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Description of ILYUSHIN IL-76TD

The ILYUSHIN IL-76TD is a cargo aircraft designed by the Russian aircraft manufacturer Ilyushin Aviation Complex, Ilyushin. It is a large aircraft designed for military transport.


ILYUSHIN IL-76T & IL-76TD : a few history

The Russian aircraft manufacturer started the construction program in 1960. However, it was in 1967 that the Ilyushin IL-76T aircraft was designed.

On March 25, 1971, the IL-76T aircraft made its first flight. It will take three years before the production is launched: in 1974.

In 1976, these IL-76TD military cargo aircraft joined the civilian sphere and performed civilian air cargo missions.




Some key figures :

  • 960 : number of IL-76TD produced
  • 4 : number of engines of IL-76TD cargo plane
  • 3,800 km: range of the IL-76TD jumbo jet with a maximum load on board.
  • 125 : number of parachutists that the aircraft can carry
  • 20 m : length of the cargo compartment


Features of the ILYUSHIN IL-76TD :

Its imposing size gives it a competitive advantage over aircraft such as the Antonov AN-12, which it will replace, or the Airbus Beluga.

The IL-76TD aircraft was designed to land on short runways despite its imposing body.

Several versions have been developed:

  • Ilyushin Il-78 : tanker aircraft
  • Ilyushin Il-76 T : civil transport version
  • Il-76MD-M : military version
  • IL-76 VKP : airborne command post

Commercial features of ILYUSHIN IL-76TD

The IL-76TD is widely used for air cargo of heavy or oversized parts.

This aircraft is also used for :

  • humanitarian
  • emergencies
  • repatriation

Advantages of the ILYUSHIN IL-76TD

The IL-76TD, this large aircraft has a very long range:

  • 3800 km with its maximum load
  • 7300 km with 20 tons of load

It needs only 1700 m to take off and 1000 m to land, which makes it a versatile aircraft capable of landing on short and so-called “unprepared” runways.

It can load up to the equivalent of 6 containers, a load of about 34000 kg.


Technical characteristics of the ILYUSHIN IL-76TD

General informations

  • Manufacturer Ilyushin Aviation Complex
  • Model IL-76TD
  • Classification Cargo Aircraft
  • Crew 5
  • Seats 140
  • Luggage compartment volume 47000 m³


  • Interior Height 3.40 m
  • Interior Width 3.40 m


  • Cruising speed 850 km/h
  • Range 3 800 km

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  • What is the maximum speed of an Ilyushin IL-76TD ?

    The maximum speed of an Ilyushin IL-76TD is 900 km/h.

  • Why rent an Ilyushin IL-76TD ?

    The Ilyushin IL-76TD is a versatile aircraft. Renting an Ilyushin IL-76TD allows you to perform air cargo missions for oversized transport needs.

  • What is the price of an Ilyushin IL-76TD ?

    It is difficult to give a price for the rental of an Ilyushin IL-76TD. Indeed, everything will depend on the mission (route, date, quantity of cargo), its complexity and its duration.

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