Ilyushin Aviation Complex : aircraft manufacturer

logo Ilyushin constructeur aéronautique

Ilyushin Aviation Complex is a Russian aircraft manufacturer created in 1933 by the Soviet Sergei Vladimirovich Ilyushin.

logo Ilyushin constructeur aéronautique
Crédit photo : Ilyushin

This aircraft manufacturer was the main manufacturer of aircraft during the Second World War. This manufacturer is specialized in military aircraft, including cargo planes. Then, the Soviet company diversified by giving access to the general public to commercial aviation.

The head office is in Moscow, Russia.

Since 2006, the Ilyushin Aviation Complex has merged into the United Aircraft Corporation.

Over the course of 80 years, more than 60,000 aircraft have been produced.

The aircraft produced by Ilyushin are known for their :

  • reliability
  • simplicity of design
  • low maintenance
  • ease of use

The aeronautical company, after having largely developed military planes, develops planes for the general public. This is in order to make passengers travel on aircraft designed for commercial lines.

  • What is special about the aircraft of the Ilyushin aircraft manufacturer?

    The peculiarity of the aircraft manufacturer Ilyushin is that they owe their success to the Second World War, during which the manufacturer became the first manufacturer of Soviet aircraft.

  • Is it possible to make commercial flights with Ilyushin aircraft?

    Yes, the aircraft manufacturer Ilyushin has a fleet for commercial routes.

  • Are Ilyushin planes famous?

    Yes, Ilyushin aircraft are famous. Find out how.