Need to transport a group for a business or private trip?

Why choose a private plane for a group flight ?

Flexibility :

By chartering a private plane, you choose the schedule of your flight yourself. You don’t have the constraints of regular airline flight schedules. You also have the possibility to make changes until the last moment.


You can customize the aircraft for your group flight. Choose onboard catering to suit your requirements. Decide to add decorations linked to the brand of your company or association. It is also sometimes possible to customize the aircraft’s branding.

Timer saver

Renting a plane for a group flight allows direct flights to all types of airports, including small regional airports as close as possible to a destination. There are no delays due to transfers or lengthy security checks.


Booking a private plane to travel as a group offers a significant financial advantage. Chartering is often cheaper than the group travel offers of regular airlines. AEROAFFAIRES is committed to respecting your budget and offering you the solution that best suits your needs.

Simplified logistics

By chartering a private aircraft for a group flight with AEROAFFAIRES, you simplify the logistics of your trip. Our team is experienced in group travel planning. We take care of all the steps for the preparation of your flight and offer to plan your transfers. Whether by minibus, bus, or helicopter, we can offer you the best solutions for your transfers to your destination and to the airport.

Adapted luggage transport

Groups travelling often have special luggage with them. Whether it is sports equipment, equipment, musical instruments, or bulky goods, we have expertise in transporting special goods and can provide you with the best solution.

A private plane for what kind of group trip ?

Renting an airplane can allow you to transport a group for several types of events :

Business travel


Companies sometimes need to travel in a group, especially for an incentive trip. This kind of trip is a very good way to motivate and thank the teams. Renting a private plane makes it possible to transport the whole group in a single plane and facilitates logistics.


Sports meetings



Sports clubs often have to travel in groups for their meetings. With a busy schedule and constraints of well-being of the players, chartering an airplane is the ideal solution to save time, optimize rest and travel serenely.

Music tour



We offer you to rent a plane for the duration of your music tour. The charter allows you to travel with a team with all the necessary equipment. You have full flexibility during the whole tour and travel peacefully.

School trip


School and educational trips allow students to grow while learning. They are rich and unique educational experiences to live with your students. We offer you to rent a plane adapted to your school trip at the best price.

Weddings and celebrations


Weddings and celebrations are unique moments in a lifetime. We offer you to rent planes to transport a group in an unforgettable moment. You have the possibility to customize the aircraft cabin as you wish.

Any event requiring a group flight


AEROAFFAIRES has aviation experts who are able to meet all your requests. We adapt to your needs and constraints to offer you the best solution.

Which private plane to choose for a group flight ?

Up to 19 passengers

For group flights up to 15 passengers, AEROAFFAIRES offers you to rent private jets and long haul turboprops. These aircraft can generally accommodate between 12 and 16 passengers.

The Beechcraft 1900 Beechliner is a very economical turboprop for small group flights up to 19 passengers. It can fly short and medium distances.

The Dassault Falcon 7X is also a private jet very appreciated by group travelers. Its spacious cabin can accommodate up to 16 passengers over more than 11,000 km.

From 20 to 90 passengers

For a group trip from 20 to 70 people, AEROAFFAIRES offers you to rent regional planes. These aircraft can be jet or turboprop. They offer very good value for money compared to airlines. They are very useful for group travel over distances often less than 2 000 km.

The Saab 340 is an economical twin turboprop with a spacious interior. It can carry up to 36 passengers over a distance of 1 600 km.

The Embraer ERJ 135 and ERJ 145, with 30 and 50 seats, are regional transport twinjets that make it possible to travel at a very good price in groups.

The Dornier 328 is a very fast short-haul aircraft, it can accommodate up to 32 passengers with a range of 2000 km.

The Fokker 50 is a modern and silent business jet which is perfectly suited for group flights of up to 50 passengers over a distance of 1500 km.

The Bombardier CRJ 900 is a very comfortable regional jet that can carry a group of 90 passengers over a distance of 2700 km.

From 90 to 170 passengers

For a group trip of 90 to 170 people, AEROAFFAIRES offers you the possibility to charter a short or medium-haul airliner. These aircraft generally have a single-class configuration in order to maximize passenger carrying capacity. They are perfect for group trips for companies or events.

The Fokker 100 is a short-haul twin-jet aircraft with about 100 seats that can land on short runways. It is perfect for a group flight in Europe.

The Bombardier CRJ 1000 is a medium-haul airliner with a very comfortable cabin that can accommodate up to 100 passengers over a distance of 2,500 km.

The Airbus A319, for example, is a popular medium-haul airliner that can carry up to 150 passengers over a distance of 5,500 km.

From 170 up to 500 passengers

For a group flight of more than 170 passengers and up to 500 passengers, AEROAFFAIRES offers you to rent long-haul airliners. Equipped with a large cabin, they can also fly up to 12 hours non-stop.

The Boeing 737 is a medium-haul airliner that can carry up to 186 passengers. It has a range of 4200 km, making it a very good aircraft for long-distance group travel.

