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Looking to charter a cargo plane to transport goods? Book an air cargo charter with AEROAFFAIRES, your provider of bespoke air freight transport solutions.


In the aviation market, there are different types of cargo plane used for air cargo charter needs. These aircraft are specially equipped for the air transport of goods. In the field of civil aviation, cargo aircraft are kept separate from passenger airliners. However, in the field of military aviation, cargo aircraft used by the army can carry goods as well as soldiers and paratroopers and can carry out refuelling missions.


We accompany you throughout the booking process to help you find the right air cargo plane to transport your goods. However, it is important that you are aware of the specific features of each cargo aircraft. This will give you a better understanding of how air freight transport operates on these large aircraft rarely seen by the general public.


Rent a cargo plane and enjoy tailor-made air freight


Booking an air cargo charter allows you to avoid all the constraints of airlines. We can transport your goods at the time and date of your choice. By contacting our experts, you can book a tailor-made flight to any destination in the world. We find safe and customized solutions to meet all your air freight needs:


  • Urgent delivery of spare parts
  • Transport of dangerous, heavy or oversized products
  • Transporting goods to remote areas
  • Medical or humanitarian aid
  • Private letters or parcels delivered in complete confidentiality


Thanks to our worldwide network of charter specialists, our air cargo charter service gives you access to a wide range of aircraft capable of transporting your goods whatever your needs.


The 5 categories of cargo plane


Thanks to our global network of air charter specialists, you have access to a wide range of equipment capable of transporting your goods whatever your needs.


Cargo aircraft can be divided into 5 categories:


Feeders: Transporting between 10 to 30 tonnes of freight over medium-haul distances. These aircraft are mainly used to feed logistics sites.


Regional freighters: These former passenger aircraft converted into freight aircraft are characterised by their single-aisle configuration and their capacity to transport between 25 to 65 tonnes over medium-haul distances.


Long-range freighters: These medium or long-haul aircraft can carry between 50 to 70 tonnes of freight.


Large freighters: This category includes the largest cargo plane currently in service. They can carry between 70 and 110 tonnes of freight. However, not all airports are able to accommodate large freight aircraft.


Specialised aircraft: These cargo planes are used for the transport of exceptional goods. They can be fitted out to transport toxic products, medical devices, military or spacecraft. These specialised aircraft can also land easily on very short runways and on different surfaces.


The most frequently used air cargo planes:


Boeing B 747-400 for long-haul aircraft


Boeing 747
Boeing 747

This unit is the most popular and best-selling member of the 747 family. Boeing produced a total of 694 aircraft, initially used as airliners, and many 747s were later converted into tankers. Nicknamed the Dreamlifter, this former commercial aircraft is ideal for transporting and securing deliveries of loads in excess of 100 tonnes over long distances. As a large freighter, it has a range of 13 hours, perfect for long-haul flights. The loading doors on the sides and nose of the aircraft allow for the easy loading of goods and can be adapted to suit all needs.

– Cruising speed: 909 km/h
– Range: long haul
– Load capacity: 120,000 kg
– Total volume of goods: 735 m3
– Maximum distance: 7,169 km


Airbus A300-A600F for medium-haul aircraft

Location avion cargo Airbus Beluga photo de l'intérieurAlthough similar to Boeing’s Dreamlifter, these two aircraft do not meet exactly the same needs. The Airbus A300-600F is very popular on the market. It allows for medium-haul freight and the transport of goods weighing around 50 tonnes.

– Cruising speed: 850 km/h
– Range: medium-haul
– Load capacity: 47,000 kg
– Total volume of goods: 426 m3
– Maximum distance: 3,943 km


Metro 3 for short distances

location avion cargo metro 3This aircraft is ideal for short flights and is highly adaptable. Even in critical weather conditions, this turboprop will be able to maintain its flight. With 291 aircraft currently operating, this aircraft was first used for passenger transport and by the US Army before being converted into a cargo plane.

– Cruising speed: 450 km / h
– Range: short distance
– Load capacity: 2,000 kg
– Total volume of goods: 12 m3
– Maximum distance: 900 km


Antonov AN 225, the world’s largest cargo aircraft

This jet plane is the largest cargo plane in the world. Easily recognizable with its 6 turbojets, it can carry up to 250 tons of cargo in its hold on short and medium-haul flights. There is only one in service and this one has made news in the aeronautics industry, especially for its role in the fight against COVID-19 in 2020. On 19 April, it landed at Paris-Vatry airport with 150 tonnes of coronavirus control equipment, including 8 million masks from China. It was also used by the Quebec government to deliver medical products in May 2020.

– Cruising speed: 800 km/h
– Range: short/medium-haul
– Load capacity: 250,000 kg
– Total volume of goods: 1,100 m3
– Maximum distance: 4,500 km


Lockheed L-188 Electra, for landing in remote areas

This aircraft is famous for its ability to land in very remote or hard to access areas. Equipped with four turboprops, it falls into the feeder category. Mainly used for medium-haul flights to unpaved runways, it can carry up to 15 tons.

