Private jet hire Private and helicopter Jet in Courchevel

Private jet hire Private and helicopter Jet in Courchevel

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General description

Your next holiday in Courchevel is looming and you are thinking of having a private jet rental service? Whether it is for a family holiday or a last-minute business trip, AEROAFFAIRES offers you the opportunity to book your private flight at the best price.

Courchevel is a Savoyard resort located in the “Three Valleys”, the heart of the world’s largest ski area (600 km of slopes). AEROAFFAIRES lifts the veil on its exceptional altiport, so that you travel in complete serenity.

AEROAFFAIRES was founded in 1991. Since our inception, we have accompanied nearly 95,000 travellers and chartered 20,000 private aircrafts around the world.

All our private jets are certified for Public Transport to ensure your safety.

Whatever the aircraft you need: light air taxi for one to four people, helicopter, commercial plane for a group of VIPs… our experts are available 24 hours a day to find the most suitable aircraft for your needs.

In addition, AEROAFFAIRES is committed to the planet. For each private jet rental, we offset 100% of our CO2 emissions by supporting the preservation of South America’s primary forests through our SkyCO2 program.

Contact us 7/7 and 24 hours a day on +33 (0) 1 44 09 91 82 to book your private jet.

Location & access

To get to Courchevel, AEROAFFAIRES offers you several solutions:

The first is to access Courchevel Airport directly by the two accredited aircrafts, from Paris, Nice, Marseille, London, etc.

You can also fly there by helicopter only, from cities such as Lyon, Grenoble, Geneva, Annecy, Zurich or Lausanne.

Finally, you can fly with the private jet of your choice to Geneva, Chambéry, Annecy or Grenoble for example, to then rent a helicopter or a small plane (Aviator or P 68) to Courchevel. For all these airports, AEROAFFAIRES offers you a wide choice of private aircrafts such as turboprops, regional or commercial planes, light, medium or long-haul private jets. The helicopter models available have one or two turbines and are capable of carrying between 4 and 8 passengers, such as the Squirrel AS 350 or AS 355, the Colibri EC 125 or the Dolphin AS 365.

To reach Courchevel by private jet, you will need:

  • 15 minutes from Chambéry, Annecy, Annemasse, Aosta
  • 20 minutes from Grenoble
  • 25 minutes from Lyon Bron
  • 45 minutes from Milan
  • 50 minutes from Cannes, Marseille, Saint-Tropez
  • 1 hour from Zurich, London
  • 1h30 from Paris Toussus, Innsbruck
  • 1h35 from Ajaccio

To reach Courchevel by helicopter, you will need:

  • 30 minutes from Geneva
  • 20 minutes from Chambéry or Annecy
  • 30 minutes from Grenoble, Turin
  • 40 minutes from Lyon

Useful information

Keep in mind that Courchevel Altiport is not certified for night flights and that flight operations are sometimes limited to certain hours of the day for weather reasons. However, as air traffic is low, you will not have to wait much. In addition, the altiport is located at the foot of the slopes and the heliport in the heart of the resort, which will allow you to reach your chalet or the ski slopes directly upon your arrival.

Finally, as Courchevel’s altiport is the highest in Europe, the panoramic view that will be offered to you will make your experience unforgettable.

Coordinates of Courchevel Altiport:

  • Airport Code: LFLJ
  • Latitude: 45,396
  • Longitude: – 6.634
  • Altitude: 2008 m
  • Runway length: 537 m

History of the Courchevel Altiport

Courchevel Altiport was created in 1961 by Michel Ziegler, former mayor of Courchevel and mountains and aviation enthusiast. He wanted to allow skiers and their guides to be dropped off on the glaciers and to allow more isolated resorts to be served. As the oldest mountain airfield, Courchevel Altiport thus became at the origin of the word “altiport”. The decision was made at that time to permanently plow the runway so that planes could land without skis. However, when deposits on glaciers became prohibited in France in 1985, air traffic on the altiport fell, before rising again with the arrival of private helicopters. The runway was then extended for the 1992 Albertville Olympic Games to accommodate larger aircrafts.

Courchevel Altiport now stands out for its 537-metre long asphalt runway, built on a mountainside with the highest inclination in the world (18.66%). Due to its inclination and short runway size, a few years ago, only private owners of jets and a few turboprop engines could land or take off from the airfield. Landings, which are made in an ascending direction, and take-offs, made in the opposite one, required a special qualification from the pilots, therefore commercial flights were not allowed a few years ago. Today, however, a company is authorized by the French Civil Aviation Authority (DGAC) to charter private jets dealing with commercial public transport. Two turboprop aircrafts are accredited: the Aviator and the Vulcanair P68; they have the capability to take off on runways that are less than 700 metres long, and to land on runways less than 550 metres long.



Where to stay in Courchevel?

Courchevel is divided into 5 villages located at different altitudes: Saint-Bon (1100 m), Courchevel Le Praz (1300 m), Courchevel Village (1550 m), Courchevel Moriond (1650 m) and Courchevel 1850, the largest and most prestigious of the resort, today the privileged residence of a cosmopolitan jet set. Of the 25 palaces listed in France, 3 are located in Courchevel 1850.

Among them, you can find:

AEROAFFAIRES also recommends the 5 stars:

What to do in Courchevel?

After a nice day on the slopes, we suggest you dine at the gourmet restaurant Le 1947 à Cheval Blanc. As the only three Michelin-starred restaurant in Courchevel, Le 1947 à Cheval Blanc offers a unique gastronomic experience. With finesse and creativity, the starred chef breaks the codes and creates unique culinary escapades.

Take advantage of your stay in Courchevel to discover Clarins SPA. Combining luxury and relaxation, Lana Spa by Clarins offers you the opportunity to extend the benefits of your stay with a real sensory experience.

AEROAFFAIRES also recommends some activities proposed each ski season (from early December to late April) in Courchevel.

In winter, if you come during Christmas time, don’t forget to walk through the lights and have a look at the many activities offered, including the Russian Christmas celebration on January 6. In December, Courchevel also organizes the Audi FIS Women’s Alpine Ski World Cup.

In March, the International Festival of Pyrotechnic Art, unique in Europe, gathers pyrotechnics from all over the world to compete.

In April, the 3 vallées enduro event, in partnership with Salomon, brings together more than 1500 skiers each year so that they discover the extent of the skiable field in a fun way, competing under various categories: professional, sports enthusiast and family.

Every season, the resort is finally transformed into a real open-air exhibition with the event L’Art au sommet, in partnership with Les Galeries Bartoux. Many sculptures are displayed on the slopes and in the resort.




Price estimate for the rental of a private jet

It’s time to book your weekend or holiday deals for the winter season with AEROAFFAIRES. We will drop you in less than 2h20, from the center of Paris to Courchevel by private plane or helicopter. AEROAFFAIRES will choose the most suitable aircraft depending on the number of people to transport, from Paris to Chambery, before your transfer to Courchevel by helicopter, such as:

Mustang or King Air 90, Jet citation Mustang that can carry up to 4 passengers.

Piaggio Avanti or Phenom 300 capable of taking 6 passengers with luggage.

Piaggio Avanti or Phenom 300 capable of taking 6 passengers with luggage.

Vulcanair P 68 capable of taking 5 passengers with luggage.

From Chambéry to Courchevel, we will offer a transfer with helicopters mono or bi turbine such as

Ecureuil AS 350, AS 355, Colibri EC 135, AS 365 Dauphin capable of carrying between 4 and 8 passengers.



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