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Since 1991, AEROAFFAIRES has been a recognized major player in air charter in the rental of private jet business jets, commercial aircraft, medium and large capacity helicopters. AEROAFFAIRES is at your service to rent private jet planes, helicopters from all over Europe and the world for the following missions:

• business theft

• incentive flight

• theft of public relations.

• urgent freight

• repatriation

• leisure flight

AEROAFFAIRES is the insurance of devices adapted to your needs whatever they are:

• Private jet business jet rental

• Private plane rental twin turboprop engines

• Helicopter Rental

• Rental of commercial aircraft or medium and large capacity long, medium and short-haul lines.

As soon as you confirm the device you want to use, in less than five minutes, AEROAFFAIRES sends you the following:

• Charter agreement showing the conditions of the quote, with the following summary:

• confirmation of the selected device.

• complete journey (s) of the mission

• departure and arrival times for each trip

• number of passengers to be carried on each trip.

• services included on board or ordered in supplement on estimate.

• amount excluding taxes and taxes of the flight.

Upon receipt of the contract returned signed, your flight is immediately confirmed!

• Conditions of sale for a complete and flawless transparency guaranteeing your flight and avoid surprises that can usually happen with other companies.

• Flight invoice showing the conditions of the contract.


How is the organization of your flight with AEROAFFAIRES?

On receipt of the signed contract and the list of passengers, AEROAFFAIRES sends you back:

• A complete flight plan summarizing your trip for a stress-free and time-wasting trip, including the following summary information:

  • Complete journey
  • Dates of the trip (s)
  •  Departure and arrival times in local time, including time differences.
  •  Flight time for each trip
  •  Device type confirmed by quote.
  • Registration of the device o Flight number of the aircraft
  • Coordinates and mobile crew company
  • Airport information (s) including meeting point and telephone number
  • Services included or ordered on request on board for each trip.
  • Airport access plan (s).


AEROAFFAIRES, ensures you to have the same commercial interlocutor who will keep in contact with you or your passengers, throughout the mission. From the assumption of your request of estimate until the end of the flight. AT

EROAFFAIRES is the guarantee to be kept informed in real time of all operations related to the flight. From the reception of passengers at the airport, to the movements of the aircraft at each departure and arrival, to allow you to work or organize the rest of your events or travel in peace!

The AEROAFFAIRES sales team is at your service 24/7.

Our flight on demand service is available 7 / 7-24H / 24, contact us at + 33 (0) 1 44 09 91 82.