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Beyond Aero has reached a significant milestone with the successful maiden flight of a prototype hydrogen-powered electric aircraft named Blériot. This represents a major step towards their ambitious goal of bringing a six-seat hydrogen-powered business jet into service by 2030. Discover with AEROAFFAIRES the fascinating story of this promising flight.

Beyond Aero: inaugurating the first electric flight

Beyond Aero is a pioneering company in the field of aviation. This French start-up is dedicated to the design and development of revolutionary aeronautical technologies. Indeed, with a bold vision of redefining the limits of flight, Beyond Aero recently completed its first flight with an innovative aircraft. Beyond Aero’s ambition is to design a hydrogen-powered business jet for up to 8 passengers. The project calls for a maximum speed of 575 km/h and an altitude of up to 30,000 feet.

Between January and February 2024, the prototype succeeded in reaching an altitude of 700 meters. It also reached a speed of 110 km/h during tests at Gap Tallard airfield. This flight marks a significant milestone in the history of aviation. It illustrates the company’s commitment to innovation and the search for advanced aviation solutions.

Beyond Aero: towards the future of business aviation

In the field of business aviation, technological advances and emerging trends herald an exciting future. Indeed, the coming decades foresee major changes in the way corporations and affluent travelers envision and use private aviation. Business jets will also feature more efficient propulsion systems and lighter materials. As a result, they will offer improved performance and greater fuel efficiency.

In addition, improved in-flight connectivity and in-flight entertainment systems are set to deliver a premium travel experience. At the same time, increased attention is being paid to environmental sustainability. This includes initiatives to reduce the carbon footprint of business aviation. By combining technical expertise and futuristic vision, Beyond Aero is paving the way for a new era of travel. Performance, sustainability and safety are at the heart of every innovation.

AEROAFFAIRES x Beyond AERO: a strategic partnership

AEROAFFAIRES and Beyond Aero have joined forces in a strategic partnership to meet the challenge of low-carbon aviation. The aim of the partnership is to combine AEROAFFAIRES’ expertise in organizing tailor-made flights with Beyond Aero’s innovative approach to developing new aeronautical technologies.

Indeed, the main objective is to accelerate the “decarbonization” of business aviation by consolidating the links between this sector and innovation players. This partnership symbolizes the shared vision of AEROAFFAIRES and Beyond Aero for the future of tailor-made aviation. By pooling their resources and fostering collaboration, we aspire to meet the challenges ahead in the aviation industry by offering innovative solutions that will redefine industry standards.

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  • What is AEROAFFAIRES doing to reduce the carbon footprint of its flights?

    AEROAFFAIRES is involved in the Sky CO2 program, aimed at financing the preservation of ecosystems in France. At the same time, we offer SAF (sustainable fuel) to all aircraft departing from Paris-Le Bourget airport.

  • How do AEROAFFAIRES customers benefit from the partnership with Beyond Aero?

    Customers will benefit from more innovative and sustainable solutions, while retaining tailor-made services and flight options. This will enable environmentally conscious business customers to continue their travel habits while reducing their carbon footprint.

  • What future projects are envisaged within the framework of this partnership?

    Future projects include the development of new aeronautical technologies, the creation of more sustainable flight solutions and the consolidation of bespoke aviation industry standards, while responding to emerging challenges in the sector.