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The European Business Aviation Association (EBAA) regularly ranks the most popular private jets in Europe. From fast, efficient turboprops to more comfortable, sleekly designed business jets, AEROAFFAIRES shows you the top 10 most favored private aircraft this year.


1- King Air 200 – Beechcraft


This is one of the leaders in private turboprop jets. The King Air 200 from the aircraft manufacturer Beechcraft, carries up to 9 passengers depending on the cabin configuration. In Europe it is the most used private aircraft for travel. Indeed, with 185 aircraft based in Europe, the King Air 200 accounts for over 86,000 movements per year. On average, it makes 54-minute trips for distances of about 337 km. It is therefore the ideal means of transport for short-distance regional connections. Moreover, the King Air 200 is favored in countries such as Norway, England and Sweden.


king air 200
Crédit Photo : Beechcraft – Textron Aviation


Examples of fares by route:

From London to Paris: from €10,000

From Ajaccio to Geneva: from €13,000


2- Citation Excel or XLS – Cessna


On the second step of the podium we find the Citation Excel / XLS (the XLS model is a more recent version of the Excel), from the aircraft manufacturer Cessna. This aircraft carries up to 8 passengers. With these 150 aircraft based in Europe, the Citation XLS records over 77,000 trips each year. The average journey time is about 1 hour and 26 minutes, with an average distance of 908 km. This private jet model, ideal for short trips, is favored by countries such as Germany, England and France.


Crédit photo : Cessna Textron Aviation – Citation XLS


Examples of fares by route:

From London to Milan: from €18,000

From Paris to Ajaccio: from €14,000


3- Pilatus PC-12 – Pilatus


Manufactured by the Swiss manufacturer Pilatus, the Pilatus PC-12 is a single-engine private jet with propeller. This aircraft comes in third place in the ranking. It is very popular, especially for airports with a short runway such as Gstaad Saanen, Arcachon Cap Ferret or Saint Tropez La Mole. Carrying up to 8 people, there are 215 Pilatus PC-12s in Europe. These aircraft have made more than 67,000 movements this year. Their average journey time is 1h21 for 515 km. Like the other two aircraft above, this makes it a preferred business jet for short distance trips. Finally, this aircraft is mainly used in France, Switzerland and Finland.


Pilatus PC-12
Crédit photo : Pilatus Aircraft


Examples of fares by route:

From London to Paris: from €11,000

From Paris to Geneva: from €15,000


4- Citation CJ2 – Cessna


The Citation CJ2 from Cessna is in fourth place in this ranking. With a capacity of 6 passengers in the cabin, this business jet is appreciated for its comfort and value for money. With 106 aircraft based in Europe, these aircraft operated almost 44,500 movements in the year. The Citation CJ2s are most popular in Germany, France and Turkey, with an average journey time of 1 hour 16 minutes, or approximately 733 km.


Citation CJ2
Crédit photo : Cessna – Textron Aviation


Examples of fares by route:

From Geneva to Biarritz: from €8,500

From Paris to London: from €7,500


5- Phenom 300 – Embraer


This private jet from the Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer is also very popular for business trips. The Phenom 300 carries up to 6 passengers in its very comfortable and aesthetic cabin. This range of business aircraft has performed almost 42,000 movements with 93 aircraft based in Europe. As regular routes, the Phenom 300 makes connections of an average of 1h13 for 752 km of distance. Finally, these models are very operational in countries such as Germany, France and the United Kingdom.


Phenom 300
Crédit Photo : Embraer


Examples of fares by route:

From Nice to London: from €11,000

From Paris to Geneva: from €11,000


6- Citation Mustang – Cessna


The Citation Mustang from Cessna is considered as a real work tool. On board are installed 4 VIP seats. This private jet has a real advantage of quality-price and efficiency. 98 aircraft are based in Europe, and together they represent more than 40,000 flight movements per year. The Mustang is ideal for short trips, with an average time of use per trip of 1 hour and 09 minutes over distances of approximately 555 km. Another advantage of this jet is its ability to land on short runways such as in Saint Tropez. Finally, this aircraft is particularly used in France, then in Spain and Switzerland.


Citation Mustang
Crédit photo : Cessna – Textron Aviation


Examples of rates by route:

From Geneva to Lyon: from €10,000

From Paris to Ajaccio: from €14,000


7- Citation CJ1 – Cessna


This light private jet is also favored by business aviation. Indeed, it can accommodate 5 or even 6 people with great comfort and a full service on board. The 111 Citation CJ1’s in Europe make nearly 37,000 trips per year. The CJ1 is used on approximately the same distances and travel times as the Mustang. Finally, these aircraft are particularly favored in countries such as Germany, France and Spain.


CITATION CJ1 – Photo Credit : Cessna – Textron Aviation


Examples of fares by route:

From Geneva to London: from €11,500

From Paris to Ibiza: from €12,000


8- Global 6000 (and Global Express) – Bombardier


The Global 6000 from the Canadian aircraft manufacturer Bombardier is an improved version of the Global Express. This business jet is part of the long-haul private jet category. The Global 6000 is a combination of performance and cabin comfort. For longer journeys, passengers need to feel comfortable and more. In Europe, there are 150 private jets of this type. They make almost 30,000 movements a year. For these larger business jets, the average distance they fly per trip is 2,771 km, for a duration of almost 3.5 hours. Finally, Bombardier’s private jet operates primarily in the United Kingdom as well as in France and Switzerland.


Le jet privé Bombardier Global 6000 en vol avec un couché de soleil, la mer et des montages
Global 6000 – Crédit Photo : Bombardier


Examples of fares by route:

From Paris to Dubai: from €55,500

From Paris to Mykonos: from €29,000


9- Challenger 600 Series – Bombardier


The entire Challenger 600 series is included, with the Challenger 601, 604, 605 and 650. These business jets are long-haul jets. They can carry up to 12 passengers in the comfort that is so typical of Bombardier. With 106 private jets of this type based in Europe, they fly more than 27,000 routes annually. They cover an average of 1,717 km for a flight time of 2h23. Finally, they are mainly active in countries such as Turkey, Germany and the United Kingdom.


Challenger 650 Bombardier
Challenger 650 – Photo credit : Bombardier


Examples of fares by route for the Challenger 650:

From Paris to New York: from €63,000

From London to Miami: from €86,000


10- Falcon 2000 – Dassault


The Falcon 2000 from French aircraft manufacturer Dassault Aviation is a long-haul private jet. The interior of the comfortable cabin can be modulated to accommodate up to 12 passengers. There are 98 aircraft of this type operating in Europe. Each year they carry out nearly 26,700 movements. Their average journey time is 1 hour 36 minutes for a distance of 1,121 km. Finally, Falcon 2000 aircraft often operate in France, Turkey and Italy.


Falcon 2000
Crédit Photo : Dassault Aviation


Examples of fares by route:

From Paris to Moscow: from €130,000

From Paris to Marrakech: from €115,000


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