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Dassault launches the Falcon 10X, its most powerful private jet

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The latest addition to the Falcon family will be the largest and most powerful private jet ever designed by the French aircraft manufacturer. Capable of flying non-stop from Paris to Tokyo, and of flying for up to 15 hours, in an ultra-spacious cabin, the Falcon 10X is the new flagship of its range. With this new aircraft, Dassault’s objective is clear: to challenge its competitors Bombardier and Gulfstream.

© Dassault Aviation

Dassault’s entry into the very long-range aircraft segment

On Thursday 6 May 2021, Dassault announced the launch of its brand new Falcon model. After the 7X in 2010, the 8X in 2014 and the 6X in 2018, here is the Falcon 10X. With this aircraft, Dassault wants to strike hard and finally enter the segment of very long-range aircraft. While the Falcon 8X has a range of around 12,000 km, the Falcon 10X has a range of 13,900 km. The aircraft manufacturer thus hopes to break the duopoly of Bombardier and Gulfstream in this segment. Like the Global 7500 and G700, the Falcon 10X will be able to connect all points on the planet, but from even shorter runways.

The travel possibilities are thus multiplied thanks to this concentrate of power and innovation. Its range of 7,500 NM, almost 14,000 km, promises long journeys despite an operational cruising speed of Mach 0.85. From Paris, it will be possible to reach Tokyo or Santiago de Chile without stopovers. It will be possible to fly from Hong Kong to Cape Town or Beirut, and from Los Angeles to Sydney. Note that its maximum speed will be Mach 0.925.


The most spacious cabin ever created

To distinguish itself from competing aircraft, Dassault is banking on the size of the Falcon 10X cabin. Many expected the cabin to be a lengthened version of the Falcon 6X, but Dassault decided to go big. The cabin has a ceiling height of 2.03m and a width of 2.77m. This makes it the most spacious cabin in business aviation.

The first images show a modern and bright interior, thanks to the 38 windows it contains. This XXL cabin offers a multitude of layouts thanks to four separate lounges, a large suite with bathroom, a home cinema, a lounge and a large dining room. Dassault has thought of everything to enable passengers to spend up to 15 hours in an ultra-luxurious environment.

© Dassault Aviation

The French aircraft manufacturer goes even further for passenger comfort. Indeed, to limit their fatigue, the cabin pressurisation is equivalent to that of an altitude of 915m. This limits the inconveniences associated with flying, such as dry throats, fatigue, etc. Dassault also claims to have the quietest cabin. Thanks to a system of closed compartments, which include seats that can be converted into beds, passengers enjoy perfect privacy.


New structure and ultra-efficient motorisation

With the Falcon 10X, Dassault is unveiling a beautiful wing made from strong, lightweight composite materials. Specially designed for speed and performance, the aircraft’s wings will be equipped with features that provide excellent manoeuvrability even at low speeds.

© Dassault Aviation

For the engine, Dassault has for the first time called on Rolls-Royce. After its misadventure with Safran, the manufacturer preferred to choose the American engine manufacturer.

The Falcon 10X will be equipped with two Rolls-Royce Pearl 10X engines. This is the latest, largest and most powerful version of the Pearl series, with over 18,000 pounds (80kN) of thrust.


State-of-the-art avionics

The second asset of the latest Falcon is its state-of-the-art avionics. In the images of the cockpit unveiled by Dassault, we can see that particular attention has been paid to this area. Indeed, it includes several innovations.

© Dassault Aviation

Starting with a head-up display (HUD) that can model the environment and allow pilots to see as if in daylight during night flights. There is also a surprising new feature. The throttles have been replaced by a unique intelligent control, automatically adapting the power required according to the needs and conditions of the flight. The man-machine interfaces have been redesigned and the automation developed to allow a single pilot to take over a flight. In case of emergency, he can activate the emergency mode. The system returns the aircraft to a safe configuration.

Dassault is a visionary and anticipates future technological and regulatory developments in the field of air traffic control and pilot workload. Today, three pilots are needed to fly long-haul flights of 15 hours. But regulations could change and the Falcon 10X will already be ready for take-off.

The Falcon 10X is scheduled to enter service in 2025 and is priced at $75 million.


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