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Description of Gulfstream GV/G500 Jet

Gulfstream GV/G500: Introduction


The Gulfstream GV/G500 is manufactured and developed by the air constructor GULFSTREAM.

The G5 is the first long-haul private jet. The G500 and G500 are both long-haul jetliners derivated from the G5. With their innovative capacities, these jets are among the most technologically advanced in the world. Discover the Gulfstream G5 with AEROAFFAIRES.


Gulfstream G5: A bit of History


Some key events:


  • October 14, 2014: Gulfstream announces the launch of the G500 and G600
  • May 18, 2015: The G500 performs its first flight
  • July 27, 2018: The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) officially certifies the G500
  • September 27, 2018: Gulfstream announces that the first G500 delivery has been made
  • February 28, 2019: The G500 is officially certified by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)


Some key numbers:


  • $45 million: the price of a Gulfstream G500
  • >60: The number of G500 orders in 2021
  • >35: The number of G500 delivered to clients worldwide in 2021



Interior of the Gulfstream GV/G500


The Cabin:


The interior of the Gulfstream G500 is conceived to offer an optimal level of comfort to its passengers.


The cabin is 2.41 meters large and 1.91 meters high. This allows passengers to freely roam the aircraft. The configuration of the cabin allows it to welcome between 12 and 19 passengers.


It is possible to relax inside the 500 thanks to the reclinable seats that can turn into flat beads equipped in the cabin. This helps in offering passengers a comfortable night’s sleep.


The aircraft is also equipped with a large and fully furnished kitchen in order to prepare meals and snacks.


The entertainment system of the G500 is composed of:

  • High-Definition flat screens
  • Wi-fi Connection
  • High-quality audio systems
  • On-demand video


A temperature system is also present onboard, in order to maintain a comfortable temperature during flight time.


The cabin portholes are wider than average, which allows for a panoramic view during flight time and an increased feeling of brightness inside the cabin.


The Cockpit


The cockpit of the Gulfstream G500 is conceived to offer pilots the best ergonomic and intuitive flight experience.


The cabin is also equipped with an advanced air system which comprises:

  • 4 large LCD screens
  • a Head-up display
  • Electronical (fly-by-wire) commands
  • A complete navigation and communication system sequence


Moreover, the cockpit of the G500 is also equipped with an advanced security system that includes:

  • A meteorological radar
  • A Trafic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS)
  • an Enhanced Flight Vision System (EFVS)
  • A flight surveillance system (FDR/CVR)


The configuration of the cockpit allows it to welcome 2 pilots or crew members. The cockpit is made up of:

  • Ergonomic and comfortable seats
  • An easily-accessible central command center


The pilots can also use manual control device plans for more precise control of the aircraft in all circumstances.


Finally, a Synthetic Vision System (SVS) is also equipped on the G500 which provides a graphical representation of the outside environment. This helps pilots take critical and rapid decisions during flight time.


The Advantages of a Gulfstream GV or G500 Private Jet


The Gulfstream GV, G500, and G500 present numerous advantages. Its seats can transform freely into beds in order to relax during night flights, such as those linking London to Los Angeles, all while enjoying the panoramic views thanks to the presence of large portholes.

  • Flight Autonomy:  The flight autonomy of the GULFSTREAM G500 exceeds 10 000 km. As such, the aircraft can fly almost anywhere in the world without having to make stopovers.
  • Performance: The GULFSTREAM G500 can reach 996 km/h. This allows for significant time-saving. This time-saving is essential for business aviation clients. This aircraft thus represents a major asset.
  • Comfort: The aircraft’s spacious cabin gives the client a strong feeling of freedom. The seats are highly comfortable and allow passengers to be productive and feel at home during the trip.
  • Profitability: Although it is very costly, the G500 offers competitive operational costs due to its low maintenance cost, energy efficiency, and high availability.
  • Flexibility: The G500 is able to take off and land on short runways, which allows access to a greater number of airports that are often closer to the final destination. This reduces transportation time and allows passengers to gain more time.


