.

Example of price per route: Paris to Ibiza is from €8,000.

Other Embraer business jets: Embraer Legacy 450, Embraer Legacy 500, Embraer Legacy 600, Embraer Legacy 650 and Embraer Lineage 1000.

Embraer’s various commitments

Embraer is always up-to-date with changes that happen. The company is very involved in military security in the Brazilian Air Force. It is also involved in various medical missions. Due to the coronavirus pandemic leading to an increase in medical transport needs, Embraer has made its aircraft available for transporting medical equipment as well as vaccines and organs.

Environmental impacts mean that manufacturers must produce more ecological aircraft in order to reduce CO2 emissions and limit air pollution. Embraer takes these criteria into account when developing new aircraft. This is the case with its new fleet of aircraft which was announced in November 2021, the Energia range. It is made up of 4 aircraft powered by renewable energy. These aircraft are expected to enter the market in 2030.

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  • What are Embraer's private jets ?

    Embraer has several types of private jets:

    • long-range (E-190)
    • medium-haul and regional: (ERJ 135, ERJ 145)
    • private jets (Phenom 100, Phenom 300)
  • Which aircraft for group flights?

    For group flights, i.e. chartering a private aircraft for many passengers in the same group, it is possible to turn to Embraer’s regional aircraft such as the ERJ135 or the Embraer 190, which can carry up to 150 people.

  • What is Embraer's most popular plane ?

    Embraer’s most popular aircraft is the Phenom 300.