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Description of ATL-98 CARVAIR

You would like to know more about the ATL-98 Carvair?

The ATL-98 Carvair cargo aircraft is no longer in service but was able to carry 18 tons, including 20 passengers and five cars. This unusual-looking plane was originally built for the transport of cars, due to the insufficient capacity of the Bristol Freighters.

Aviation Traders Limited (ATL) was a British aviation company responsible for the delivery of aircraft during the Second World War. The ATL-98 Carvair was built from a Douglas DC-4 airliner, a former warplane used from 1942 to 1945, and then during the Berlin blockade in 1948. The old DC-4s were sold for about 1 million euros.

Modifications to the aircraft included extending the fuselage forward, changing the cockpit and installing more powerful brakes. Its first flight took place in June 1961 and the Carvair entered service in 1963.

Twenty-one models were then sold to various airlines such as Channel Air Bridge, British United Air Ferries and Aviaco. Eight planes were destroyed in accidents.

The Carvair also appeared in the James Bond movie Goldfinger (1964).

In 2008, only one Carvair remained in flight condition.

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Commercial features of ATL-98 CARVAIR

The Carvair ATL-98 is 31 metres long, 9 metres high and it has a wingspan of 36 metres. The four engines are Pratt & Whitney R-2000s.

Cars were loaded at the front and the passengers at the back.

Its cruising speed is 340 kilometres per hour but it can reach up to 402 kilometres per hour.

Technical specifications of ATL-98 CARVAIR

  • Model CARVAIR ATL-98
  • Classification cargo aircraft
  • Seats 25
  • Speed 340 km/h
  • Range 3400 km
  • Crew 3
  • Purchase Price 3,200,000 €

ATL-98 CARVAIR In pictures

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