– Cruising speed: 592 km/h
– Range: Medium-haul
– Load capacity: 15,000 kg
– Total volume of cargo: 91 m3
– Maximum distance: 2,037 km


Pilatus PC12, specialising in medical transport

location pilatus PC12A very versatile, safe and reliable aircraft, the Pilatus PC12 is renowned for its take-off and landing capabilities on very short runways. It is popular with businessmen and can also be easily converted for use as an air cargo charter. Very versatile, it perfectly meets the demands of medical transport, air freight and surveillance missions.

– Cruising speed: 500 km/h
– Range: Medium-haul
– Load capacity: 4,500 kg
– Maximum distance: 2,900 kilometres


Beechcraft King Air 1900, excellent value for money for short distances

Beechcraft 1900 Swiss Air ForceThe Beech 1900 is a well-known name in the air cargo charter industry. On the market since 1991, this aircraft is still one of the most widely used today. Its enlarged fuselage for passengers also allows it to carry large quantities of goods. This turboprop can transport goods in all weather conditions and can serve airports with relatively short runways, unlike the majority of aircraft in circulation.

– Cruising speed: 800 km/h
– Range: short distances
– Load capacity: 7,600 kg
– Maximum distance: 1,600 kilometres


Antonov AN-12, the affordable medium-haul aircraft

This Soviet military transport aircraft was first used extensively by the army and for transporting material to conflict zones. It was then adopted for commercial use and is now widely used for the transport of medium tonnage goods. The rear doors allow for fast loading of all types of goods.

– Cruising speed: 520 km/h
– Range: Short and medium-haul
– Load capacity: 18,000 kg
– Total volume of goods: 90 m3


MIL MI-26, the world’s largest cargo helicopter

A Russian helicopter, this aircraft has been specially designed for oversized cargo. It can transport up to 20 tonnes of cargo to remote areas. This cargo helicopter is a perfect alternative to cargo planes for transporting large goods.

Recap :
– Cruising speed: 255 km/h
– Range: Medium-haul
– Load capacity: 20,000 kg
– Total volume of goods: 110 m3
– Maximum distance: 455 kilometres


Eurocopter AS-332 Super PUMA

eurocopter au décollageThis Franco-German medium transport helicopter can transport passengers and freight at the same time. This makes it a particularly useful air cargo charter for offshore operations. The Super PUMA is also widely used for military operations and sea rescues.

– Cruising speed: 280 km/h
– Range: Medium-haul
– Load capacity: 4,500 kg
– Cargo volume: 14 m3
– Maximum distance: 450 kilometers.


Antonov AN-124: the second-largest cargo plane in the world

Location avion cargo Antonov An-124 chargementThe Antonov AN-124 is the second-largest mass-produced cargo plane in the world. This aircraft is equipped with a lot of logistic equipment such as loading ramps. The loading bay is 35 metres long and 6.7 metres wide, with a height of 4.5 metres. Its large size means it is able to accommodate military vehicles, ships or even satellites on board.


– Cruising speed: 850 km/h
– Range: Long haul
– Load: 150 tons
– Volume of goods: 800 m3
– Maximum distance: 16,000 kilometres


ATR-42 cargo

location ATR 42The ATR 42 is originally an airliner. But it is possible to convert it into an air cargo charter plane for distances of up to 1000 km. Built by the ATR group, it is recognised for its reliability and affordable operating costs.


– Cruising speed: 430 km/h
– Range: Medium-haul
– Load capacity: 5380 kg
– Volume of goods: 51 m3
– Maximum distance: 741 km/h


Boeing 737-400F

location boeing 737The Boeing 737 is in fact an improved version of its predecessor, the Boeing 300, with improvements to the engine and an increase in cabin size. These improvements allow it to benefit from an increase in its on-board capacity.


– Cruising speed: km/h
– Range: Medium-haul
– Load: 20,400 Kg
– Volume of goods: 156 m3
– Maximum distance: 3850 kilometres


Boeing 777

The B777 has an impressive maximum distance, even when at full load capacity. This makes a very attractive option for air freight charter from an economic point of view.


– Cruising speed: 890 kph
– Range: Long-haul
– Load: 103 tons
– Volume of goods: 653 m3
– Maximum distance: 9065 kilometres


SAAB 340

The SAAB 340 is a Swedish twin-engine propeller airliner. It is possible to convert it into a cargo aircraft for use over short distances. When used as a carrier, this aircraft is simple to load.


– Cruising speed: 450 kph
– Range: Medium-haul
– Load capacity: 3800 kg
– Volume of goods: 36 m3
– Maximum distance: 875 kilometres


Why hire an air cargo plane with AEROAFFAIRES?


Air freight is an essential productivity tool. We make it our priority to accompany you throughout the booking of your air cargo charter, helping you to choose the best possible aircraft and best possible services. At AEROAFFAIRES we provide:


– A charter representative: Our experts will accompany you before, during and after your air cargo charter flight.

