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Airbus Corporate Jets (ACJ), is a subsidiary of the European aeronautics, space and defence group: Airbus SAS. Airbus ACJ is fully dedicated to the construction and marketing of business jets for the private and chartered aviation markets. In 2014, Benoit Defforge was named CEO of the company.

About Airbus

Airbus is a European aircraft manufacturer, formed at the end of the 1960s after the merging of several European aviation groups. Today, it is one of the world’s leading aircraft manufacturers, with its headquarters based in Toulouse, France. Since 1965, the company has been working on various projects that have been very successful with major airlines worldwide. In 1974, one of the first Airbus models, the A300B, a medium-haul aircraft, made its first commercial flight.

At the 51st Paris Air Show, Airbus presented its helicopters and drones, which it designs and manufactures alongside its aircraft.

What is business aviation?

Business aviation refers to tailor-made air transport for passengers for non-touristic purposes. A business aircraft is different from a commercial or regular-haul aircraft as it is capable of taking off and landing on short runways. This allows it to make use of small airfields. This is where the role of the air broker comes into play. They are available at any time to respond to their customers’ demands and also to carry out feedback afterwards, in order to provide the best services and price. Their strong point is without doubt their reactivity and support provided throughout the booking process.

Business aviation covers a range of activities and tasks. For example, the customer has the choice between VIP flights, cargo flights, medical flights, or even group flights for business seminars.

There are many advantages of business aviation, such as time saving, as the customer is no longer subject to a schedule or geographical constraints. It also gives flexibility, as the air broker takes care of potential problems. Safety is guaranteed, as the aircraft are subject to the same safety rules as commercial aircraft. And comfort is key, as the customer is offered luxurious products. This way of travelling is now presented as a productivity tool for businesses.

Initiatives of the aircraft manufacturer ACJ – Airbus Corporate Jet

Airbus is one of the global leaders in the aviation industry. The majority of its productions are intended for regular-haul and commercial aviation. In 1997, Airbus became a major competitor to the American giant Boeing. It was then that it started to produce business aircraft; the Airbus Corporate Jet. ACJs adapt to the demands and needs of each client.

The company offers a choice of a range of predefined cabin concepts, or a full customization of the Airbus business jet, depending on specific needs. With the help of skilled designers and engineers, ACJ provides peace of mind by taking care of every detail. The building of trust with its customers is key for this leading European company to fully understand their needs in order to create the perfect aircraft, where customers will feel at ease.

Airbus also offers a variety of luxury helicopters: Airbus Corporate Helicopters (ACH). These services are provided for both private and professional use. Customers can make use of the best-in-class products, with a custom-made finishing touch and quality service.

Finally, the European manufacturer seeks to build a greener future by finding solutions and developing products that do not pollute or damage the environment.

Experiences within ACJ

Airbus Corporate Jets rely on 4 key foundations for the success of its projects.

Connectivity: ACJ allows you to move with ease and freedom. That’s why you can choose your destinations by flying directly to anywhere you want, while doing the activities you love.

Comfort: nowhere is as comfortable as your own home. This has been taken into account by the European manufacturer, who now brings this to its products. No matter which ACJ you choose, comfort and wellbeing for you, your family or your business partners is crucial and guaranteed. In fact, depending on the model you choose, the company gives the option of choosing your own cabin design and layout.

Entertainment: products are designed and manufactured in a truly innovative way so you can benefit from state-of-the-art piloting adapted to all your needs.

Value for money: ACJ takes all your interests to heart. The aircraft have been designed and built to offer you the best value for money compared to any other bizjet or bizliner on the market.

The fleet of the aircraft manufacturer ACJ, Airbus Corporate jet

Since 1965, the year of its creation, Airbus has been involved in the construction of several civil and military aircraft. These aircraft have had major success with airlines such as Air France, Air Canada and Emirates Airlines, its main customer. The European aircraft manufacturer has 4 different models of private jets. Depending on the model, they can hold between 8 and 25 passengers.

We will introduce you to their fleet of private aircraft for business aviation.

ACJ TwoTwenty: This private jet is a long-haul aircraft that can accommodate up to 18 passengers, not including the crew and the captain. Its flying range is 10,463 km. Today, they are the pioneer of a new market: “The Xtra Large Bizjet”. This new service is equipped with the latest technology and decorated with advanced materials and systems. The cabins were designed by Sylvain Mariat, and offer customized interiors and handcrafted furnishings, which customers can personalize according to their demands. The aircraft has the capacity to fly for 12 hours non-stop, and also to take off on a short journey to land wherever you want.

However, the first operational ACJ TwoTwenty is scheduled for early 2023.

ACJ Neo: This service offers a wide range of customization options. With more than 15 years of experience in VIP cabin equipment, ACJ is the only high-end aircraft manufacturer with over 70 professionally approved cabins.

The aircraft comes in two different models:

  • ACJ 319 NEO: This aircraft, with its 83m2 cabin, can accommodate up to 8 passengers on board an intercontinental distance of 12,501 km. This makes it a long-haul aircraft with a range of over 15 hours of non-stop flight.
  • ACJ 320 NEO: This aircraft has the capacity to carry up to 25 passengers over an intercontinental distance of 11,112 km. Its cabin size is a large 96m2. It is therefore a long-haul aircraft with a range of over 13 hours of non-stop flight.
  • ACJ 330 NEO:This private jet takes you to over 400 airports. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the ACJ 330 NEO provides optimal comfort with a surface area of 243m2. You can take advantage of the different cabin models (ACJ 330-800 or 330-900) that are offered and customize them according to your needs. With 25 passengers on board, the aircraft can travel 19,260 km for 22 hours non-stop. At the launch of the aircraft, the ACJ 330 NEO received 117 firm orders.

ACJ 350: This service is based on the A330 model, but is intended for business aviation and is tailor-made. It takes you to 12 different destinations around the world, from America to Asia to South Africa. On average, the fuel consumption of an aircraft is 3.5 litres per 10 km per passenger, while the ACJ 350 consumes only 2.5 litres using this same scale. This makes it a major competitor that addresses one of the most important issues in today’s society. Moreover, this gem offers you a unique experience with great comfort and innovative technologies. This aircraft has the greatest flying range of 20,557 km, or more than 22 hours of non-stop intercontinental flight. Like the ACJ 330 NEO, there are two models of the ACJ 350: the ACJ 350-900 and the ACJ 350-1000, both of which can carry 25 passengers.

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