Falcon 10 Private Jet Hire

Falcon 10 Private Jet Hire
Falcon 10 Private Jet Hire Falcon 10 Private Jet Hire

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Description of FALCON 10 / 100

Dassault Falcon Jets launched this eponymous aircraft in prototype flight on December 1, 1970: the success of this aircraft with very avant-garde lines for the time is immediate.

Twenty years of production will confirm the supremacy of this aircraft over its competitors despite a higher price per flight hour. Dassault Falcon has always been able to combine beautiful design and exceptional flight performance, on-board comfort and particularly appreciable flight speeds: the “corporate bullet”, as pilots called it at the time of its launch, flies at 850km/h and reaches points 3,000km apart.

A twin-engine aircraft with 5-6 seats, the Falcon 10 has a cabin that is almost 4 metres long and 1.5 metres high, allows for face-to-face club seating and has a hold that can easily accommodate 5 suitcases.

It is a very fast aircraft, which allows to connect BaselAthens in 3h10 or ParisAthens in 3h30, for example. Excellent aircraft for a day trip without wasting time in transport.

Key Benefits of FALCON 10 / 100

  • Can accommodate up to 6 people
  • Good range for travel in Europe
  • Capacity for five pieces of luggage in the hold

Commercial features of FALCON 10 / 100

The Falcon 10/100 combines beauty and comfort.

With seating for up to six passengers, the configuration allows four of the passengers to enjoy the flight face to face. The seating is of the highest standard, enhanced by the presence of windows, allowing the most beautiful views to be enjoyed.

With a range of 3,000 kilometres, the private jet is ideal for exploring Europe. Equipped with toilets, the Falcon allows for fairly long non-stop flights.

Some examples of fares per route

The prices below are given as an indication. To estimate the price of your trip, please contact us in order to establish a quote that will meet your exact requirements.

From Paris to Geneva : from 4,200 EUROS

From Nice to London : from 6 150 EUROS

From Paris to Mykonos : from 15 000 EUROS

Technical specifications of FALCON 10 / 100

  • Manufacturer DASSAULT AVIATION
  • Model FALCON 10 / 100
  • Classification Light Jets
  • Seats 5-6
  • Speed 850 km/h
  • Hourly rates 4 100 €/hour
  • Range 3000 km
  • Interior Height 1.43 m
  • Interior Width 1.43 m
  • Luggage compartment volume 1.3 m³
  • Crew 2 pilots
  • Toilet yes
  • Purchase Price 8 000 000 €

FALCON 10 / 100 in pictures

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