The new Bombardier Global 8000 presented at the Business Aviation Summit

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Bombardier Aerospace presents its Global 8000 business jet as an unparalleled combination of comfort, reach and success, which should be at the top of business aviation.

As the world’s largest aircraft, the Global 8000 enables faster connections and opens the world to established and emerging markets for direct routes such as Los Angeles-Sydney, Hong Kong-New York, and Mumbai-New York.

The strengths of the Global 8000 :

• range of 7,900 NM at a speed of Mach 0.85, with eight passengers on board and cruising speed with an unbeatable Mach 0.90 capacity • have the largest and most comfortable cabin in its class

• has General Electric engines with low fuel consumption and low emissions.

External dimensions:

Length: 101.6 feet (30.97 meters)

Wingspan: 104.3 ft (31.79 m)

Overall Height: 26.7 ft (8.14 m)

Internal dimensions:

Cab Length: 50.6 ft (15.42 m)

Maximum cabin width: 8.17 ft (2.49 m)

Cab width: 6.92 feet (2.11 m)

Maximum cabin height: 6.25 feet (1.91 m)