– Immediate profitability: Our software allows us to compare in real time the availability of 7,500 aircraft from 1,200 airlines. This means we are able to find the ideal air cargo charter at the best possible price.

– Access to remote airports: You will have access to isolated areas not usually served by scheduled flights. This will allow us to deliver your goods as close as possible to your final destination.

– A wide range of aircraft: We have access to more than 7,500 aircraft, all of them adapted to different needs. Thanks to our varied fleet we are guaranteed to provide you with the ideal aircraft.

– Offsetting CO2 emissions to save the planet: At AEROAFFAIRES we are committed to the fight against climate change and have developed our own patented Sky CO2 Programme. So when you rent an air cargo charter, 100% of the CO2 emissions generated by the flight are offset via a certified reforestation project.


Is it possible to travel by cargo plane ?

A cargo plane is to be differentiated from an airliner. Indeed, the latter is dedicated to the transport of passengers for commercial flights. It can happen that the airliner also flies with goods other than the luggage of its passengers for the needs of an individual or a company or even the post office. The cargo plane is entirely dedicated to the transport of goods and does not accept passengers on board. These planes have huge holds in which no seats can be installed.


However, a plane dedicated to the transport of passengers can be transformed for a particular need into a cargo plane. Finally, there is an exception to this differentiation between airliners and cargo aircraft in civil aviation, where aircraft can be used for both cargo and military transport.


How much does it cost to rent an air cargo charter?


For short and medium-haul flights:


Paris – Nice in Beech 1900D – 7600 kg – 10,500 €/hour
Paris – Barcelona in Embraer 190 – 90 seats – 15,300 €/hour



For long-haul flights :



location bbj


What about VIP airliners?


VIP airliners are refurbished commercial aircraft; they are fitted out like mini apartments and offer a high level of luxury. Customers often opt for:


The A319 Corporate Jet – 46 seats – €15,000/hour
The Boeing Business Jet – 16 to 48 seats – 17,000 €/hour


Trust AEROAFFAIRES to charter the airliner of your choice. We offer you a personalised air charter service, worldwide coverage and customer service that has already been enjoyed by thousands of passengers.


Want to find a private air cargo charter that suits your needs? Our flight experts are at your disposal 24/7 on +33 (0) 1 44 09 91 82 and are more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding cargo aircraft rental.

  • Cargo plane : what is it ?

    A cargo plane is an airplane that is designed specifically for the transportation of cargo, goods, or materials. Unlike passenger planes, cargo planes are designed with a large cargo hold and a door or ramp for loading and unloading cargo.

    Cargo planes come in different sizes and configurations, ranging from small turboprop planes to large wide-body jets, including the largest plane in the world. Some cargo planes are converted from passenger planes by removing seats and installing cargo handling systems, while others are designed and built specifically for the purpose of carrying cargo.

    Cargo planes and cargo services are used to transport a wide variety of goods, including perishable goods, oversized items, hazardous materials, and valuable goods. Additionally, cargo planes are also used for humanitarian aid and disaster relief efforts, as they can transport large amounts of supplies to areas in need quickly and efficiently.

  • What is the largest cargo plane ?

    The largest cargo plane in the world is currently the Antonov An-225, which was designed and built by the Antonov Design Bureau in Ukraine in the 1980s. The An-225 is a strategic airlift cargo aircraft with a maximum takeoff weight of 640 metric tons (1.4 million pounds) and a wingspan of 88.4 meters (290 feet). It is powered by six turbofan engines and has a maximum payload capacity of 250 metric tons (551,155 pounds).

    The An-225 was originally designed to transport the Soviet Union’s space shuttle, Buran, but it has also been used for commercial cargo transportation, including oversized and heavy cargo. There was only one An-225 in operation, but it has been destroyed in 2022 because of the war in Ukraine. There are currently plans for a second aircraft of this type.

  • What are the different types of cargo planes ?

    There are several types of cargo planes, each with its own unique features and capabilities. Here are some of the most common types:

    • Turboprop cargo planes: These are small cargo planes that are powered by one or more turboprop engines. They are typically used for short-haul flights and are ideal for transporting smaller amounts of cargo to remote locations.
    • Narrow-body cargo planes: These are medium-sized cargo planes that are often converted from passenger planes. They typically have a cargo hold in the lower deck and can carry up to several tons of cargo.
    • Wide-body cargo planes: These are large cargo planes that are designed specifically for the transportation of cargo. They have a wide body and a large cargo hold, and can carry up to hundreds of tons of cargo.
    • Specialized cargo planes: These are cargo planes that are designed to transport specific types of cargo, such as oversized cargo, livestock, or hazardous materials. They often have unique features and equipment to accommodate the specific cargo they are designed to transport.
    • Military cargo planes: These are cargo planes that are used by military organizations for the transportation of troops, supplies, and equipment. They are often designed to operate in rugged and remote environments, and can be equipped with defensive weapons and other military-specific features.

    You may find more information about the different types of cargo planes, with pictures attached on our dedicated page.