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Description of the Bombardier CRJ-200

Introducing The Bombardier CRJ-200: A Reliable, Economical Airliner Available for Hire with AEROAFFAIRES

Bombardier’s Canadian Canadair Regional Jet (CRJ) 200 was designed to meet the performance and cost control needs of the burgeoning regional airliner market.

Its two General Electric turbofan engines allow it to reach a level of performance comparable to that of a large airliner, with lower fuel consumption, increased cruise altitude and speed compared to previous models.

The CRJ-200 features a well-designed cabin and an advanced cockpit. The machine has a large luggage compartment as well as compartments in the cabin for storing hand luggage. The CRJ 200 can fly groups over a radius of 2,700 km. Fifty passengers can be accommodated on board, in two rows of seats on either side of a 12 metre long central corridor. A galley allows the service of snacks and hot or cold drinks.

The Cabin of the CRJ-200

The CRJ-200 cabin offers a comfortable and spacious environment for passengers. With a seating capacity of up to 50 passengers, the cabin is thoughtfully designed to provide a pleasant travel experience. Passengers can enjoy ample legroom, ergonomic seating, and large overhead compartments for convenient storage of personal belongings. The cabin’s noise-reducing technology ensures a quieter atmosphere, allowing for a more relaxed journey.

The Cockpit of the CRJ-200

The cockpit of the CRJ-200 boasts modern avionics and advanced systems, providing pilots with a sophisticated and efficient flying experience. Equipped with digital flight displays, intuitive controls, and advanced navigation systems, the cockpit ensures enhanced situational awareness and precise control over the aircraft. The ergonomically designed layout and user-friendly interface contribute to improved pilot productivity and safety.

Perfect for Group Charters

The Bombardier CRJ 200 is a perfect choice for group charters. Whether you are looking to fly out your staff for an important business trip or conference, flying out a sports team or perhaps even a group of musicians for a festival or performance, AEROAFFAIRES can adapt your air charter to your needs. This is also an ideal aircraft for government, royal, VIP and incentive charters.

Booking a private plane to travel as a group offers a significant financial advantage. Chartering is often cheaper than the group travel offers of regular airlines. AEROAFFAIRES is committed to respecting your budget and promises to offer you the solution best suited to your needs.

Thinking about renting a Bombardier CRJ-200 for your next trip? Get in touch with us to request a free, no-commitment quote or contact our air experts 24/7 at +33 (0) 1 44 09 91 82.



Interesting Facts about the CRJ-200

  • Long-Standing Service: Despite the end of production in 2006, the CRJ-200 continues to serve the aviation industry. Its reliability, performance, and cost-effectiveness have ensured its longevity, with many of these aircraft still in active service around the world.

  • Market Presence: The CRJ-200 has enjoyed considerable success in the regional jet market. It has been a popular choice among regional airlines, offering efficient operations, excellent fuel economy, and the ability to serve smaller airports with limited infrastructure. 


  • Airlines such as SkyWest Airlines, Mesa Airlines, and Air Wisconsin have incorporated the CRJ-200 into their fleets for regional passenger operations.


  • Government and Military Entities such as the United States Air Force and other military branches have employed the CRJ-200 for special missions, intelligence gathering, and VIP transport.

  • Conversion to Special Missions: In addition to passenger service, the CRJ-200 has also been modified for various special missions. These include roles such as air ambulance, cargo transport, and government operations, demonstrating its adaptability and versatility.

  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Acquisition: In 2020, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) acquired the CRJ program from Bombardier, solidifying its commitment to supporting the CRJ-200 and other variants. MHI’s expertise and resources ensure continued maintenance, parts availability, and technical support for CRJ operators.

