Bombardier launches the twin jet challenger 350

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The Challenger 350 business jet meets the needs of customers wishing to use a business jet capable of delivering superior performance, increased comfort, unprecedented efficiency, absolute reliability and unparalleled value over competing aircraft.

With its revolutionary design cabin, extended range, superior base equipment and lower direct operating costs than any other competitor, the Challenger 350 is superior in every way.

A direct competitor of the Falcon 2000 S, the Challenger 350 is designed to carry up to 10 passengers and is still under development; it still remains to fix and certify its design and its nominal tolerances. Changes could still be made to the aircraft during design, manufacturing and certification.


Highlights  :

• Totally redesigned cab with bold aesthetics incorporating the latest advances in ergonomics

• 3,200 nautical miles at a cruising speed of Mach 0.8 with eight passengers (225 lbs each) *

• Expanded portholes, convenience of a flat floor and cabin as wide as that of a very long haul

• Unmatched rise times in the industry and the possibility of steep approaches

• Reduced wingtip wing for aerodynamic finesse

• Direct operating costs comparable to those of intermediate devices, unrivaled reliability and flawless execution.



Maximum climbing range: 3,200 NM / 3,682 SM / 5,926 km



Cruising speed: 541 mph – 850 km / h



Cabin length: 8.72 m

Maximum cabin width: 2.19 m

Cabin height: 1.86 m