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How to hire a private jet?

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Are you planning a special trip and have decided to hire a private jet? You’ve made the right choice! In constant expansion, business aviation offers a multitude of advantages: time saving, flexibility, comfort… With the development of brokerage platforms in particular, hiring private jets has never been so simple, fast and accessible. Following the example of the biggest CEOs, you too can travel aboard a luxurious and tailor-made private jet.

However, if you’ve never used this mode of transport before, this article may be of interest to you. We’ll take you step-by-step through the steps you need to take to charter a private jet in complete safety.

Step 1: Choosing a private jet hire site

As a first step, you will need to choose the right private jet hire platform for you. The role of these sites is to put airline operators and customers in touch with each other. They have real-time visibility on various aircraft certified for Public Transport, to offer you tailor-made aviation services in complete safety. These tools are therefore aimed directly at passengers, by generating and comparing different flight proposals. Depending on the site, you will be able to obtain an estimate of the price of your flight almost immediately, wherever you are. Rather than calling on each airline, you can take advantage of the broker’s advice to help you make your choice while saving time.

Step 2: choosing your flight

Choosing the flight is the second step in the process. Two solutions are then available to you, depending on your priority:

  • To save money: the use of empty flights
  • For a flight tailored to your requirements: the use of tailor-made private jet hire

What is meant by empty flights? Empty flights, also known as “ghost” or “empty legs” flights, refer to the return flights of private jets to their base after their run. They are actually positioning flights, which account for 40% of business flights. Certain companies have then bounced back on this economic air bubble and decided to make these famous return flights profitable. If the prices will be very attractive or even broken, you will have to adapt to the offers proposed. A cheap solution, but far from being made-to-measure.

If you wish to experience a 100% customised flight, we advise you to turn to the 2nd option. The flight will then depend on your criteria and priorities:

  • cities of arrival and departure;
  • number of passengers;
  • dates;
  • timetables;
  • desired services.


Step 3: get a quote

The third step is to obtain your quote. Depending on the brokerage platform chosen, the deadlines and customer service will vary. Following your online request for a quote, some brokerage companies such as AEROAFFAIRES will contact you directly by telephone to better understand your needs. Taking into account all the criteria indicated, several commercial offers with different aircraft models and prices will be sent to you.

Step 4: select your aircraft

The 4th step is entirely up to you, it is the selection of your private jet. You will then have to ask yourself what your real needs and desires are. A type of private jet with a certain cruising speed and autonomy will be advised to cover the required distance:

  • Turboprop for a distance of between 1,000 and 2,500 km.
  • Ultra-light private jet for a distance of 2500 km and a capacity of 4 passengers
  • Light private jet for distances between 1,500 and 3,200 km and a capacity of 7 passengers.
  • Intermediate private jet for distances between 3,000 and 4,000 km and a capacity of 10 passengers.
  • Private long-haul jet for an average distance of about 7000 km and a capacity of 16 passengers.

However, if you have special requirements such as a large hold or a bed on board, you will have to take them into consideration when making your choice. Therefore, you may have a preference among the different aircraft manufacturers on the market: Gulfstream, Bombardier, Dassault Aviation, Cessna, Embraer, Pilatus…

  • How much does it cost to hire a private jet?

Last but not least, the price of the flight. Wondering how much it costs to hire a private jet? Here are some examples of flight prices:


Step 5: Confirm your booking

The customer’s confirmation marks the end of the booking process. An invoice as well as a flight plan with the key information of your flight will be sent to you by email. At the time of confirmation, a 50% deposit will be required to reserve the selected aircraft with the airline operator. The flight plan contains the following information:

  • Itinerary with departure and arrival airport;
  • Timetable and duration of the flight;
  • The meeting points of the departure and arrival airports and their respective FBO companies;
  • A map with the precise access points to the airports;
  • Information about your aircraft with: model and registration number;
  • The phone number and names of the pilots.

Step 6: Getting to the airport

Once you have completed all the steps to hire a private jet, all you have to do is go to the airport indicated. On average, all you need to do is show up 20 minutes before take-off. Away from the airline-only terminals, you can enjoy a private terminal with a range of high-end services:

  • Lounge with WIFI to relax while waiting for your flight;
  • Meeting rooms for work;
  • Concierge service;
  • Catering service;
  • On-site customs service;
  • A space for pilots.

Step 7: Enjoy your flight

Because enjoying your flight is as important as booking it, we give you a few tips to know on board. Often, when it’s your first flight in a private jet, several questions arise. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions from our customers:

What should I wear on board a private jet?

Far from being reserved only for show-business stars, there is no “standard” outfit to wear. Any advice to follow? Arrive as comfortably as possible, the flight will be all the more pleasant.

Are toilets available for each flight?

A large majority of private jets have a toilet cabin. However, for smaller models such as turboprop aircraft, they may not be equipped with one. For other types of aircraft you will not have to worry about this problem.

Also, you will be able to go to the toilet whenever you want. The private jet thus offers greater flexibility than the airliner, for which it is prohibited to move during take-off and landing.

Is it possible to connect to WIFI on board a private jet?

In order to be sure, it is necessary to check this information on your flight plan. Nowadays, private jets are more and more connected and allow you to use your favourite electronic devices. If you are planning to work or play in front of your favourite series, it is advisable to tell your provider to check the Wifi access on board. They will be able to select for you devices with a satellite connection.

Is it possible to make a phone call on board a private jet?

As most of the time the aircraft is equipped with a satellite phone, it will be possible to make calls on board. If not, the crew will inform you.

What are the catering services on board?

Travelling in a private jet includes a large number of tailor-made services, including catering. AEROAFFAIRES works with recognised caterers who will be happy to take into account your dietary habits and preferences.

Do you have to carry your own luggage?

Carrying your luggage to the aircraft is the crew’s responsibility. Its members will know exactly where to place your suitcases, whether they are hand luggage or hold luggage.

However, we recommend that you find out beforehand about the capacity of the private jet. The number of pieces of luggage may influence your choice, as the size of the hold differs from one model to another. To give you an idea, here are two examples of private jets with different capacities:

  • For an ultra-light private jet like the Phenom 100: two pieces of hold luggage and two pieces of hand luggage.
  • For a long-haul private jet such as the Challenger 600: six pieces of hold luggage and six pieces of hand luggage.

Our air experts are at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your private flight on +33 (0) 1 44 09 91 82. Do not hesitate to go to our online quote to obtain a price estimate for your private flight.