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Description of FALCON 6X

Do you want to benefit from an exceptional flight aboard the Falcon 6X ? AEROAFFAIRES gives you all the keys and advantages of this little jewel of business aviation signed Dassault Aviation.

A high-performance jet, at the cutting edge of technology

While Dassault planned to launch the Falcon 5X, it is ultimately the 6X that will replace it. Due to delays in the design of its Silvercrest engine, Dassault finally abandoned this first project in favor of the Falcon 6X.

It actually has nothing to envy the 5X since it is equipped with PW812D engines from Pratt & Whitney Canada , defying all competition in terms of power. The jet will therefore be able to reach 10,186 km non-stop , enough to cover distances such as ParisTokyo . This makes the 6X a high performance aircraft with a very long range , surpassing the capabilities of its predecessor, the Falcon 8X .

These propel it not only to a maximum speed of 1,100km / h , but also to 1st place in its category. It then turns out to be a major rival for the Gulfstream G550 and G600.

In line with the combat aircraft launched by Dassault, the 6X will be equipped with one of the most advanced and technological cockpits in the industry. For example, pilots will be able to benefit from digital flight controls , as opposed to traditional ones, allowing them to change their path optimized.

A very comfortable cabin

The Falcon 6X is considered a long-haul private jet . It has a very spacious cabin with a volume of 52.2 m3 , which can accommodate 16 passengers . The 50cm lengthening of the fuselage imposed by the new engine makes the cabin very flexible in terms of layout.

Measuring 1.98m high and 2.58m wide by 12.3m long, the cabin is the tallest and widest of any aircraft designed for business flights.

All these elements offer a spectacular cocktail: a warm and quiet cabin, with a modern style and 100% customizable.

The 6X is expected to make its maiden flight in early 2021 and will begin marketing in 2022 .

Key Benefits of FALCON 6X

  • il est doté d’une cabine spacieuse de 12 mètres de long avec 3 espaces distincts: un salon confortable, un espace de travail et une kitchenette
  • il dispose d’un hublot au plafond qui confère une luminosité exceptionnelle à la cabine
  • il est équipé de moteurs Pratt & Whitney, et pourra parcourir des distances telles que ParisLos Angeles sans escale
  • il est doté de flaperons stabilisateurs, qui lui permettent d’atterrir en toute sécurité sur des pistes en pente difficiles comme celle de l’aéroport de Saint-Tropez La Môle

Commercial features of FALCON 6X

Alliant capacités techniques et design de luxe, le Falcon 6X répondra aux exigences de tous nos passagers.

Il est idéal pour des vols moyen et long-courriers.

Technical specifications of FALCON 6X

  • Manufacturer DASSAULT AVIATION
  • Model Falcon 6X
  • Classification Long Range Jets
  • Seats 16
  • Speed 980 km/h
  • Hourly rates 2 200 €/hour
  • Range 10 186 km
  • Interior Height 1,98 m
  • Interior Width 2,58 m
  • Luggage compartment volume 4.4 3 m³
  • Crew 2 pilotes
  • Toilet oui
  • Purchase Price 38 000 000 €

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