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In this article, AEROAFFAIRES presents the Falcon Family from Dassault Aviation. These jets have high engineering standards and are at the cutting edge of technology. They are highly sought-after, iconic models in the private aviation sector. Dassault is constantly striving to improve its aircraft to meet these standards in the aviation market.


The Falcon range


Dassault Falcon Jet is a subsidiary of the French aerospace group Dassault Aviation. The manufacturer operates military and business jets and has sold more than 10,000 aircraft in almost 90 countries. The first Falcon flew on 4 May 1963.

The Falcon range now comprises six models. The latest, the Falcon 10X, is currently under construction and is due to enter service in 2025.

The reputation of the manufacturer and of this range of aircraft is possible thanks to numerous competitive advantages from a technological point of view, from a comfort point of view, for their level of versatility and also for their lower fuel consumption compared to the same types of aircraft produced by other manufacturers. In fact, Falcon business jets claim to consume on average 30% to 50% less fuel than its antagonists. This family of business jets is one of the leaders in the large-cabin jet market, and its reputation is well established.

The aircraft manufacturer Dassault makes almost three quarters of its turnover from Falcon sales.

They are also used by the French army for maritime surveillance purposes.


The 6 Falcon models


You can find information on each of the aircraft on our blog, but here is a short presentation of the Falcon jet fleet.


The Falcon 10X


The new Falcon 10X will be the largest and most powerful private jet ever designed by Dassault. The aim of the new aircraft is to challenge its competitors, Bombardier and Gulfstream. Production was announced on 25 May 2022 and it is expected to enter service by the end of 2025. The Falcon 10X promises luxurious business travel in an ultra-spacious, state-of-the-art cabin.


Falcon 10X Dassault Falcon
Credit Photo : Dassault Aviation


The Falcon 8X


This top-of-the-range aircraft was launched in 2016. Derived from the more powerful Falcon 7X, the Falcon 8X’s range allows it to fly to most of the world’s major capitals. This aircraft has a great autonomy which allows it to operate as an airliner. Offering the widest range of possible configurations on the business aviation market, it can be fitted out in the most appropriate way to meet your needs.


Credit Photo : Dassault Aviation


The Falcon 7X


This aircraft was put into service in 2005. It is an emblem of the French airline industry in the world of private aviation. It is one of the most coveted aircraft for business travel by company directors. It has a large seating capacity as it can carry up to 14 passengers over long distances. This Dassault tri-cruiser is one of the manufacturer’s most successful private jets.


Falcon 7X
Credit Photo : Dassault Aviation


The Falcon 6X


The Falcon 6X is the newest member of the Falcon family, arriving on the market in 2021. It is also considered a long-haul private jet. Its cabin is the tallest and widest of any aircraft designed for business flights. Combining technological capabilities and luxury design, the Falcon 6X meets all passenger requirements.


Falcon 6X
Credit Photo : Dassault Aviation


The Falcon 900LX


This latest aircraft was certified in 2010. It has a long range and can carry up to 6 passengers. With a range of 8200km, a spacious cabin and 3 jet engines, it is also one of the most popular private jets, just like the other Falcons. It offers outstanding flight safety and great flexibility in flight planning thanks to its flight altitude. It has a range of up to 8,800km. The Falcon 900 can be used for civil and business aviation as well as for official missions such as transporting heads of state. It can also be transformed into a military aircraft. Like most Falcon jets, this jet seats 12 to 14 passengers. On-board facilities include toilets, a galley and a large baggage compartment accessible to passengers from their cabin.


Falcon 900LX
Credit Photo : Dassault Aviation


The Falcon 2000LXS 


This category of aircraft is one of the leading “Super Midsize Jets”. Indeed, it is capable of accommodating between 8 and 12 passengers on board. It is an excellent option for passengers familiar with business aviation. The advantages of this aircraft are the comfort of the travellers thanks to its spacious and high-end cabin and its large luggage compartment which allows to carry 14 medium-sized suitcases. It has several relaxation areas with a forward galley, folding seats, toilet and various customisations can be combined to create a relaxing travel environment. The Falcon 2000 can take you on long distance trips with a range of 7400 km.


Falcon 2000LXS
Credit Photo : Dassault Aviation




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