Charter a Gulfstream G500 with AEROAFFAIRES:

Whether you are looking to charter a private jet for your next business trip, to ensure the safe and discreet transport of a VIP, or simply to fly your family out to your next holiday destination, this aircraft is adaptable to a wide variety of needs.

For those seeking the privacy of a private jet charter, renting a Gulfstream G500 Jet offers great discretion when transporting VIPs. Professionals are protected from any threat of eavesdropping, industrial espionage, or even physical threat. The same goes for high-profile politicians and public figures, who benefit from the personalized service and privacy provided by private air charters.

Thinking about renting a Gulfstream G5 Jet for your next trip? Get in touch with us to request a free, no-commitment quote or contact our air experts 24/7 at +33 (0) 1 44 09 91 82.

Learn more about the Gulfstream G5 Jet

The GULFSTREAM G5 jet made its first flight in 1995 as the first ultra-long-range business aircraft. The GULFSTREAM G500 & GULFSTREAM G550 are two long-haul aircraft that evolved from the G5. These innovative jets are among the most technologically advanced private aircraft on the market.

For private jet rental, AEROAFFAIRES offers the GULFSTREAM G5, G500, and G550 for your private or business trips. These jets have a capacity of up to 16 passengers with a spacious and modern interior that can be segmented into different living areas. With a range of up to 10000 km and a speed of around 0.88 Mach, its range and reliability are real strengths.


Fare Route Examples with the Gulfstream G500


The prices are only provided for informational purposes and do not reflect the current rates which are subject to evolution. To estimate the price of your flight, please contact us to establish a quotation that will fit your requirements. 

From Los Angeles to Tokyo: starting at 131 200 €

From London to New York: starting at 56 650 €

Commercial features of Gulfstream GV/G500 Jet

With a capacity of up to 16 people and 8 beds, the GULFSTREAM G5, G500 & G550 can take you from Los Angeles to Tokyo in one night.

Equipped with an onboard toilet, the jet offers many other facilities such as a kitchen. The spacious interiors and panoramic views will make your flight aboard the GULFSTREAM a pleasure

Key Benefits of Gulfstream GV/G500 Jet

  • Spacious, hi-tech cabin
  • Long range
  • Large baggage compartment
  • Seats up to 16 passengers

Technical specifications of Gulfstream GV/G500 Jet

General informations

  • Model GULFSTREAM GV - G500
  • Classification Long Range Jets
  • Crew 2 pilots + flight attendant
  • Seats 12-15
  • Luggage compartment volume 47 m³
  • Toilet no
  • Hourly rates 5766 €/hour
  • Purchase Price 35000000 €


  • Interior Height 1.88 m m
  • Interior Width 2.24 m m


  • Cruising speed 830 km/h
  • Range 11000 km

Cabin of the GULFSTREAM G500

  • Height 1.85 m
  • Width 2.22 m
  • Length 15.2 m
  • Seats 12-16

Performance of the GULFSTREAM G500

  • Speed 996 km/h
  • Autonomy 10,742 km
  • Maximum Elevation 15,544.8 m

Dimensions of the GULFSTREAM G500

  • Height 7.65 m
  • Length 29 m
  • Wingspan 28,4 m

Engine of the GULFSTREAM G500

  • Engine Rolls-Royce BR700

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Jet privé Gulfstream G500 décollage au-dessus de la mer

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Jet privé Gulfstream G500 décollage au-dessus de la mer

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  • What is the maximum speed of a GULFSTREAM G500

    The maximum speed of a GULFSTREAM G500 is 996 km/h.

  • Why rent a GULFSTREAM G500?

    The GULFSTREAM G500 is able to travel at a significant speed, which allows for important time0saving.

    As such, it can carry up to 16 passengers on relatively long distances.

    Its flight autonomy reaches 10,742k km, which allows it to fly from Paris to Singapore without stopping to refuel.

  • What is the price of a GULFSTREAM G500?

    The price of a GULFSTREAM G500 is $45,000,000.

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