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ACJ 350: Introduction



Designed and manufactured by AIRBUS, the ACJ 350 (Airbus Corporate Jets) is a long-haul jet embodying innovation, efficiency and comfort. It offers non-stop flights between London and Auckland, Beijing and Toronto, and Buenos Aires and Jeddah. Designed to offer sumptuous comfort and exceptional flight autonomy, this aircraft combines Airbus technological innovation with high-end personalization, offering an unrivaled travel experience for discerning travelers and prestigious companies. Find out more about this unique aircraft with AEROAFFAIRES.


ACJ 350: a little history


The history of the ACJ350 dates back to the early 2000s, when the need to replace aging long-haul aircraft became apparent in the commercial aviation market. Airbus undertook the development of the A350 as a response to the growing demand for performance, fuel efficiency and passenger comfort.

The A350 program underwent several evolutions before giving birth to the XWB version, featuring a wider cabin and significant technological innovations. Launched in 2006, the A350 XWB made its maiden flight in 2013 and was delivered to airlines in 2014.

The ACJ350, the business aviation version, was then introduced to meet the specific needs of customers looking for a world-class private aircraft. With its first delivery in 2019, the ACJ350 continued the legacy of Airbus excellence by offering a combination of exceptional performance and customizable luxury in business aviation.


The interior of the ACJ 350


The interior of the Airbus ACJ350 is a shining example of luxury and comfort. Designed to meet the requirements of the most demanding business travelers, this aircraft offers luxurious spaces and state-of-the-art equipment.

The cabin of the ACJ 350 features LED lighting, entertainment technology and several rooms including lounges, bedrooms, lavatories and galley.


Advantages of the ACJ 350


The ACJ 350 offers several major advantages, making it an attractive choice for customers looking for luxury and performance:

  • Autonomy: The ACJ350 offers extended flight autonomy, enabling non-stop intercontinental journeys. This offers considerable flexibility for business and corporate travelers to reach distant destinations without frequent stopovers.
  • Customized configuration: The interior of the ACJ350 can be fully customized to meet the specific needs and preferences of travelers. Various configurations offer sumptuous relaxation areas, private cabins, meeting rooms and more, creating a tailor-made flying experience.
  • Accessibility: Despite its imposing size, the ACJ350 is designed to access airports with shorter runways, offering greater flexibility for landing in more remote or less accessible destinations.


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Technical characteristics of the ACJ 350

  • Impressive size for comfort and entertainment: The ACJ 350 offers generous space to work or relax during business flights, providing a travel experience that combines convenience and entertainment.
  • Exceptional fuel efficiency: Despite its size, the ACJ 350 is 25% more fuel-efficient than its competitors, making it a strategic economic choice, especially in the face of fluctuating kerosene prices.
  • Advanced technologies and modern comfort: Equipped with innovative flight control systems and an 8-mode climate control system, this aircraft offers state-of-the-art technologies for a modern, comfortable flying experience.
  • Long time to overhaul: With a first structural overhaul only scheduled after 12 years, the ACJ 350 offers an additional economic advantage by reducing long-term maintenance costs.

Key advantages of the ACJ 350

  • Accommodates up to 25 passengers
    20,372 km range
  • Customized, soundproof cabin
  • Latest-generation Rolls-Royce Trent XWB 97 engine
  • 25% more fuel-efficient than competitors
    Latest-generation cockpit

Technical specifications of ACJ 350

General informations

  • Manufacturer AIRBUS
  • Model ACJ 350
  • Classification Long Range Jets
  • Crew 2
  • Seats 25
  • Luggage compartment volume 255 m³
  • Toilet oui


  • Interior Height 225 m
  • Interior Width 561 m


  • Cruising speed 1049 km/h
  • Range 20372 km

ACJ 350 cabin

  • Height 2,25 m
  • Width 5,61 m
  • Length 51,04 m
  • Seats 25

ACJ 350 performance

  • Cruising speed 1 049 km/h
  • Autonomy 20 372 km
  • Ceiling 13 100 m

ACJ 350 dimensions

  • Lenght 66,8 m
  • Height 17,05 m
  • Span 64,75 m

ACJ 350 motorisation

  • Engines Rolls-Royce Trent XWB 97
  • What is the maximum speed of the ACJ 350?

    The maximum speed of the ACJ 350 is 1049 km/h.

  • Why rent an ACJ 350 ?

    The ACJ 350 offers 300 m² of luxurious space. Here you can work, sleep and play while traveling the world. This aircraft can fly non-stop for 22 hours to any destination in the world.

  • How to rent an ACJ 350 ?

    To rent an ACJ 350, you can contact an airline broker or an airline directly.

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