The Airbus A330 is a long-haul airliner that can carry up to 400 passengers over a distance of 8 800 km. Its cabin is equipped with new technologies, which makes the trip very pleasant for the passengers.

How much does it cost to charter a plane for a group flight ?

The price for a group flight depends on many factors: the number of people, the distance of the flight, the type of aircraft required and the departure and destination airports. This is why prices can fluctuate widely.
Paris – Cardiff

one-way in Saab 340 (30 seats) from €13,900

Paris – Marrakech

one-way in Embraer 145 (50 seats) from €38,000

Londres – Ibiza

one way by Embraer 135 (33 seats) from €30,0000

Genève – Mykonos

one-way in CRJ 1000 (90 seats) from €42,000

Genève – New York

one way in A 319 (130 seats) from €180,000

Paris – Prague

round trip for up to 186 passengers from €295

Paris – Lisbonne

round trip for up to 220 passengers from €345

Paris – Malte

round trip for up to 700 passengers from €415

Paris – Milan

round trip up to 180 passengers from €314.

Paris – Ibiza

round trip for up to 147 passengers from €320

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  • What are group charter flights ?

    Private airline charter services are an efficient and convenient way to transport groups of people to a specific destination, especially when commercial flights do not offer convenient schedules, routes, or seats for the group. These services are arranged by charter companies for a group of people, typically more than 12, who are traveling together for a common purpose.

    Private jet flights can be arranged by various entities, such as companies, sports teams, tour operators, educational institutions, or any other group of people that need to travel together. These flights offer several benefits, such as flexibility, convenience, privacy, and cost-effectiveness. Group charter flights can be scheduled on a one-time or recurring basis, depending on the needs of the group.

    One of the advantages of private airline charter services like AEROAFFAIRES is that the group can choose the departure and arrival times that suit their schedule, without being limited to commercial airline schedules. This can be particularly important for business or sports teams, where time is a determining factor. Additionally, private jet flights can often take the group directly to their destination without the need for layovers or connections, making the trip quicker and more convenient.

    Private airline charter services also offer more privacy than commercial flights, as the group is the only one on the plane. This can be beneficial for business or political trips, where confidentiality is essential. Moreover, the group can often choose the type of aircraft they want to charter, which can provide a more comfortable and personalized experience for the group members.

    Finally, private airline charter services can often be more cost-effective than commercial flights, especially for large groups. The cost of an aircraft charter is typically divided among the group members, making it a more affordable option than purchasing individual airline tickets. Additionally, the group can save money on ground transportation and accommodation costs by flying directly to their destination. Jet charter service providers can assist in selecting the appropriate aircraft for the group, based on their needs and budget.

  • Who are group charter flights for ?

    Group charter flights are typically for groups of people who need to travel together for a common purpose, such as:

    • Business groups: Business teams or executives who need to travel together for meetings, conferences, or events.
    • Sports teams: Sports teams that need to travel together for games, competitions, or training camps.
    • Educational groups: Students, teachers, or researchers who need to travel together for study trips, field trips, or research expeditions.
    • Tour groups: Travelers who are part of a guided tour or package tour and need to travel together as a group.
    • Religious groups: Pilgrims or members of a religious organization who need to travel together for a religious event or pilgrimage.
    • Government officials: Political delegations or officials who need to travel together for diplomatic missions, summits, or conferences.
    • Music bands or performers: Groups of artists or performers who need to travel together for tours, concerts, or shows.
    • Non-profit organizations: Volunteers or staff members who need to travel together for charitable or humanitarian missions.

    In general, group charter flights are suitable for any group of people who need to travel together and want to enjoy the benefits of private air transportation, such as flexibility, convenience, privacy, and cost-effectiveness.

  • What type of aircraft to use for group charter flights ?

    The type of aircraft used for group charter flights depends on several factors, such as the size of the group, the distance of the flight, and the budget of the group. Here are some examples of aircraft commonly used for group charter flights:

    • Turboprop planes: These are smaller, cost-effective aircraft that can carry up to 20 passengers. They are suitable for short-haul flights and can land on smaller runways.
    • Light jets: These are slightly larger than turboprops and can carry up to 8 passengers. They are faster and have a longer range, making them suitable for medium-haul flights.
    • Mid-size jets: These can carry up to 12 passengers and offer more comfort and amenities than light jets. They are suitable for longer flights and can fly non-stop to many destinations.
    • Large jets: These are the largest and most luxurious aircraft available for group charter flights. They can carry up to 50 passengers and offer a range of amenities, such as private bedrooms, showers, and conference rooms. They are suitable for long-haul flights and can fly non-stop to many destinations.

    The choice of aircraft also depends on the preferences and needs of the group. For example, if the group needs to transport equipment or large baggage, a larger aircraft may be necessary. On the other hand, if the group values speed and time efficiency, a smaller, faster aircraft may be more suitable. The charter flight operator can help the group choose the most appropriate aircraft based on their needs and budget.