 Technical Specifications of the Bombardier CRJ-200

  • ManufacturerBOMBARDIER
  • ModelCRJ 200 
  • ClassificationCommercial Airliners
  • Seats46-50
  • Speed785 km/h
  • Hourly rates8100 €/hour
  • Range2770 km
  • Interior Height2.5 m
  • Interior Width1.86 m
  • Luggage compartment volume7 m³
  • Crew2 pilots + flight attendant
  • Toiletyes
  • Purchase Price 35,000,000 €

Technical specifications of Bombardier CRJ 200

General informations

  • Manufacturer BOMBARDIER
  • Model CRJ 200
  • Classification Commercial Airliners
  • Crew 2 pilots + flight attendant
  • Seats 46-50
  • Luggage compartment volume 7 m³
  • Toilet yes
  • Hourly rates 8 100 €/hour
  • Purchase Price 36 000 000 €


  • Interior Height 2.5 m
  • Interior Width 1.86 m


  • Cruising speed 785 km/h
  • Range 2 770 km

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  • What is the maximum speed of a Bombardier CRJ-200?

    The Bombardier CRJ-200, a renowned regional airliner, achieves a maximum speed of approximately 870 km/h (540 mph). This impressive speed allows for efficient and timely transportation, ensuring passengers reach their destinations promptly. However, its typical cruising speed during regular flight operations is around 785 km/h (487 mph). The cruising speed allows for optimal fuel efficiency and a smooth journey for passengers on board. The Bombardier CRJ-200 has a typical cruising altitude range of 9,100 to 12,500 metres (30,000 to 41,000 ft).

  • Why charter a Bombardier CRJ-200?

    Chartering a Bombardier CRJ-200 offers a range of benefits and advantages for various travel needs. Here are some compelling reasons to consider chartering this aircraft.

    • Flexibility and Convenience: Leasing offers flexibility in terms of fleet size and duration. Chartering a CRJ-200 also provides the flexibility to create a personalised travel itinerary tailored to your specific requirements. You can choose departure and arrival times that align with your schedule, allowing for efficient and convenient travel. 
    • Access to Regional Airports: The CRJ-200’s compact size enables it to operate from smaller regional airports that may not be accessible to larger aircraft. This allows you to reach your desired destination closer to your final destination, saving time and avoiding congested major airports.
    • Privacy and Comfort: When you charter a CRJ-200, you have the entire aircraft for yourself and your travel companions. This ensures a private and comfortable flying experience, without the presence of other passengers. You can relax, work, or hold confidential discussions in a secluded and exclusive environment.
    • Customised Service: Chartering a CRJ-200 allows you to receive personalised and attentive service from the dedicated crew on board. From in-flight catering options to specific amenities or special requests, AEROAFFAIRES can tailor the experience to meet your preferences and needs.
    • Efficient Regional Travel: The CRJ-200 is specifically designed for regional flights, making it an ideal choice for reaching destinations within a shorter distance. Its efficiency and range enable quick and direct connections between regional hubs, facilitating seamless travel experiences.
    • Time-Saving and Productivity: By chartering a CRJ-200, you can minimise time spent in security lines, boarding procedures, and baggage claim. This allows for more productive use of your travel time, whether it’s for business meetings, team collaboration, or personal pursuits.
    • Safety and Reliability: The CRJ-200 is a well-established and trusted aircraft known for its safety and reliability. Charter operators adhere to stringent maintenance and operational standards, ensuring a secure and dependable flight experience.
    • Cost Efficiency: Leasing a CRJ-200 provides a cost-effective option compared to purchasing. 
  • How much does a Bombardier CRJ-200 cost?

    Even though the production of the CRJ-200 ended in 2006, many of these aircraft remain in service and are available for sale. In 2020, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries acquired the entire CRJ line from Bombardier, ensuring ongoing support for these aircraft. The cost of a Bombardier CRJ-200 can vary depending on factors such as its age, condition, configuration, and prevailing market conditions. On average, the price for a Bombardier CRJ-200 aircraft is approximately €18 million ($20 million USD). For those considering chartering, the typical price per hour for a CRJ-200 is around €8,100.

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